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Remembering St Patrick!

Before my first visit to Ireland in 2002, I had only heard of St. Patrick, coming from the mainland of Europe where nobody has a clue about St. Patrick's Day I had no clue of the amazing story behind this great man of God and God's work in Ireland from the 4 to the 8 century. What is celebrated today in Ireland and America has nothing to do, with the true facts of History and the true meaning of this Day. Very similar to the celebration of Purim in Israel today...!

So what was it all about. Patrick had been praying to God and asking Him to give him Ireland. At that time Ireland was a Pagan nation, ruled by the wizards and warlocks, called Druid's, the Kings and the Barde's (Singers and Musicians) who where following their orders, very similar to so called modern secular society...!

When Patrick finally came to Ireland he challenged them in lighting a Fire against the law of Druids and Kings and God gave him the grace to overcome and the Kings accepted the message He presented, some of the wizards who surrendered their lives to the Lord became his new disciples and the Gospel started to spread and transform Ireland.

The Message of the Gospel at that time was pure and undefiled and had the power to change lives. Very soon Patrick and his followers established centers where the Gospel was preached and new Disciples where trained, who soon would Evangelize Europe for the next following 3 centuries. To lay the Spiritual Foundation and support for these great Missions, they Founded a place of 24 HOUR, SEVEN DAYS A WEEK, Today we call it (24/7) Worship, Praise and Prayer, which lasted for about 350 years and became known as the Valley of Angels, in Bangor Bay, the longest place and period in History of 24/7 prayer!

During this trip through Ireland in 2002 we came to a small Church called Saul's Church. It was seemingly the first Church (place) Patrick preached, and because it is a place not much known and exploited by religion, it was clean and not overloaded by tourism. As we entered into this little Church in the middle of nowhere to our surprise, the Holy Spirit was falling and just after a few minutes most of the people in the group where spiritually drunk and slain in the Holy Spirit. It was like stepping into a spiritual shower! It was like all the Angels who where with Patrick centuries ago where still in that Church ready and waiting to minister and pour the Anointing on those who would come, seek and drink! This year St Patrick's day is on the same day, the day after Palm Sunday, Historically the day Jesus went back to Jerusalem and cleansed out the Temple the day after His Triumphal entry we call (Palm Sunday).

I believe, that Patrick was operating in the very same anointing in Ireland then Jesus did on this Day He cleaned the Temple and I believe it is the key for us today, to be touched afresh with His Spirit. Exactly like Jesus, who did not compromise with religious deceit, merchandising, greed etc., in the House of God, and Patrick didn't either, he challenged the Wizards and Warlocks and overcome them.

I believe this spiritual positioning or attitude is essential for us today, if we want to receive and walk in the fresh Anointing and Dimension, God is pouring out today and if we truly want to see the Promises and Blessings of God come to pass in our lives!

The Anointing Patrick walked in as well as Jesus operated in, is somehow the Anointing of what the Hebrew people know and Celebrate on Hanukkah! Which is the cleansing of the Temple and the lighting of the Menorah in the Temple. It is the foundation and story of every true Revival!

The Celebration of Hanukkah ~
Real Revival and true Reform!

The Celebration of the Feast of Hanukkah goes back to a important part in the History of the Hebrew people and a time to foreshadow the End times, where antichrist would rule and reign.

The Story played out during the years of 175 BC until December 164 BC, a time when a new Syrian ruler who called himself Antiochus Epiphanes started to conquer Egypt as well as the Land of Israel and impose his rule or with other words his “new world order” including his Hellenistic faith, we would call today Interfaith, the mix of all religions the the chief idol Zeus. After a few years he imposed a new High priest who had to abolish the Mosaic Law, means the Old Testament, and the worship to the God of Israel and establish an altar to Zeus, the offering of unclean animals in the temple, with other words he made the worship and offerings to Baal the official faith in Israel.

Thank God, the pious Jews refused to bow to this devils and their servants. The reformers where forced to make martyrs, such as the ninety-six-year-old Eleazar, described as one of the principle scribes, who was beaten to death. Many others where treated the same way. The issue of the suffering of the righteous, including martyrdom became an important concept for the Jews, who walked in purity and holiness during this time.

Then a sudden change came, in the town of Modin in the Judean foothills, a supporter of the abomination was superintending the new ceremony was killed by Mathias Hasmon, head of an old priestly family from the Temple 'Watch of Jehoiarib'. The old man's five sons led by Judas the Maccabee, or 'Hammer' then launched a guerrilla campaign against Seleucid Garrisons and their Jewish supporters.

In two years, 166 – 164 they drove all the Greeks out of the area around Jerusalem. In the city itself they penned reformers and Seleucid's alike in the Acra and purged the Temple of its idols and pagan temples, rededicating it to Yehovah, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob at a solemn service in December 164 BC. At this moment, History tells, a miracle occurred.
As the Jews came back into the Temple they found a portion of Oil to light the Menorah, just enough for one day. But it would take them 8 days to prepare new oil. So they lighted the candles of the Menorah and by a miracle, the flame was burning for 8days until they prepared the new oil.... In remembrance of this precious miracle, the Jewish people today light 9 candles, the first is the servant candle, they use it to light each one of the 8 candles, or lights, every light pole in Jerusalem has a Hanukkah Menorah with light bulbs that look like candlelights, and during the Feast they are turned on individually, until they are all on...So you know witch day of the Feast it is...It's awesome to see with such love and determination they Celebrate each Festival in Israel, which brings meaning to all of us who see that and share it with them...God's people.

The Hanukkah Menorah has nine holders, the regular Menorah Candlestick has 7 holders. We challenge you to read up on Hanukkah, its wonderful to study these Feasts...Reminding you this is from a American view, I may not have each detail exactly right... But, what I saw living in Jerusalem for six years.

Daniel 11: 21-45prophecies the story, in I and II Maccabees we can read some of it and in John 10: 22-23 we can see, how our Lord Yeshua the Messiah went to Jerusalem to celebrate with Hisfriends and with many other Hebrew people present for this occasion the great Victory over this antichrist ruler and the restoration of the Light in the Temple called the Feast Hanukkah or lights, and if He celebrated this Feast, then I believe its important for us to do the same, because in the celebration of Hanukkah and the Anointing God releases for this celebration contain the anointing, understanding and strategy to overcome the antichrist spirit of today! As Yeshua was in Jerusalem for this feast, He gave a precious and powerful message to the religious Jews, the new kind of Jews, deceived by religion, leading the new type of abomination, toward the new type and time of desolation...:

John 10: 24-30I told you, and you do not believe, the works that I do in My Fathers name, they bear witness of Me. But you do not believe, because you are not My sheep, as I said to you. My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me. And I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish. Neither shall anyone snatch them out of My hand. My Father who who has given them to Me, is greater then all, and no one is able to snatch them out of My Fathers hand. I and My Father are one.

We can see Yeshua twice operating in this Anointing or celebrating with His disciples a type of Feast of Hanukkah, as He came to Jerusalem and empowered by the Spirit of God cleaned out the Temple, at the beginning of His Ministry as well as the day after He entered in triumph, into Jerusalem. The results where amazing, because especially the second time after He cleaned the temple, He had a great time of Revival with many miracles of Healing and Deliverance.

Matthew 21: 12 - 14Then Jesus went into the temple of God and drove out all those who bought and sold in the temple, and overturned the tables of the money changers and the seats of those who sold doves. And he said to them, "It is written, 'My house shall be called a house of prayer,' but you have made it a den of thieves.'" Then the blind and the lame came to Him in the temple, and He healed them.

Why because neither Yeshua nor the Spirit of God cohabitate with witchcraft, antichrist spirits, religious demons, nor greed, lust and violence, the motivation of the moneychangers of that time and today...! God wants His House to be pure and clean, so He can fill it with His Presence, Power and Glory! When He went to the cross, laying down His life, He overcame the antichrist spirit as well as all the other demons and principalities once and for all, it was His ultimate Victory, where He brought the light from Heaven back to this corrupted world!

The celebration and operation of the Anointing of Hanukkah was the foundation of every new Testament Revival, because when they heard the true message of the Gospel, they gathered all their pork meet, the driven gimmicks and all the other poisons from so called, snakes, frogs, owls etc burned it and the Holy Spirit suddenly was enabled to demonstrate God's love with great signes and wonders:

Acts 19: 18-20 And many who had believed came confessing and telling their deeds. Also, many of those who had practiced magic brought their books together and burned them in the sight of all. And they counted up the value of them, and it totaled fifty thousand pieces of silver. So the word of the Lord grew mightily and prevailed.

The same principles are true for today! It was 3 years ago, in Spring 2005, after traveling and ministering around the world for about 12 months the Lord let me move from the French part of Switzerland, where I had somehow my base for over 15 years back to my hometown where I grew up.
This was quiet a change and challenge for me. And then in addition, He told me to cancel my next assignment to minister in a Southeastern Country in Asia. Well God gave them a Revival anyway without me, but as Iwas seeking the Lord, He told me to start a fast. So I did and just after a few days I discovered, that I had now time to go once again through all my belongings I had acquired since my youth, most of them still at our Family Farm, now belongs to my Brother.

In the first 40 days of the fast the Lord let me clean out all the old junk, music, books, cloths etc. The place where I stayed during the fast, the House of my Grand Parents had a wonderful old Fireplace, and all the old junk soon vaporized through the chimney...! It was simply awesome. I could feel the bondages being broken and the chains falling off...!

As all this was done and the 40thiest day of the Fast came, I was sitting early afternoon in the Living room, reading my Bible. It was a beautiful spring day, and a fresh wind was blowing, the Holy Spirit suddenly came on me and said, “from now on I will release my wrath on all the demons who have tormented or oppressed you when you where young.”
I knew, what the Holy Spirit was talking about and I simply started to cry for a long time. It was beyond anything I could have been even praying for! I believe this is one of the greatest words the Lord has ever spoken to me, in my entire life time!

I was growing up in my hometown from the age of 4 to the age of 16 and living there from the age of 19 for another 4 years. I knew very well the spiritual heaviness in this Valley I love so much, but never had the real spiritual break through.
But on this day the Lord just released it and I know since that day God is preparing a mighty Revival in our town, which will be soon touching the whole nation. I knew about the major Leyline, the demonic Highway from Himalaya coming across Europe exactly through our Valley and feeding the local principalities and their oppression on a daily basis, but I knew, on this Day the Lord released a Sword to cut this Highway into pieces, including all the strongholds who have been holding back the Glory of God and the Blessings God had intended for centuries to be released, but was never able to do so.

But it was only on the 56 day of the fast, that the true Break through came, where God somehow broke a deep bondage in my life, even until today I don't know what it was, it simply happened, must have been an angel sent form Heaven ministering to me... and on the from that momentGod opened a unexpected door for me to finally return to Israel on theevening of the 70st day of the Fast.

I am so thankful for Brother Yun, who's testimony was such a great inspiration to me, who fasted during his third prison time in China 74 days without food and without water. Yes this is a true miracle!

These days changed my life and I am thankful for the leading of the Holy Spirit to clean up my life. Never would I be able to walk the way He was leading me since, receiving all the blessings He gave me in Israel as much as in America, never would I have been able to minister during the past 3 years the way God let me/us do so, I know, if I had not obeyed the Holy Spirit and celebrating a true Hanukkah celebration in my Hometown, I don't think that He would sent me again to the Nations and preach the true Gospel of Yeshua the Messiah.

Please keep this words in your mind as I would like to share a thought for America:

If you want to walk this year of 2008 in the fresh Anointing and enter into the call God has for you, then celebrate this Day of St. Patrick in its true meaning in the same spirit you would celebrate the Feast of Hanukkah or the way Jesus ministered in the Temple the day after his triumphal entry!

Yes for many decades Priests and Pastors where not concerned if America was worshiping idols and giving offerings to Baal and Ashtareth under any green tree as long as people came to Church, but this days are over, says the Lord. God will pour out His Spirit where the House has been cleaned out and made ready for Him to come. And the Mantle of Protection is not simply released on the Nation every year a fresh, like some Backslidden Ministers preach, but on those who truly walk with Him!

Be sure of one thing, either you do it, or the Brightness of His coming will do it, and be sure of a second thing, it will be much more easy if you do it yourself! If He has to do it, He will do it when you least expect it and He will do an excellent job if you like it or not!

With these Words we bless you and may this word and testimony help you to step into the call and promises God has given you for this year and the time to come. May the Anointing be released in a fresh way in your life, like years ago in Ireland, on the day we stepped into Saul's Church and received a fresh shower of the Holy Spirit; it is available for you today! Take it, to God all the Glory and Praise and have a great St. Patrick's Day!

Ueli and Charlotte Surbeck