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The subject of the release of the four Horses is in "my Book" a very important Issue, as much given in the Book of Zechariah as in the Book of Revelation.

In this article below, we want to share our point on the subject, which contradict very much with the classical view of the meaning and understanding of the Horses. So therefore we want to challenge you with this article to pray and seek the Lord on this Issue. We believe it is very important.

We hope you enjoy and we pray that the Lord will touch you and bless you in a great way!

                                                                                   Ueli & Charle’

We hope you also understand with this article, how important the issue of Israel/Jerusalem is and how strongly the Lord tries to make a point, how much He hates the plan to divide Israel and that He certainly will intervene to protect it!
You may think how could this happen, dividing America physically? Then please read the following prophetic word given by a Man of God from the Caribbean, which may help you to understand what is soon approaching mankind if we do not change and turn to God wholeheartedly, through repentance and genuine faith in our Lord Yeshua the Messiah!

Evenso Brother Efrain does not mention any conection between his warning and Israel, I believe they are directly linked.

Urgent Warning by Efraín Rodríguez:

Message.pdf (PDF — 311 KB)

The only point I would like to make is this. Brother Efrain's understanding is, that this Judgment is not about the once spoken in the Book of Revelation 8. Well maybe...maybe not? He is an Assembly of God Pastor and therefore thorowly thrained that all this things written in the Book of Revelation only happen after the rapture which is like a veil to not see otherwise, which does not take away from the value of his Revelation, but does not give the full understanding of it.
Personally we believe we have gone far beyond the point of Revelation 6, in fact it was a few years ago, end of 2009, that the Lord told us, that we need to get ready for the blowing of the 7 Trumpets/Shofars...!

To our Lord Yeshua the Messiah be all the Glory, Power and Praise!