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Ueli and Charlotte's new book
"The Seven Eyes of the Messiah"

The book is in English is$15.00 plus $2.50 shipping.
It has 4 beautiful colored pages with charts...
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The Names of God in color!

 Endorsements for the Book!
~What they have to say~!

Seven Eyes of the Messiah is a cutting edge book for the days we are living in. Many are called, but few are chosen; this is a must read for those that are the chosen remnant! I could not put this book down because every paragraph and every chapter seemed to bear witness with me in the Spirit realm. Each one of us needs to walk in the fullness of the "Seven Spirits of God" to not only carry out our purpose and destiny in this life-time, but to advance His Kingdom here on earth. As I continued through the pages of tremendous revelation in this book  I was brought to tears, and it was like my spirit man was saying "yes, yes, yes"!
When you read a book you should always ask yourself, "did this book bring me closer to Jesus, is this fresh manna"? The answer to that question pertaining to this book, is yes! I felt like this book brought some vague mysteries that John mentions in the book of Revelations of the end-times into the light. Our fourteen year old son said to me, "I always thought the four horses mentioned in Revelations represented darkness and evil"?!
I highly recommend this book to the serious Christian who is wanting the fullness of the Seven Spirits that the Holy Spirit offers to us! 
Karen Nelson
Mother of 7, artist, housewife
Elkton, South Dakota

5.0 out of 5 stars The Seven Eyes Of The Messiah,
This review is from: The Seven Eyes of the Messiah (Paperback)
Hi there! This book has been excellent, so far! I was drawn to learn more on the subject & unexpectantly came across this book, purchasing it instead of others that I had high on my Amazon wish list. It is packed with revelation & insight with regards to Isaiah 11:2, Revelations, Zechariah. I'm a bit of a gatherer, sorter, organizer & love that this book puts puzzle pieces together ***Bonus! There are several helpful illustrated (one page each) Appendix's: A - color version of the Menorah, B - names of God Almighty, C - comparison chart (in color) with summary list, D - Scriptures on topic. Here is an overview of contents:

Ch 1 - Revelation of The Seven Spirits of The Lord
Ch 2 - The Spirit of The Lord
Ch 3 - The Spirit of Wisdom
Ch 4 - The Spirit of Understanding
Ch 5 - The Spirit of Counsel
Ch 6 - The Spirit of Might
Ch 7 - The Spirit of Knowledge
Ch 8 - The Spirit of The Fear of The Lord
Ch 9 - Mighty Moves of God!

A great book to go through & then discuss with a group. Bible study ~ Small group - Prayer group's etc.. while being lead by The Holy Spirit of course!

Praise the Lord forever! I don’t know of any author who has been tremendously used by God to deeply touch on this subject—the Seven Spirits of the Lord.There is awesome anointing right from the beginning and throughout this book. It is my prayer that every believer would read this book and taste this deep revelation.This is what the Church needs now! May the Lord God bless you in Jesus’name.Amen!
Bishop Dr.Philemon Okoth
Founder, Miracleland Ministries,Kenya
This book is an awesome book! It took our breath away while reading.... there are so many jewels in it! Somehow it was such a confirmation for me and my husband but then it also revealed some new things to us, especially about the horses and it's meaning! It's really a good book! You've done a great work with it, Ueli and Charle'. The book carries a great anointing is really encouraging, motivating and inspiring AND has great facts in it as well (very interesting)!
Daniela Widmer Follow-Him Ministries International,
“The Seven Eyes of the Messiah” is very well-written, and it is obvious that the authors spent a lot of time researching.
It iseasy to see that they consulted the Word of God, because there are numerous scripture references to support what they are saying. Their passion for Israel, people, and Christ is evident in this book. I really enjoyed reading about the seven Spirits of God and their different functions and jobs. It was also interesting how each Spirit had its own color.
The Surbeck’s invested much time and prayer into this book, and I know that it will bless everyone who reads it.
Kaitlan Bryan
I received the book, and spent the entire Sabbath Saturday 4/2/11 drinking it in.  I wept, and wept, and wept throughout much of the whole book.  It was phenemonally good.  I learned so much, and you mentioned so many Europeans that I had never, ever heard of that I shall investigate and try and get their material.  "My people perish for lack of knowledge,"......we must right this whilst computers still work, and the money still works, as that is going to change soon, and very soon.  I felt truly wrung out like a dishrag by the time I finished the book, in a good way. 

Thank you for writing this extraordinary book, it is alive with Heavenly information we need to know right now. Thank you both for writing it. You've added so much positively to my life.

May you two be blessed so very much, Carol

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