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The Glory is Found
Heather Clark
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The Everlasting Gospel of Yeshua the Messiah!
It was at the end of October 2007, after several weeks in prayer and preparation, we drove to Terre Haute Indiana, we where invited to preach for the first time in a Messianic Congregation. We where so excited, to return to Terre Haute and visit them, as well Friends and Family and Spirit of Life Ministries the Church in Kingman, which would become later on our Home Church. During the preceding months I completed a message, which the Lord gave me for the first time in Jerusalem in 2004, which I first shared in the weeks following in Malaysia, a message He reconfirmed of its importance again in Jerusalem in 2005 and the Message has been growing in my heart ever since.
The Lord moved mightily in the Synagogue that Saturday morning, many people where deeply touched including “Rabstor” Robert Brown and his wife Delilah. At the end of the service, Delilah came to us later in tears and said you need to preach this message in every Church you will go! A week later on November 11, 2007, we where invited to preach in a Church called Cross Tabernacle, where I preached this message again. Never in our lives have we witnessed the Power and the Glory of the Lord being manifested in such a way following and confirming the preaching of a message! The Lord truly visited this Church that day and the whole area the months following. Was it an accident, exactly 490 years after Martin Luther made public the ninety-five theses on October 31, 1517, which so radically changed the ancient world? I believe that this message lays the foundation for the End time move and has the importance, Martin Luther’s ninety-five theses had in his time, where the Church came back to the simple message of the Gospel,”salvation through repentance and faith by Grace”,like it is displayed and preached in the Word of God from Cover to Cover:
Then I saw another angel flying in the midst of heaven, having the everlasting gospel to preach to those who dwell on the earth ~ to every nation, tribe tongue, and people ~ saying with a loud voice, “Fear God and give glory to Him, for the hour of His judgment has come; and worship Him who made heaven and earth the sea and springs of water.” Revelation 14: 6~7
I believe that Apostle Paul was not just called to be an Apostle to the Gentiles, Kings and Queens, no he also established a standard of the Gospel to the Jews and the Nation of Israel. In this chapter we want to see how he established it as it is clearly displayed in the Books of Acts, because that’s how God wants it to be preached today!
Key Scriptures~ Acts 15: 6~29, Acts 21: 15~36
“A Message from the Red Bay Horse with Black Mane” *
Apostle Paul in his youth, and during his training!
Apostle Paul was one of those special people, which were given at least 5 Talents for his life and Ministry. Already early in his youth he began to double and triple them as he received the best spiritual training available in his time, and he decided to make the most out of it:
For I also am an Israelite, of the seed of Abraham, of the tribe of Benjamin. Romans 11: 1 
I am a Pharisee, the son of a Pharisee... Acts 23: 6
I am indeed a Jew, born in Tarsus of Cilicia, but brought up in this City at the feet of Gamaliel, taught according to the strictness of our father’s law, and was zealous toward God as you all are today!Acts 22: 3
The great tragedy in his life was that his training was very religious and at a certain point he truly started to oppose the guiding and the Power of the Holy Spirit. He missed the most important spiritual event of his time, which must have happened, during his young life, the coming of Yeshua the Messiah, His Ministry and Message and the fact, that He established the New and Second Covenant for Hebrews and Gentiles.
Paul became a Pharisee and part of the Sanhedrin and at a certain point he turned truly into a religious freak through the influence of Rabbinical teaching, twisting his believes and understanding of God and His works. Exactly like the Pharisees who handed Jesus over to be crucified he withstood the Move of God and became one of the Leaders in persecuting the New Born Church.
For you have heard of my former conduct in Judaism, how I persecuted the church of God beyond measure and tried to destroy it. And I advanced in Judaism beyond many of my contemporaries in my own nation, being more exceedingly zealous for the traditions of my fathers.Galatians 1: 13~14.
As for Saul, he made havoc of the church, entering every house, and dragging off man and women, committing them to prison.Acts 8: 3
On the Road to Damascus
This great error turned him to total spiritual blindness, and he became a persecutor of the one true God he was worshiping and serving with all his heart. But then a sudden change came, where Saul’s religion was turned into a relation with the Living God, totally changing all of his great knowledge into one of the greatest calls and ministry ever given to a man:
As he journeyed he came near Damascus, and suddenly a light shone around him from heaven. Then he fell to the ground, and heard a voice saying to him," Saul, why are you persecuting me?" And he said, "who are You, Lord?” Then the Lord said, "I am Jesus, whom you are persecuting. It is hard for you to kick against the (pricks) goads. “So he said who are you, Lord?" Then the Lord said to him, "Arise and go into the city, and you will be told what you must do."Acts 9: 3~6
And later in the City, waiting for the Lords instruction, the Lord said; "Go, for he is a chosen vessel of Mine to bear my name before Gentiles, kings, and the children of Israel. “For I will show him how many things he must suffer for My name's sake."Acts 9: 15~16
Yes Paul found mercy and grace and received a very clear and powerful revelation of and from the Lord!
Now God worked unusual miracles by the hands of Paul, so that even handkerchiefs or aprons were brought from his body to the sick, and the diseases left them and the evil spirits went out of them.Acts 19: 11~12
He became the most unusual of the Apostles, even if He had never been with the Lord during His earthly life and ministry, but despite this, in many areas of teaching he had more knowledge and revelation then all the other Apostles together.
Now as he reasoned about righteousness, self-control, and the judgment to come, Felix was afraid and answered, "Go away for now...Acts 24: 25
In a certain way like he said, he was late because of what he missed in his youth through his religious foolishness, at the other hand with the revelations he received, he was like Decades or Centuries ahead of his time.
After that He was seen by James, then by all the apostles. Then last of all He was seen by me also, as by one born out of due time. For I am the least of the apostles, who am not worthy to be called an apostle, because I persecuted the church of God. But by the grace of God I am what I am, and His grace toward me was not in vain; but I labored more abundantly than they all, yet not I, but the grace of God which was with me. Therefore, whether it was I or they, so we preach and so you believed. 1 Corinthians 15: 7~11
Even though I am untrained in speech, yet I am not in knowledge. But we have been thoroughly manifested among you in all things.
2 Corinthians 11: 6
And lest I should be exalted above measure by the abundance of the revelations, a thorn in the flesh was given to me, a messenger of Satan to buffet me, lest I be exalted above measure. 2 Corinthians 12: 7
The fact that God’s hand was on his life in such an abundant way is demonstrated, that he became the Author of more than half of the Books included in the New Testament.
The Gospel of “God's Mercy” to the Gentiles
His great Call was to bring the Gospel of the Lord to the Gentiles, and Paul did this in a very none religious way, exactly as the Lord showed him in His own life and through continues revelation. The Lord gave Paul excellent strategy and guidance to go from City to City, preach the Gospel, and train teams of Workers who would strategically build the new work in each local area as well as a team who would oversee all the New Churches built through out the Nations, Timothy, Titus and several others, a team mixed of Messianic Jews and Born Again Gentiles.
Romans 15: 14~21Now I myself am confident concerning you, my brethren, that you also are full of goodness, filled with all knowledge, able also to admonish one another. Nevertheless, brethren, I have written more boldly to you on some points, as reminding you, because of the grace given to me by God, that I might be a minister of Jesus Christ to the Gentiles, ministering the gospel of God that the offering of the Gentiles might be acceptable, sanctified by the Holy Spirit.
Therefore I have reason to glory in Christ Jesus in the things which pertain to God. For I will not dare to speak of any of those things which Christ has not accomplished through me, in word and deed, to make the Gentiles obedient- in mighty signs and wonders, by the power of the Spirit of God, so that from Jerusalem and round about to Illyricum I have fully preached the gospel of Christ. And so I have made it my aim to preach the gospel, not where Christ was named, lest I should build on another man’s foundation, but as it is written: “To whom He was not announced, they shall see; and those who have not heard shall understand.”
One of Apostle Paul's special gift was, that he had a very clear Revelation, of God's Plan and strategy to bring the Gospel to the Gentiles, meaning the none Israelites, and to bring them back into the covenant with God and join them together with the Hebrew people through our Lord Jesus Christ into the Kingdom of God or with other words into the Commonwealth of Israel.
Ephesians 3: 1~7For this reason I, Paul, the prisoner of Christ Jesus for you Gentiles--- if indeed you have heard of the dispensation of the grace of God which was given to me for you, how that by revelation He made known to me the mystery (as I have briefly written already, by which, when you read, you may understand my knowledge in the mystery of Christ), which in other ages was not made known to the sons of men, as it has now been revealed by the Spirit to His holy apostles and prophets: that the Gentiles should be fellow heirs, of the same body, and partakers of His promise in Christ through the gospel, of which I became a minister according to the gift of the grace of God given to me by the effective working of His power.
Ephesians 2: 11~18Therefore remember that you, once Gentiles in the flesh-who are called Uncircumcision by what is called the Circumcision made in the flesh by hands- that at that time you were without Christ, being aliens from the commonwealth of Israel and strangers from the covenants of promise, having no hope and without God in the world. But now in Christ Jesus you who once were far off have been brought near by the blood of Christ.
In a certain way it was like exactly 1500 years prior to Paul's time, that God took Moses to Arabia and prepared him first alone for 40 years in the desert, then a second time as the Leader of Israel on the Mountain of Horeb in Arabia in the Land of Midian, which is in today Saudi Arabia, where he was standing twice for 40 days in the Glory of God, where the Lord gave him the Blueprint of the First Covenant.
Nor did I go up to Jerusalem to those who where apostles before me; but I went to Arabia, and returned again to Damascus. Galatians 1:17
In a similar way the Lord took Paul after he met Him to the same area, where he unwrapped him of the religious bondages, like He had called the disciples to unwrap Lazarus from his grave cloth after He raised him from the dead. and I would not be surprised if during this time he visited as well the Mountain of God, the place Moses once stood, who He knew and mentioned in Galatians 3:24.
It must have been during that time, where the Lord gave him one of the fullest Revelations of the New Covenant and the coming of Gods Kingdom through Jesus, in particular how God would join Hebrews and Gentiles together into His Kingdom, or with other words, how He would graft in Gentiles and re-graft the Hebrew people together as fellow Branches into the Olive Tree.
Romans 1:16~17For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes, for the Jew first and also for the Greek. For in it the righteousness of God is revealed from faith to faith: as it is written, "The just shall live by faith."  
Reference: Habakkuk 2: 4
The First Apostolic Decree
When Paul came to Jerusalem and met the Apostles he gave testimony of God’s great Grace and redemption among the Gentiles, and everybody rejoiced! It also became obvious that a clear Foundation needed to be established and it led to what every believer knows as the First Apostolic Decree for Born Again Gentiles and Foundation for the Gospel of God's Mercy.
Maybe we can call Paul’s visit to Jerusalem, his visit of Joy and Freedom. Paul being the most anti-religious of all the Apostles, having made himself the experience how deadly religion is, as it drove him to persecute our Lords New Covenant Church called “the Way”.
As soon as he saw, that some type of danger emerged for the New Gentile Church from their Hebrew Brothers (Messianic and non-Messianic), still in some bondage to Judaism, he took immediate steps to protect them and in response he established together with the other Apostles a clear Foundation of Truth and Faith for them:
Acts 15: 23~29 They wrote the elders and the brethren,
To the brethren who are of the Gentiles in Antioch, Syria and Cilicia: Greetings!
Since we have heard that some who went out from us have troubled you with words, unsettling your souls, saying, "You must be circumcised and keep the law” ~ to whom we gave no such commandment ~ it seemed good to us, being assembled with one accord, to send chosen men to you with our beloved Barnabas and Paul, men who have risked their lives for the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. We have therefore sent Judas and Silas, who have risked their lives for the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. We have therefore sent Judas and Silas, who will also report the same things by word of mouth. For it seemed good to the Holy Spirit, and to us, to lay upon you no greater burden than these necessary things; that you abstain~ from things offered to idols, ~ from blood,~ from things strangled, ~ and from sexual immorality.
If you keep yourselves from these, you will do well! Farewell
This Declaration became very important and is until today an important Foundation in the worldwide Gentile Church and mostly very well known. God wanted to bring His Salvation, Redemption and Glory to each Nation in the most simple and pure way, so in each Nation, Gifting and Calling would come forth in a unique and special way, through the power of Redemption and Restoration by the Gospel of Jesus, different from what God was and would do with the Nation of Israel. The Branches of the wild olive trees, a summary pictures of all the wild trees, Joel 1: 12, Isaiah 60: 13 and Luke 21: 29 means the wild apple tree, pear tree, cherry, orange and pineapple tree, which where all sick and corrupted by sin, producing only stinking, rotten fruit, had to be grafted into the cultivated olive tree, not to become olive branches, but to receive the healing, saving, life giving and delivering power from the cultivated Olive tree, to become healthy apple, pear, cherry, orange, and pineapple branches, producing healthy, sweet and precious fruit.  The key for the in grafting of this branches would be the first Apostolic Declaration, who gave each branch the freedom to be redeemed and at the same time be changed into the specific image he was called to be, different from the Identity of Israel, but blessed by it.
And Apostle Paul was ready to defend this first Apostolic Decree, when the Freedom given by it for Born Again Gentiles was threatened by their Messianic Brothers who where still in some religious Bondage, even if it would endanger his relationship with the Apostles!
And this occurred because of false brethren secretly brought in (who came in by stealth to spy our liberty which we have in Christ Jesus that they might bring us into bondage) to whom we did not yield submission even for an hour that the truth of the gospel might continue with you. Galatians 2: 4~5
Apostle Paul had a great friendship with and respect for Apostle Peter, but he who knew first hand, how the Gospel of Jesus had set him free from religious bondage he cannot compromise, he had to rebuke Peter in public for his misbehavior, when he came to Antioch.
And the rest of the Jews also played the hypocrite with him, so that even Barnabas was carried away with their hypocrisy. But when I saw that they were not straight forward about the truth of the gospel, I said to Peter before them all, “If you, being a Jew, live in the manner of Gentiles and not as the Jews, why do you compel Gentiles to live as Jews. Galatians 2: 13~14
Paul was very concerned to preach the Gospel of Jesus without religious traditions to the Gentiles and as he went back to Jerusalem after preaching the Gospel in many Nations, met with the other Apostles. It was on His initiatives that a Decree for the Gentile Believers was decreed by the first Apostolic Council held by the Apostles at Jerusalem, with the purpose, to set Born Again Gentiles free from keeping the Hebrew traditions of the First Covenant in a legalistic way, which was not necessary given for them and their and walk with the Lord.
But the most important point was and is until today, that this Declaration was as well a protection for the Gentile Church which had much less teaching and discernment concerning the differences and dangers from different religious-Jewish traps, than the actual Messianic Hebrew Church had. To make this clear, Paul gave a very clear statement to this Issue in the Book to the Galatians, but we need to keep in mind, that in this Book he speaks to Gentile Believers, not to Messianic Jews!
Stand fast therefore in the liberty by which Christ has made us free, and do not be entangled again with a yoke of bondage. Indeed I, Paul, say to you that if you become circumcised, Christ will profit you nothing. And I testify again to every man who becomes circumcised that he is a debtor to keep the whole law. You have become estranged from Christ, you who attempt to be justified by law, you have fallen from grace. For we through the Spirit eagerly wait for the hope of righteousness by faith. For in Christ Jesus neither circumcision nor uncircumcision avails anything, but faith working through love. Galatians 5: 1~5
The Gospel Paul preached to the Gentiles was based on the Message of the 4 Gospels, in the perspective of the 4 points of the Decree given by the Elders, taken from the Old Testament walking out the Book of Acts. For sure Paul was preaching from the Old Testament as well to the Gentiles, but it had no literal application anymore, it was instruction, teaching and encouragement. I believe we can call the Gospel he preached to the Gentiles exactly like Paul calls it in the Book of Romans, "the Gospel of God's Mercy"given to the Gentiles:
and that the Gentiles might glorify God for His mercy, as it is written:
“For this reason I will confess to You among the Gentiles, And sing to Your name.” And again he says: “Rejoice, O Gentiles, with His people!” And again: “Praise the LORD, all you Gentiles! Laud Him, all you peoples!” Romans 15: 9~12
And again, Isaiah says: “There shall be a root of Jesse; And He who shall rise to reign over the Gentiles, in Him the Gentiles shall hope.” 
Now may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that you may abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.
It must have been a very powerful experience as the Gospel came to Greeks, Macedonians, the Romans and later to the Celts and German tribes in Europe, when suddenly on December 24, when normally the birth of one the demonic trinity Tammuz/Krishna was celebrated and at Midnight the demonic mantles where transferred, a mighty change took place and by the newly saved Gentiles, the birth of the Messiah was celebrated, bringing unknown new hope and faith to each of them. In Spring, when normally all the horrible sexual rituals took place as part of the worship to Ashtarthe/Ishtar, also known as the dance of demonic incarnation, called Carnival and later at the Day of Ishtar, those children born out of immorality where sacrificed to her, suddenly the death and resurrection of Jesus the Messiah took that place and was replacing immorality and Child sacrifice, by bringing freedom and purity from great Bondage through His shed Blood at the Cross and through the manifest Power His Resurrection.
And instead of worshiping the sun god Baal, Zeus, Osiris or how ever he was named every week on Sunday in the great stadiums and in the temples, as the “Chief idol of the Week” and of all the Idols, suddenly on the first day of the week, the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus became the center of the weekly worship. Can you imagine the sudden cry of deliverance through the World of the Gentiles as the Bondages where starting to fall, the chains of darkness where breaking, and as the Iron Gates where broken, the Prisoners released, and Captivity taken captive as Gods mercy and love started to flow through the Gentile Nations, washing them whiter as snow....?!
Yes, the Gospel of God’s Mercy had the ability to adapt to every Culture and Language and speak directly to the Heart of the People. Paul understood this first hand as the Holy Spirit led Him to one Gentile Nation after another. He had a great gift to discern the doors God opened Him to preach and step into them and use them to establish God's Kingdom.
The Gospel of “the confirmation of the Promises
made to the Fathers” to the Hebrew people
The Road to the second Apostolic Decree was very different then the first one, we can see it somehow as Apostle Paul’s road and visit to Jerusalem of great sacrifice and suffering! But equally important as his other visit before. I believe we have to see it in the light of how at a certain point, our heavenly Father called our Father Abraham, to take his son Isaac and go and worship on Mount Moriah. Most probably Abraham, knew Mount Moriah, had been there before, but this time the Lord led him there very specifically and He gave him a heartbreaking request, his sacrifice would be his only son Isaac, who at that point was a grown man, some say around 20 or even 30 years old. How could Abraham do this and obey him? I believe that in the years He had been walking with God he had seen something in the Spirit. He had seen before, how one day God would send a Ram, His Messiah who would one day come to this earth and give his life for his and the sin of all mankind and because he knew God and how gracious God was, maybe He would provide even this time on the Mountain with a Ram. And so they went together on Mount Moriah and to his great surprise, Isaac was willing to obey and surrender his life to the living God. And at that very moment, when Father Abraham was lifting up his knife we remember that most awesome intervention of God:
But the Angel of the LORD called to him from heaven and said, “Abraham, Abraham!” So he said, “Here I am.” And He said, “Do not lay your hand on the lad, or do anything to him; for now I know that you fear God, since you have not withheld your son, your only son, from Me.” Then Abraham lifted his eyes and looked, and there behind him was a ram caught in a thicket by its horns. So Abraham went and took the ram, and offered it up for a burnt offering instead of his son. And Abraham called the name of the place, The-LORD-Will-Provide; as it is said to this day, “In the Mount of the LORD it shall be provided.”Genesis 22: 11~14
Yes, what Abraham had been shown in the Spirit in the most difficult situation in his life was true and God came through and what he knew about God came to pass, God provided a Ram, a picture of the Messiah who would one day come and lay down his life for his salvation, his sons, family and whosoever would believe!
When Apostle Paul knew he had to go back to Jerusalem, to worship and meet with the Apostles, he knew something was different than the times before he had been visiting Jerusalem. He knew this time would not be primarily a time of joy, happiness, and great freedom, like it was before.
After arriving in the Holy Land, and being invited in the House of Philippus in Casarea, a precious Evangelist and Father of four daughters who where all “Prophets in preparation”, another Prophet with Name of Agabus came and gave him a very powerful prophetic word:
When he had come to us, he took Paul’s belt, bound his own hands and feet, and said, “Thus says the Holy Spirit, ‘So shall the Jews at Jerusalem bind the man who owns this belt, and deliver him into the hands of the Gentiles.” Acts 21: 11, 12
Now when we heard these things, both we and those from that place pleaded with him not to go up to Jerusalem.
Yes this was a true Prophetic Word, but Paul knew, that challenge given was not because he was in disobedience to Gods will. No it was a word from the Lord to tell him, watch out, your visit to Jerusalem, the City of Mount Zion and Moriah, will become the most challenging mission in your life, very similar to the moment when I led Father Abraham and his son Isaac there to worship and you will sacrifice Isaac on the altar unto Me, and very similar to when I called my son Yeshua the Messiah who during His earthly life had been many times to Jerusalem and had so many joyful encounters with His Heavenly Father and great joy and fellowship with his friends cousins and brothers, but then came a moment for His ultimate visit, where He laid His own life on the altar of sacrifice and was hanged on a tree on Mount Moriah also called Calvary, exactly on the spot, where 1800 years earlier Isaac was laid on an altar. And by miracle, after three days and three nights, death could not hold him back anymore and He did not see decay, but rose from the grave, death and Hades, with a company of saints, out of “Abraham’s bosom” and presented them as a first fruit to the Father. Paul knew, somehow that in the very same way his Mission would be the biggest challenge in His life and Ministry! That’s why his answer was so clear without knowing in detail what would happen at his arrival:
..., “What do you mean by weeping and breaking my heart? For I am ready not only to be bound, but also to die at Jerusalem for the name of the Lord Jesus.” So when he would not be persuaded, we ceased, saying, “The will of the Lord be done.” Acts 21: 13, 14
And as Paul departed from Caesarea and arrived in Jerusalem, he met with some of the Apostles and fellow Brothers in the Lord, giving a new great report of the miracles, signs and wonders God had done among the Nations:
And after those days we packed and went up to Jerusalem. Also some of the disciples from Caesarea went with us and brought with them a certain Manson of Cyprus, an early disciple, with whom we were to lodge. And when we had come to Jerusalem, the brethren received us gladly. On the following day Paul went in with us to James, and all the elders were present. When he had greeted them, he told in detail those things which God had done among the Gentiles through his ministry. And when they heard it, they glorified the Lord. And they said to him, “You see, brother, how many myriads of Jews there are who have believed, and they are all zealous for the law; Acts 21: 15~20
But a totally new situation had emerged, a very strange and outrageous report had been circulating and now it was time to address the Issue:
Verse 21:but they have been informed about you that you teach all the Jews who are among the Gentiles to forsake Moses, saying that they ought neither to circumcise their children nor to walk according to the customs. What then? The assembly must certainly meet, for they will hear that you have come.
As the Gospel was preached from nation to nation and hundreds of Jews and Gentiles believed, a new issue emerged, especially as the first Apostolic Decree was preached to the Born Again Gentiles: What about the Messianic Hebrew people, the Hebrews who have been accepting Yeshua as their Messiah and Lord, should it mean, that they also should forsake the Law and the Prophets, meaning the Promises given to the Patriarchs, circumcision, change from celebrating Sabbath to celebrating and worshiping on the First Day of the Week like the Born Again Gentiles? Was the fact of being Jewish not a blessing anymore, but an unchangeable evil curse, since some of the Jews took part of the crucifixion of their Messiah? Would the Jewish identity be thrown in the garbage, after they repented and accepted the Lord? Yes, Paul had still great Plans to go to many Nations, to Spain and beyond, but suddenly he was confronted with an Issue where he knew, satan was on the edge of destroying the most precious Harvest of souls and he had to lay all his plans on God's altar and make a statement with equal importance of the Decree released by the First Apostolic Counsel of Jerusalem to establish fundamental Truth which was in danger of being distorted, truth, which was extremely crucial for the Body of Christ for now and for all Centuries to come.
Exactly like for the Gentiles, Paul had a very clear Revelation of God's intention for the Hebrew people. God's plan was clear: From the Moment Yeshua the Messiah had established the New Covenant with His own Blood; all Hebrew people had to be re-grafted through the New Covenant into the Olive Tree or with other Words saved through Yeshua the Messiah.
A brother, my heart’s desire and prayer to God for Israel, is that they may be saved. For I bear them witness that they have zeal for God, but not according to knowledge. For they being ignorant of God's righteousness, and seeking to establish their own righteousness, have not submitted to the righteousness of God. For Christ is the end of the law for righteousness to everyone who believes. Romans 10: 1~4
We know, that God rewarded Abraham and his descendants because of their faith, but because of the weakness of the Old Covenant, most of the Hebrew people, where saved because they kept the law of Moses, which was counted for them as righteousness (salvation). But Paul makes it very clear, since Jesus came, died at the cross, was raised on the third day, and established the New Covenant, there is only one way for Hebrew people to be saved (to be righteous), by faith in Yeshua the Messiah! This means, keeping the law does not save anymore, and Jewish identity does not save! This is the cornerstone for the Gospel to the Circumcision and the Gospel to the uncircumcised. Galatians 2: 7~8
For there is no distinction between Jew and Greek, for the same Lord over all is rich to all who call upon Him. For whoever calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved. Romans 10: 12~13
We who are Jews by nature, and not sinners of the Gentiles, knowing that a man is not justified by the works of the law but by faith in Jesus Christ, even we have believed in Christ Jesus, that we might be justified by faith in Christ and not by the works of the law; for by the works of the law no flesh shall be justified. Galatians 2: 15~16
Yes, the question which surfaced is excellent, what about the Hebrew people? Would they exactly like the Born Again Gentiles believe in Salvation like it is basically expressed in the New Testament and from now on ignore the Law and the Prophets, which was essential for every Hebrew person for 2000 years of History and part of Hebrew Identity!
The answer is yes, there is a clear distinction in the plan of God for Messianic Hebrews and the Gentile-Believers and only Gentiles who had no clue about the Word and Heart of God, still in bondage to some local demons and principalities and have a few screws loose would question the Plan of God!
But with this first challenge of Gods plan it became obvious, satan started to instigate, what we see centuries later in Spain, Russia and Germany and many other Nations happening, a cloud of darkness which started to grow and which needed to be overcome now and with whatever it takes!
* “A Message from the Red Bay Horse with Black Mane” – You can find the explanation in our book “The Seven Eyes of the Messiah” by Ueli & Charlotte Surbeck
The Second Apostolic Decree
As soon as the Gospel with the specific aspect given to the Circumcision was in question, Paul knew he had again to take action to protect the Grace and Truth God had given him and expand the Foundation of Truth given to the Messianic Jews by our Lord to the whole Church and lay a clear Foundation of Faith which will be as much known as the First Apostolic Decree, because such an accusation and lie from the pit of Hell had to be overcome not just with words, but with a clear act and with a second Decree.
The Assembly in Jerusalem, which was presided by Apostle Jacob (called and better known as James by the english speaking Believers), the Brother of Jesus and Leader of the Church in Jerusalem together with Paul choose an answer to reaffirm the Truth to this question with a Decree of equal importance of the First Apostolic Decree. This new Decree was and is so important, that it was obvious for James and Paul that Paul needed to affirm this truth with more than words! They were not Greeks who did everything by reason, totally separated from their lifestyle, some kind of written point one, two three…!
Something very clear had to be done, a type of action, who speaks much more clear as a simple written decree which would speak as a testimony for itself to the whole Body of Messiah, Jews and Gentiles at that time present and would never be forgotten throughout Church History! So Jacob, Brother of Yeshua by flesh and Spirit, led by the Holy Ghost made the following proposal to seal the second Apostolic Decree:
What then? The assembly must certainly meet, for they will hear that you have come. Therefore do what we tell you: We have four men who have taken a vow. Take them and be purified with them, and pay their expenses so that they may shave their heads, and that all may know that those things of which they were informed concerning you are nothing, but that you yourself also walk orderly and keep the law. But concerning the Gentiles who believe, we have written and decided that they should observe no such thing, except that they should keep themselves from things offered to idols, from blood, from things strangled, and from sexual immorality.” Acts 21: 22~25
We never read how the Assembly of the Apostles met. I am sure they met and discussed the matter, but because the Issue is so simple and clear that they all agreed with Apostle Paul and Jacob. At that point the decision became clear, Paul would go into the temple, pay for the expenses of the sacrifice of the four Brothers in the Lord, which was not a sacrifice to redeem sin which would have been impossible for a Messianic Believer to do, but a sacrifice expressing their commitment to serve the Lord. What we have to understand is, that at one hand Apostle Paul must have enjoyed this seven days going into the Temple to worship and pray, but this would be a very dangerous mission for him, which means to do what Apostle Jacob suggested literally meant that he had to lay his life and Ministry on the altar, exactly like Isaac did, exactly like Yeshua himself did and establish with this act the new Decree:
Then Paul took the men, and the next day, having been purified with them, entered the temple to announce the expiration of the days of purification, at which time an offering should be made for each one of them. Acts 21: 26
It was here at the point where the seal for the second Apostolic Decree is completed that suddenly all hell broke loose over Jerusalem. It must have been the Jews he had confronted through Asia and resisted his message, and knew him and came to worship in Jerusalem at the Feast who instigated the uproar. We have to understand, that at that time taking a Gentile into the Temple would have been a great offence, to be punished with death penalty even for a Roman citizen, and so this religious Jews tried to accuse him falsely at the first opportunity.
Now when the seven days were almost ended, the Jews from Asia, seeing him in the temple, stirred up the whole crowd and laid hands on him, crying out, “Men of Israel, help! This is the man who teaches all men everywhere against the people, the law, and this place; and furthermore he also brought Greeks into the temple and has defiled this holy place.” (For they had previously seen Trophimus the Ephesian with him in the city, whom they supposed that Paul had brought into the temple.) Acts 21: 27~29
Paul was arrested and only by God’s Grace his live was saved, but the uproar confirms, that James and Paul had taken the right decision and a mighty religious stronghold over Jerusalem was stirred up, because his authority was broken and his time would be over soon…
At that point something amazing happened, as Paul was laid in chains and the sword was risen, by false accusations, similar as in the life of Isaac, and exactly the same as in the life of Yeshua himself, as Paul was chained and his life was on the altar to be a living sacrifice, God protected him and was leading him unto a new and most incredible journey to give testimony of his Lord and Savior on the highest level of spiritual and civil government, first right in the court of the Temple in Jerusalem, in Israel, on the Road to Rom as well as in Rom itself and what happened to Isaac each time happened to him: In the temple God provided a Ram and his life was spared, in Prison God provided a Ram and his life was spared and so on before Felix, Agrippa, on the Ship to Rom, even through shipwreck, in Malta when a venomous Snake bit him, and at the Roman High-Court, the Book of Acts and History tells, he was freed and Apostle Paul’s courageous act, testimony and the miracles the Lord did where established as a Foundation for the Church for all ages to come! So we always would remember: The Testimony of Paul, how he got saved and called by the Lord, how the Lord saved him out of troubles over and over as he established the second Apostolic Decree! Acts 21~ 28
So what is this second Decree saying? It gave a clear answer and affirmation to the false accusation that rose in Acts 21: 21:
but they have been informed about you that you teach all the Jews who are among the Gentiles to forsake Moses, saying that they ought not to circumcise their children nor to walk according to the customs.
Answer to the accusation through the Second Apostolic Decree:
That every Messianic Hebrew believer has the freedom in Messiah, is encouraged and has the right to keep Moses that they shall circumcise their children and walk according to the customs given by the Lord to the Fathers, by faith and through Grace, and by the leading of the Holy Spirit!
With other words, it was absolutely foundational to understand, that every Hebrew person, who would accept Yeshua as his Messiah, his Faith in God would be completed and he would what Paul says in Galatians, die to the law, (die to the understanding that keeping the law would save) and as it says in Romans, be cut from the Olive tree (the in grafting through the Old Covenant) and be re-in grafted through the Messiah and the new Covenant back into the Olive tree, would accept by Faith the Law and the Prophets equally with all the New Testament scripture, and walk in it by the grace and leading of the Holy Spirit, meaning Messianic Hebrews would keep the Law and the Prophets, not to be saved, but because they are saved in an unreligious way, free of legalism and the traditions of the Pharisees and Sadducees!
In the following passage Apostle Paul explains, how he lived his new life at one hand as a Messianic Jew, without being under legalistic pressure of the law and at the other hand enabled by the Lord to adapt to live among the Gentiles:
Even though I am a free man with no master, I have become a slave to all people to bring many to Christ. When I was with the Jews, I lived like a Jew to bring the Jews to Christ. When I was with those who follow the Jewish law, I too lived under that law. Even though I am not subject to the law, I did this so I could bring to Christ those who are under the law. When I am with the Gentiles who do not follow the Jewish law, I too live apart from that law so I can bring them to Christ. But I do not ignore the law of God; I obey the law of Christ. 1 Corinthians 9:19-21 (NLT)
Paul was one of the Messianic Believers who himself went through this process in a very deep way, first during the three days of his blindness and later in the 3 and a half years in Arabia, where the Lord totally delivered him from all religious bondage and re-in grafted him pure and fresh into the Olive tree. This is a very deep and essential process for every Hebrew person, and many times can be quiet long, but once you understand in your heart what it means, the best thing which can happen to you.
It was clear, Messianic Hebrews who walked in the new found Grace and Truth of God, delivered from religious Judaism, would never put any obligations of the Laws of the Old Covenant neither any Rabbinical interpretation of the Law on Gentile Believers, but have fellowship with them in love and the grace given to them by the Holy Spirit, because the wall of separation has been torn down through the act of the Cross and the importance of the Law to love and have fellowship with God first, and secondly to love our neighbor which gives our Brothers and Sisters in the Lord a high priority to care for and even lay down our lives for those who hate us became the new standard of the new Covenant.
Paul gave an example how this new freedom in love between Born Again Gentiles and Messianic Jews looks like, Galatians 2: 3. Yet not even Titus who was with me, being a Greek, was compelled to be circumcised, which was in the days of the Early Church an absolute revolution and at the same time the right way for a believing Gentiles to be treated, because their focus was on Jesus and on their heartbeat was to further His Kingdom to every Nation!
In Romans 14, Paul established a clear Concept of how the Body of Christ has to operate in giving Freedom and Harmony to the Believers with different backgrounds or levels of maturity, how to practice the different expressions of faith, as long as each one stays in the Boundaries of God's Word. This passage gives also the Frame for Messianic Hebrews and Born Again Gentiles to operate in Freedom, to exercise believe and conviction, that means how to give Freedom to each other’s customs in the matter of eating, how to Celebrate Festivals, Sabbath or Sunday worship and many things more.
Romans 14: 2~7 and verses 14~17For one believes he may eat all things, but he who is weak eats only vegetables. Let not him who eats despise him who does not eat, and let not him who does not eat judge him who eats; for God has received him. Who are you to judge another's servant? To his own master he stands or falls. Indeed, he will be made to stand, for God is able to make him stand. One person esteems one day above another; another esteems every day alike. Let each be fully convinced in his own mind. He who observes the day, observes it to the Lord; and he who does not observe the day, to the Lord he does not observe it. He, who eats, eats to the Lord, for he gives God thanks; for none of us lives to himself, and no one dies to himself. 
I know and am convinced by the Lord Jesus that there is nothing unclean of itself; but to him who considers anything to be unclean, to him it is unclean. Yet if your brother is grieved because of your food, you are no longer walking in love. Do not destroy with your food the one for whom Christ died.
Therefore do not let your good be spoken of as evil; for the kingdom of God is not eating and drinking, but righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.
A great example of this newfound Freedom was demonstrated through Paul’s Ministry. It was one of the reasons why Paul at one hand preached the Decree from the first Council of Jerusalem to the Gentile Churches as he traveled through the Gentile world, which clearly stated, that they do not have to circumcise the believers, neither walk in the customs of the Old Covenant and at the other hand he circumcised Timothy!
Then he came to Derbe and Lystra. And behold a certain disciple was there, named Timothy, the son of a certain Jewish woman who believed, but his father was Greek. He was well spoken of by the brethren who were at Lystra and Iconium. Paul wanted to have him go on with him. And he took him and circumcised him because of the Jews who were in that region, for they all knew that his father was Greek. And as they went through the cities, they delivered to them the decrees to keep, which were determined by the apostles and elders at Jerusalem. So the churches were strengthened in the faith and increased in numbers daily. Acts 16: 1~5
Timothy as a Messianic Hebrew was circumcised after he was born again and believed in Yeshua as the Messiah, means circumcision in Christ was no obligation for Salvation anymore, but its meaning was “reformed or given a new meaning” like scripture said and in its new meaning it became a sign of the eternal Covenant God made with the Hebrew people, to be called His people and to be a royal Priesthood in Yeshua and a blessing to all Nations!
...until the time of reformation. Hebrews 9:10
Through Paul’s Testimony at the Assembly in Jerusalem, by the questions raised by the Elders as well as in Paul’s defense to Felix, we can see the following points stated which would be a further explanation of his believes and the aspects of the Second Decree, as it expresses the basic believes for Messianic Hebrews, aspects of the Gospel to the Circumcision:
Apostle Paul’s Defense
1. Worship in the Temple
It is no more than twelve days since I went up to Jerusalem to Worship.
Acts 22: 17now it happened, when I returned to Jerusalem and was praying in the temple, that I was in a trance.
2. Celebrating Sabbath in the Synagogue and at home
...nor inciting the crowd, either in the synagogues or in the city.
3. Believing all things written in the Law and the Prophets
But this I confess to you, that according to the Way which they call a sect, so I worship the God of my fathers, believing all things which are written in the Law and in the Prophets.
Acts 23: 20And they said to him, “You see, brother, how many myriads of Jews there are who have believed, and they are all zealous for the law.
This includes Circumcision, it may include a Kosher Kitchen (based on the Torah, not necessarily the rabbinical interpretation) and the understanding of the Laws for Economics, Government and Family given in the first five Books in the Bible, written by Moses.
Concerning the writings of the Prophets in the Old Testament, they give an essential light and direction for the restoration and redemption of Israel and should be understood and believed in a literal sense for the Hebrew people in the End-times, like it is stated in Acts 3: 21whom heaven must receive until the times of restoration of all things, which God has spoken by the mouth of all His holy prophets since the World began.
This means literal and Rhema fulfilling of every old and New Testament Prophecy given to Israel and the Nations!
4. The Resurrection of the dead (A point common with the Gentile Believers)
I have hope in God, which they themselves also accept, that there will be a resurrection of the dead, both of the just and the unjust.
Acts 23: 6But when Paul perceived that one part were Sadducee's and the other Pharisees, he cried out in the council, “Men and brethren, I am a Pharisee, the son of a Pharisee; concerning the hope and resurrection of the dead I am being judged!”
5. Alms and Offerings for Israel
Now after many years I came to bring alms and offerings to my nation.
6. Purity in life (A point common with the Gentile Believers) the midst of which some Jews from Asia found me purified in the temple, neither with a mob nor with tumult, but in prayer and a commitment to purity and holiness, known as the Nazirite vow, something basic for the Jewish people, like we see in John the Baptist and Jesus life himself. Numbers 6.
7. The Celebration of the Festivals (The 7 Major and 5 Minor)
Paul had decided to sail on past Ephesus, for he didn’t want to spend any more time in the province of Asia. He was hurrying to get to Jerusalem, if possible, in time for the Festival of Pentecost. Acts 20: 16 (NLT)
8. The Hope of Israel
The restoration and redemption of Israel and the Return of the Hebrew people into their homeland, like it was Prophesied in Jeremiah, Ezekiel and like Jesus told and recorded in the Gospel of Matthew,Luke:
Now learn this parable from the fig tree: When its branch has already become tender and puts forth leaves, you know that summer is near. So you also, when you see all these things, know that it is near --- at the doors! Assuredly, I say to you, this generation will by no means pass away till all these things take place. Matthew 24: 32~34
They will be killed by the sword or sent away as captives to all the nations of the world. And Jerusalem will be trampled down by the Gentiles until the period of the Gentiles comes to an end. Luke 21:24
The Fig tree meaning the same thing then the Olive Tree: The Nation of Israel which would reemerge shortly and to who Jerusalem be given back after the time of the Gentiles came to an end after 19 centuries and before the second return of the Messiah and finally bear the Fruit it was requested to bear like it is written:
In those days and at that time I will cause to grow up to David, a Branch of righteousness; He shall execute judgment and righteousness in the earth. In those days Judah will be saved, and Jerusalem will dwell safely. And this is the name by which she will be called: 'THE LORD OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS.' "For thus says the Lord: 'David shall never lack a man to sit on the throne of the house of Israel; nor shall the priests, the Levites lack a man to offer burnt offerings before Me, to kindle grain offerings, and to sacrifice continually.'" Jeremiah 33: 15~18,
“I will put My Spirit in you, and you shall live, and I will place you in your own land. Then you shall know that I, the Lord, have spoken it and performed it, “says the Lord. Ezekiel 37: 14
Exactly like the heartbeat of the Gospel of Mercy to the Gentiles was to preach the Gospel to all the Nations until every Nation and tongue had received it and brought forth its final Harvest, the Gospel to the Hebrew people had as well its heartbeat:
"For this reason therefore I have called for you, to see you and speak with you, because for the hope of Israel I am bound with this chain." Acts 28: 20
“The hope of Israel” is the Summary of Paul’s defense and the Summary of the Decree of the second apostolic Council in Jerusalem and the point which is somehow the mark or key issue burning in the heart of every Messianic Hebrew, and expressed in Paul’s powerful statement!
That means, the Gospel Jesus himself, Paul and the other Apostles preached to the Hebrew people had a very different character then the Gospel preached to the Gentiles because it included all things promised in the Old Testament in a literal sense to the Hebrew people and the Nation of Israel for the time of the New Covenant.
That means clearly Salvation can only be found through the Sacrifice of Yeshua through repentance and faith, because Hebrews and Gentiles are both saved by Grace alone since Yeshua died on the Cross and resurrected on the third Day for both of them. But like Paul says in Romans 3 & 8: Through Faith in Jesus Christ the righteous requirement of the law might be fulfilled in us who do not walk according to the flesh but according to the Spirit. The Law, meaning the Law and the Prophets confirmed by Yeshua, and established in our lives by faith through the New Covenant like scripture says:
ell then, if we emphasize faith, does this mean that we can forget about the law? Of course not! On the contrary, we establish the law. Romans 3:31 (NKJV and NLT)
That means for every born again Believer the law is not producing evil desires, sin and death anymore but is now the sword of the Holy Spirit and the law of the Spirit of life to put to death the deeds of the body and enabling us to serve the Lord in the newness of the Spirit! And combined with the New Covenant scripture establish God’s Kingdom of Righteousness, Peace, Joy and Glory, through the indwelling, leading and strengthening of the Holy Spirit who raised Yeshua from the dead and adopts you into His Kingdom, by who we cry out, “Abba, Father.”
Means because of His Salvation, all these things given to the Hebrew people in the Old Testament are coming alive through Yeshua in the New Covenant and receive their complete, fulfilled and most glorious meaning!!!!
It was the Gospel Jesus himself preached on the Road to Emmaus after His Resurrection:
hen He said to them, "O foolish ones, and slow of heart to believe in all that the prophets have spoken! Ought not the Christ to have suffered these things and to enter into His glory?" And beginning at Moses and all the Prophets, He expounded to them in all the Scriptures (meaning the Old Testament) the things concerning Himself. Luke 24: 25~27
The Gospel Paul preached to the Jewish people:
So when they had appointed him a day, many came to him at his lodging, to whom he explained and solemnly testified of the kingdom of God, persuading them concerning Jesus from both the Law of Moses and the Prophets, from morning till evening. Acts 28: 23
I believe we can call the Gospel, like it was preached by the Apostles to the Hebrew people exactly like Apostle Paul calls it in the Book of Romans, "the Gospel of Gods confirmation of His promises made to the fathers", means that Yeshua became the only and ultimate sacrifice for the Hebrew people and the confirmation means he gave through His death and resurrection the full and new meaning to the Law and the Prophets now combined with the Gospel and the letters of the New Testament. And in this Resurrection is no Religious legalism anymore, but it is the Word and Revelation of God, giving life and holiness to everyone who chooses to believe, demonstrated in the live and Ministry of our Lord as well as through the Apostles, in particular Apostle Paul!
Now I say that Jesus Christ has become a servant to the circumcision for the truth of God, to confirm the promises made to the fathers, Romans 15: 8
The Gospel Paul preached to the Hebrew people was not a mixture of Judaism and the Gospel of Salvation by Grace through Faith, like some people may think? No not at all. God's plan and Heart desire was and is, to re-graft the Hebrew people into the Olive Tree through the New Covenant, means God's intention is not a mixture of Judaism and New Testament faith, but death to the old and resurrection into a New Covenant, and with this death and resurrection all the religious spirit and all legalism has to die! In other Words, the Law and the Prophets receive a new Dimension of Grace, Glory and Power and the full and complete meaning and receive equal meaning together with all the Books of the New Testament, with better promises, exactly like Jesus himself who was the first fruit of every promise in old and new Testament. Paul gives a very clear testimony from his own life, how he was re grafted into the Olive Tree:
For I through the law died to the law that I might live to God.  I have been crucified with Christ; it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me; and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself for me. I do not set aside the grace of God; for if righteousness comes through the law, then Christ died in vain.” Galatians 2: 19~21
In the following passage, Apostle Paul shows from his own experience how the new Life in Christ and its meaning for Messianic Hebrews operates, meaning his Hebrew identity is not taken away and thrown into the garbage, like the Church often preached, but receives a different priority, understanding, fulfillment, completion and responsibility as it is changed and redeemed in Christ and empowered by the Holy Spirit:
Philippians 3: 1~11Finally, my brethren, rejoice in the Lord. For me to write the same things to you is not tedious, but for you it is safe. Beware of dogs, beware of evil workers, and beware of the mutilation! For we are the circumcision, who worship God in the Spirit, rejoice in Christ Jesus, and have no confidence in the flesh, though I also might have confidence in the flesh. If anyone else thinks he may have confidence in the flesh, I more so: circumcised the eighth day, of the stock of Israel, of the tribe of Benjamin, a Hebrew of the Hebrews; concerning the law, a Pharisee; concerning zeal, persecuting the church; concerning the righteousness which is in the law, blameless. But what things were gain to me, these I have counted loss for Christ. Yet indeed I also count all things loss for the excellence of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord, for whom I have suffered the loss ofall things, and count them as rubbish, that I may gain Christ and befound inHim, not having my own righteousness, which is from the law, but that which is through faith in Christ, the righteousness which is from God by faith; that I may know Him and the power of His resurrection, and the fellowship of His sufferings, being conformed to His death, if, by any means, I may attain to the resurrection from the dead.
That means, that the fact being Jewish had lost its exaggerated importance and our Lord took that place including the importance of the infilling and the leading of the Holy Spirit, but what we have to understand is, that through this mighty change his Jewishness increased in value and became much more precious than before, it became the real deal, the way it was truly intended to be! Just imagine an olive branch who was able to bear only some small and kind of dry olives, and suddenly through the re-engrafting receives now a double portion of juice from the tree, it will suddenly produce some of the finest olives, containing lots of fresh Oil!
Romans 2: 29, 3: 2says, but he is a Jew (Hebrew) who is one inwardly; and circumcision is that of the heart, in the Spirit, not in the letter; whose praise is not from men but from God. What advantage then has the Jew (Hebrew), or what is the profit of circumcision? Much in every way! Chiefly because to them were committed the oracles of God.
This promise is even more real today, haven't you realized, that in every major move where the Holy Ghost moves in Freedom and Power, there is somewhere a Messianic Jew part of it?
The following passage is just an example, how every aspect of the service to God, including Sabbath, the Festivals and Circumcision for the Messianic Hebrews received a new meaning in Yeshua:
I Corinthians 5: 7, 8Therefore purge out the old leaven, that you may be a new lump, since you truly are unleavened. For indeed Christ, our Passover was sacrificed for us. Therefore let us keep the feast, not with old leaven, nor with the leaven of malice and wickedness, but with the unleavened bread of sincerity of truth.
What was once a shadow of things to come, Colossians 2: 16~18 and Hebrew 10: 1 becomes now through the life and Ministry of the Messianic Hebrew people a living and prophetic Illustration to the Gentile Church and to the World of God's Plan and Purposes, fulfilling His Word, His Oracles given to Israel and the Hebrew people, pointing to and expressing Yeshua the Messiah and all the foundational principles of faith given by Him. It is the fullest Revelation and Demonstration of the Gospel, given from the Throne Room of God to mankind, exactly like we can see it in the Life and Ministry of Apostle Paul, who after he met the Lord, was changed through the message of the Cross and the light of His Glory, letting God's resurrection Power flow, like precious oil upon his head, running down through his beard, running down on the edge of his garments.
So in every City where God sent him, Cilicia, Galatia, Ephesus, Troas, Corinth, and Rom in all of this places the Gentiles would get a hold if his garment and drink from his Anointing, flowing like a River out of him, and like it was promised in Zachariah 8: 23“Thus says the Lord of hosts: ”In those days ten men from every language of the nations shall grasp the sleeve of a Jewish man, saying, “Let us go with you, for we have heard that God is with you.””
Acts 15: 12 & 19: 10~12Then all the multitude kept silent and listened to Barnabas and Paul declaring how many miracles and wonders God had worked through them among the Gentiles. And this continued for two years so that all who dwelt in Asia heard the word of the Lord Jesus, both Jews and Greeks. Now God worked unusual miracles by the hands of Paul, so that even handkerchiefs or aprons were brought from his body to the sick, and the diseases left them and the evil spirits went out of them.
The One New Man
Gods Plan was and is, that Jews and Gentiles joining together as one Family in His Kingdom like stated in Ephesians 1 and 2. It was one of the most crucial keys of the New Testament Church so that they could grow, as both where grafted into the Olive Tree through the New Covenant and bring forth mighty Fruit, as they where reconciled to the Father through our Lord and to each other. If we look at History and see how much during the time of the first coming of our Lord, Nations where fighting against Nations, especially against the Hebrew people, this reconciliation between Messianic Hebrews and Born Again Gentiles is one of the greatest Miracles which was and is happening in the New Testament Church:
Ephesians 2: 11~18Therefore remember that you, once Gentiles in the flesh --- who are called Uncircumcision by what is called Uncircumcision by what is called the Circumcision made in the flesh by hands --- that at that time you were without Christ (Messiah), being aliens from the commonwealth of Israel and strangers from the covenants of promise, having no hope and without God in the world. But now in Christ Jesus you who once were far off have been brought near by the blood of Christ. For He Himself is our peace, who has made both one, and has broken down the middle wall of separation. having abolished in His flesh the enmity, that is, the law of commandments contained in ordinances, so as to create in Himself one new man from the two, thus making peace, and that He might reconcile them both to God in one body through the cross, thereby putting to death the enmity.
In this Passage we can see the reconciliation between Messianic Hebrews and Born Again Gentiles and we believe the reason this is happening is, because both received their individual Identity, Calling and Purpose as well as freedom of any kind of legalism in Christ through the Decrees of the First and Second Council of Jerusalem, which have to be applied in the right way to and by each of them. The First Apostolic Decree to graft in the Branches from the Apple, Pear, Cherry, Pineapples and Orange tree to produce by the Grace of Yeshua, healthy, redeemed, sweet Apples, Pears, Cherries, Oranges and Pineapples (Joel 1: 12, Isaiah 60: 13 and Luke 21: 29, calls the wild olive tree, the other trees), the Second Apostolic Decree to re-graft the Olive Branches from the cultivated Olive tree through Yeshua into the Olive tree, to produce new, healthy and Spirit filled Olives!
I believe that one of the purposes of the two aspects of the Gospel where to complete each other and to challenge each other in a godly way. The Gentile part of the Church had to challenge the Messianic Hebrews with the variety of Revelations of God’s Mercy and keep them from falling into religious Judaistic traps, at the other hand the Messianic Hebrews had to challenge the Born Again Gentiles not to backslide into old or new forms of Paganism and impart into them Gods Oracles, His truth, righteousness and justice and to help them to understand Gods Full Counsel.
We can see these two aspects like the two arms of the cross or the two wings of the eagle. The Middle Part of the cross or the eagle, representing the Message of the Gospel of Salvation through Jesus, called the Everlasting Gospel, for both Hebrews and Gentiles the same. But like the Cross/Eagle has two arms/wings to balance each other, the Gospel received two aspects, expressing at one hand God’s Mercy and on the other Hand God's faithfulness, authority and power to fulfill His Promises given to the Fathers in His timing and in His way! 
The Root cause of the Historic gap
The big Problem which began in the Body of Christ during and after the second Century was that the Hebrew part of the Church became a small minority, greatly outnumbered by the Born Again Gentiles. The Leadership was transferred to Born Again Gentiles who truly loved the Lord and truly cared for the Gentile part of the Body of Christ, but lost some of the key Foundations, God established in the early Church.
The question raised in Acts 21: 21, should the Messianic Hebrews truly be given the freedom to keep the Law, the Prophets and the traditions was turned around and the Gentile Church started to decree for the next 1700 years, it is forbidden for the Messianic Hebrews to keep the Law, the Prophets and the Traditions and your Hebrew identity has to be trampled under your feet and thrown into garbage, because it is evil and cannot be redeemed. Is the Gentile Church aware, that this might have been the stumbling stone, for the Body of Christ, called the soaring eagle or God's Airplane expressing His love to the world to crush...! And to hinder thousands of Hebrew people to find and belief Yeshua the Messiah, with the consequence that hundreds of thousands of Gentiles would perish, because the two Harvests are directly linked together?
After the third Century, Hebrews and Messianic Hebrews had to hide their Hebrew identity, because the established principles given and established during the time of the New Testament by Apostle James, Paul and the Elders where lost and the Gentile Church opened its front door to Anti-Semitism, and once the front door was opened, this heresy took a hold of the Gentile Church, with every other kind of demon who followed quickly behind...!
With other words we can say, as the Eagle or Airplane started to lose one of its wings and with this loss much of its Fundamental Truth and Impact on the World, the Airplane with one wing had no other choice but to crash...! In fact, the Gentile part of the Church started to systematically persecute Hebrews and Messianic Hebrews to such a Degree, that it was often better for them to live among Muslims, or other Cultures, then among Gentile Christians. In a certain way we can even say, that God may have blinded the Jewish people, but the Gentile Church through their anti-Semitic behavior through the Centuries has added at least three Concrete Walls of bloodshed and crime to the blinding veil, which became a great stumbling stone for her because God says in his Word very clearly:
Deuteronomy 7: 15And the Lord will take away from you (Israel) all sickness, and will afflict you with none of the terrible diseases of Egypt which you have known, but will lay them on all those who hate you.
During our visit to Israel, October 2008 to January 2009, the Holy Spirit started to speak to me during my times of prayer on the Issue of how the Gospel was presented to the Jews through the past centuries, remembering how many times through the past the Jews where rounded up like animals, and brought to a Church, where they had to listen to a mixed and twisted Gospel and many where forced to accept Jesus as their Savior and Lord and throw away their Jewishness. It was one of the most special moments the Lord ever talked to me.
It was like when a good friend starts to share a burden he has been waiting to share for years, but waited to see and test you, if he can truly trust you with his burden he may have carried for a lifetime. He said; “It is not just the persecution, rejection, pogroms, robbing, stealing and killing, which has been a deep injustice and a stumbling stone done to the Hebrew people through so called Christians to see and accept, that Jesus is the Messiah. I consider that every time the Gospel was preached to them, out of a position of replacement theology (which is heresy), and in the perspective of the first Apostolic Decree (a full twisting of truth), basically as murder, spiritual murder, exactly like Cain murdered his Brother Abel, because it is the use of God’s precious word and the most precious Gospel, perverted and twisted in the out most way and closing the door I have opened for My people to come into My Kingdom!”
I was shaken to the bottom of my heart, as He spoke these words to me and so I began to meditate on them. That means, in the Lord’s eyes the preaching of the Gospel to the Jews with this kind of twisting and polluted with a deadly heresy is sin, equal with the killing of the Jews during the Inquisition and the murder of the Jewish people in WWII where they were killed in the concentration and extermination Camps, and the Holy Spirit kept impressing into my spirit, it doesn’t matter if this kind of preaching was or is done in a Catholic, Lutheran, Evangelical or Pentecostal Church, in God’ eyes there is no respect of person or Church or excuse for this kind of sin, because His Word is so clear!
It is obvious if we read through the Word of God, that a Church related to anti-Semitism, especially if connected to actions against the Jewish people like the Inquisition or the Holocaust is not a Church, but what the Lord calls in the Book of Revelation a Synagogue of satan, or their leaders like He called some of the Pharisee’s, you are for sure not sons of Abraham (neither of Me), but sons of satan!
The Lords heart for the Jews is, to be saved through the all atoning sacrifice of Yeshua the Messiah and to enter into the full Blessing He has promised to Abraham, but the message He has for them is neither the Gospel of Mercy to the Gentiles, nor Judaism, it is the Gospel of “the confirmation of the Promises made to the Fathers” to the “Circumcision”, and that’s the Message our Lord expects to be presented to all Jews and Hebrew people whosoever its called to deliver the message and that’s what they can and will receive!
God's End time Plan for Hebrews and Gentiles:
Time to soar, bring in the Harvest and watch for His Return!
There is great hope for these coming years, because a change is coming. In the past 50 years and in an increasing way in these coming years, God will restore what was lost and what was so important and precious in the Beginning of the New Testament Church. As God has been restoring through the past century the Nation of Israel and the Hebrew people, including the seemingly lost language, He also started to restore the Messianic Hebrew branch. And this means the two Decrees which were very important in the Beginning of the New Testament Church, keeping His Body, the Church in balance and allowing the Power of the Holy Ghost to flow, will become even more important in the End-times, from Jerusalem to Paris, to Timbuktu and to the Islands far out in the Pacific Islands. Apostle Paul could see, that this would happen in the End times and describes it with the following words;
I say then, have they stumbled that they should fall? Certainly not! But through their fall, to provoke them to jealousy, salvation has come to the Gentiles. Now if their fall is riches for the world, and their failure riches for the Gentiles, how much more their fullness! For I speak to you Gentiles; inasmuch as I am an Apostle to the Gentiles, I magnify my ministry, if by any means I may provoke to jealousy those who are my flesh and save some of them. For if their being cast away is the reconciling of the world, what will their acceptance be but life from the dead? Romans 11: 11~15
This means that despite everything that happened during History, there will come a moment where an End time Revival would happen. And you know what? God gives the key to this Revival here in Romans 11, the key will be exactly like 2000 years ago, that the Fire of God and His Resurrection Power will be poured out in Jerusalem on the Hebrew people and as the Veil and the three additional Concrete walls, surrounding their mind and heart will be taken away, Revival will happen among them and it will be so powerful, that it will be life from the dead for the Gentiles, meaning the Gentile Church and the World.
That means God has more to offer to the Gentiles, who where blessed through the centuries by the Gospel of His Mercy. This means in the End times through the Ministry of the Messianic Hebrews who carry the Gospel of the fulfillment of the promises given to the Fathers, the fullest Revelation from the Throne Room of our Father, the Lord will be able to release His Resurrection Power, Glory and Fire to bless the Nations with life from the dead, fulfilling the promise given in Romans 11: 15. When we see, the need for Revival and true Change in the Nations, that’s exactly what the Gentile Church needs: God's resurrection power and life, because in so many places ignorance, sin, religious games and heresies are more rampant than ever, leading to a great falling away...!
I truly believe, that if the Gospel, Apostle Paul preached, had been preached in Spain there would never been an Inquisition done by so called Christians in the Name of Christ, and if the Gospel Paul preached, would have been preached in Germany throughout the Lutheran Churches, there would never been a Holocaust in Germany! It is not too late, we still have some years before He returns and as we see the dark clouds growing on the horizon, even more dark, then in the beginning of the twentieth century, it is time that the truth of the full Gospel be preached especially in these two Nations!
Gods Anointing and Fire which is given to the Hebrew people is and will carry the Mercy of God, but also carries God's Resurrection Power He had promised, including the Prophetic Revelations and Patterns, as “the shadows of things to come” have turned together with the entrusted Oracles from the Lord into “Prophetic Patterns, Illustrations and Strategies for the End times” and a guiding light to lead the Ship (Church) through the End time storms, in a way the Gentile Church has not seen before. God is preparing His Church to walk in the supernatural, walk beyond the laws of gravity, and the restored wings, will help the End-time Church to soar, like the eagle and fly in all the prophetic patterns and callings to fulfill its Mission to preach the Gospel to the end of the world:
And the Good News about the Kingdom will be preached throughout the whole world, so that all nations will hear it; and then the end will come. Matthew 24:14
Yes part of the Gentile Church will not like this type of the Gospel and the Anointing released on His Bride, because they have been so much used to the diluted milk Bottle of the Gospel of Mercy, that many will throw up when they see and hear God's Resurrection Power demonstrated and preached and simply reject it, but with this rejection, many of the Gentiles which means entire Churches and Denominations will be part of the great Fall away, prophesied in His Word, and like we can already see its beginning today.
God's amazing Miracle in the End-time
The Anointing and Fire which is and will be given to the Hebrew people, will be for the impartation to the real Gentile Church which is listening to what the Holy Spirit is saying to the Churches today, and have the commitment to be on fire, hot and radical, so they can fulfill the Great Commission of preaching the Gospel to all the Nations, and people groups, until the end of the Earth. And as they do so, the blindness including the Concrete Walls will be taken away as well from the Gentile Church.
For I do not desire, brethren, that you should be ignorant of this mystery, lest you should be wise in your own opinion, that blindness in part has happened to Israel until the fullness of the Gentiles has come in. And so all Israel will be saved, as it is written:
“The Deliverer will come out of Zion, and He will turn away ungodliness from Jacob; for this is My covenant with them, when I take away their sins.” Romans 11: 25~27
God will orchestrate the End times in such a way, that there will be a full reconciliation between Messianic Hebrews and Born Again Gentiles and we will be able to see the One New Man, in other words His completed Bride come alive, which we can consider as one of the greatest Miracles in Church History and he/she will arise and soar and confound the wise and religious!
If we look through History, how Hebrews and Messianic Hebrews had been treated by Born Again Gentiles we can understand, that this might be one of the biggest Miracles we need, have to pray for and will see in the Body of Christ today and these years to come. It is somehow like to pray for the Healing for somebody who's arms, legs and several organs were lost in a car wreck...! Is such a healing possible? Yes, what is impossible for man is possible for God...! He is creating the One New Man out of Hebrews and Gentiles, anoint him to arise and soar and will use him, to bring the End-time Harvest in.
We can already see since the rebirth of Israel the First Fruit of this Miracle, Born Again German Ministers reconciled with Messianic Pastors preaching the Gospel, young Born Again Arabs, on fire for the Lord, reconciled with Messianic Jewish Soldiers, worshiping together our Lord and preaching together the Gospel? Is there anything more powerful to demonstrate God's amazing Love, Grace, Power and Glory to a dying and lost World? It is the fulfillment of a prophecy given by Isaiah:
Isaiah 60: 1~3, 8~9 & verse 14 Arise, shine; For your light has come! And the glory of the Lord is risen upon you. For behold, darkness shall cover the earth, and deep darkness the people, but the Lord will arise over you and His glory will be seen upon you. The Gentiles shall come to your light and kings to the brightness of your rising.
“Who are these who fly like a cloud, and like doves to their roosts? Surely the coast lands shall wait for Me; And the ships of Tarshish will come first, to bring your sons from afar. Their silver and their gold with them, to the name of the Lord your God, and to the Holy One of Israel, because He has glorified you.
lso the sons of those who afflicted you shall come bowing to you, and all those who despised you shall fall prostrate at the soles of your feet:
And they shall call you The City of the Lord, Zion of the Holy One of Israel.
We are the Generation
Do you know the song We are the Generation? Its a great and very anointed song, which we where singing so often at the Lakeland Revival. Yes, We are the Generation who have seen Israel become a Nation and who will see the Lord's return, which means it is in our Generation, that the Gospel will be preached to all the nations to the ends of the earth and the final Harvest will come in. May it be again the Gospel Apostle Paul and the other 12 Apostles preached the one and only, the everlasting Gospel, with the two different expressions, the Gospel of “the confirmation of the Promises made to the Fathers” to the “Circumcision”, the Hebrew people and the Gospel of “God's Mercy” to the “Uncircumcision”, the Gentiles. Romans 15: 8~12, and may His Glory be manifested as it is in Heaven to cover all the earth like it is promised in His word:
Surely his salvation is near to those who fear him,
      so our land will be filled with his glory.
Psalm 85:9
They were calling out to each other,
   “Holy, holy, holy is the Lord of Heaven’s Armies!
      The whole earth is filled with his glory!”
Isaiah 6:3
Love, Blessings and Shalom!
Ueli and Charlotte Surbeck
LivingFire Ministry International