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Auf dieser und den folgenden Seiten möchten wir prophetische Worte, welche der Herr uns oder anderen Diener Gottes gegeben hat, weitergeben. Mögen diese Worte inspiration für Euer Gebet und Handeln sein, sowie Hoffnung und Glauben wecken, dass in unserem Land eine Erweckung und Reformation begonnen hat, welche unser Land radikal verändern wird und nochmals auf den Kurs bringt, den Gott für uns vorbereitet und geplant hat, schon vor der Erschaffung der Welt. Seid gesegnet!

King Cyrus Anointing.pdf (PDF — 527 KB)
- The King Cyrus Anointing, the Sword and a New Fountain in the Valley of Decision! Sept 2009,
von Ueli & Charlotte Surbeck

- Ein Wort für die Schweiz, Aug 2009,
von Ueli Surbeck

- Words and Prayers for Switzerland, Feb 2006, von Ueli & Charlotte Surbeck

Switzerland II.pdf (PDF — 224 KB)
- "Switzerland's Anointing", April 2006,
von Ueli & Charlotte Surbeck

- Ein prophetisches Wort für Genf und die Schweiz, März 2004, durch Pierre-Daniel Martin

- The Martyrdom of the Theban Legion, 2001, by Thomas A. Bloomer

- FOR SWITZERLAND, Feb und März 2004, by Anne Griffith

- A Song for Switzerland
by Dawn Brozovsky

The King Cyrus Anointing,
the Sword and a New Fountain
in the Valley of Decision!
This is a summary of words the Lord has given us through the past weeks for Switzerland, ignited during two Visitations in the month of August. This Word is written in a particular way to all the Swiss believers, who follow the Lord wholeheartedly and are on Fire for the Lord.
If I had to write a Word for the lukewarm or chosen frozen which happens sometimes as well, it would be very, very different! It is also for all those who would like to be part of His Grace released on our Nation and a call to pray with us, because there are only a few intercessors for this great work the Lord is doing here in this Hour!
It began, reading several passages in the Book of Isaiah, and then
coming across the well known passage in Isaiah 45:1-7
Thus says the LORD to His anointed, to Cyrus,
whose right hand I have held
to subdue nations before him
and loose the armor of kings,
      To open before him the double doors,
so that the gates will not be shut:
       ‘I will go before you
and make the crooked places straight;
      I will break in pieces the gates of bronze and cut the bars of iron. I will give you the treasures of darkness and hidden riches of secret places, that you may know that I, the LORD, who call you by your name, am the God of Israel.
For Jacob My servant’s sake, and Israel My elect,
I have even called you by your name;
I have named you, though you have not known Me.
I am the LORD, and there is no other; there is 
Me. I will gird you, though you have not known Me,
       that they may know from the rising of the sun to its setting that there is none besides Me. I am the LORD, and there is no other; I form the light and create darkness, I make peace and create calamity; I, the LORD, do all these things.
During the next Revival Gatherings in August I felt led to begin with this Passage and preaching on it for a moment. It’s an amazing Prophecy Isaiah declared, receiving even the Name of the great Persian King 2 or 3 centuries before he became a great King,and ruling over many nations. This passage is the expression how God anointed and used a Gentile King with precious Royal Anointing and used Him to overthrow Babylon and to release the people of God to return into their land with the order of the King to rebuild the Temple and the Kingdom.
Please read as well Ezra Chapters 1~7. These passages gives a wonderful description of what happened, when this word was fulfilled beginning in the year 539 BC, until the second Temple in Jerusalem was built in the year 515 BC, March 12.
A Visitation
Received, September 14th ~ 16th and 26th, 2009
Released during the Feast of Tabernacle, October 2009
Then during our time of prayer on August 14, suddenly we had a wonderful visitation of the Holy Spirit for 3 days, Heaven truly opened, and His Power and Glory filled our room. First we both saw the Color purple then my wife Charlotte had a Vision.
The Vision
I saw the Angels coming from all direction going through the Main street of our little town running all the darkness out. Then I saw the Lord blowing on our town, and our neighbor towns, Oberhallau, Gächlingen, Neunkirch, and then he turned towards Wilchingen blowing all the garbage out.
As we received this Vision we could feel how the Atmosphere changed in the Spirit realm. Then the next day the Visitation continued, it was for sure one of the most awesome we ever had and how He expressed His love for us.
Then the Holy Spirit began to speak to me, how through this word and Vision, He was showing how the Lord is releasing a royal Anointing over Switzerland to break ancient yokes to bring forth a change as radical as He did literally 2,500 years ago in Babylon, when through His Authority he found the King of Babylon and his officials wanting (Daniel 5) and gave King Cyrus the reign of the whole Empire, the Babylonians had conquered and ruled over for 70 years, established new laws and released His people to return to Israel.
Then the Holy Spirit insisted that there is a particular yoke He is breaking right now through the release of this royal Anointing, which has been established 70 years ago in Switzerland. If we count back from now we come to the year 1939, which is the beginning of WWII and the Lord is saying, that with the beginning of WWII, specific demons and principalities wereplaced into Switzerland, which have never been removed since, but crippled our Nation from the Government down to the very simple person in every aspect of live! How did it happen or can this be understood?
The Lord showed me the passage in the Book of Joshua, where the Battle of Jericho, where God did a mighty miracle and brought down the walls and Joshua and the whole Army fought valiantly to fully clean up the mess and execute everything which needed to be executed. But there was sin in Israel’s Camp, there was a man in the Camp with the Name of Achan, who took Gold and a Babylonian garment and some other precious things, which was forbidden and through this sin, he totally crippled the Nation of Israel, who lost the next seemingly insignificant battle.
In the very same way, the sin committed during WWII, by some of the Achan’s in our Nation, mostly in the Government and in the Banks has been crippling our Nation. Do we remember that we washed Gold for the Nazis worth about 1 Billion Swiss franks at that time. That’s worth the wealth of about 15 Nationsat that time. We sent about 30 000 to 50 000 Jews into the death camps, allowed Nazi trains to travel through our Nations, some even with Jewish people and nobody either knew or had the boldness to free the imprisoned and the list goes on.
And today after 70 years we can clearly see how the Fruit of this sin has grown to a big Mountain. We have a Government who officially welcomes the Middle East Hitler, shakes hands with him and gives him permission to build His Kingdom in our Nation and the Government even says yes to establish loudspeakers all over our Land to do so! Not too long ago officially the first Concentration Camp was approved in the Canton of Zürich, where people come from all over the world to be executed, we have officially drugs given to young people who desire them and for more then 20 years we condone any kind of rape, even gang rapes without prosecution of the abuser! And the list goes on with signs, that if we would go on like this, in 10 years the Nation of Switzerland will have a climate, behavior including a Government like we have seen it in China over the past 30 years, like Russia before the opening in 89 or similar simply with a more modern touch like Germany during WWII! The demons and principalitieswe have invited through our sins have done their work!
Praise God for every move of repentance and intercession on these Issues through the past decades, the Lord is answering these prayers!
Last Saturday during our prayer watch, my wife Charlotte had a very interesting Vision:
She saw a gathering of Swiss people, very similar like the two and a half million who gathered in Washington DC on September 12, 2009 to protest against the wicked schemes of the new American Administration, who has taken a lead into a very similar direction, to turn America into Red Communism with an anti-Semitic behavior like we have never seen in America’s History!
(Serious I am not joking, it’s the simple truth if you like it or not!)
And the Lord spoke to her and said to her,
Switzerland stands
in the Valley of Decision!
Yes I truly believe that we as a Nation are standing in the Valley of Decision. We are at the point to make a choice, to go either left, the way of destruction and no return, or choose to humble ourselves, repent and ask the Lord to truly intervene with a turn around. And I can tell you a radical turn around is needed and it will not go without pain. But I tell you, this is the hour to choose to walk with God whatever the cost is! And what the Lord is sayingis, the reason He is releasing this royal Anointing over our Nation is, to bring forth that turn around, because it is not by Might, nor by Power, but by His Spirit says the Lord.
In the situation where we have moved as a Nation only through the leading, the Power and the Might of His Spirit that kind of turnaround is possible! But God is also saying wake up, stand up and run to me and follow me and I have the impression many unbelievers are ready to do so!
There are many believers and churches here that are true champions in resisting the Holy Spirit and we enter into an hour the Lord will treat those who resist His Spirit much more severe as the unbelievers because the time His Body can vex him is over says the Lord!
God is ready to bring a turn around in a very radical way and the Lord wants us to follow Him in the most radical way and to invite the working and leading of His Spirit in a measure greater than what ever we have seen.
We enter into a time of a Prophetic Revolution, exactly like the Book of Joel declares it, the Book of Joel is the Message from the Lord to our Nation!
The Lord has a plan for us individually, but as well for our Nation and we need to pray from all our Heart, that our Nation can and will choose to enter into this plan, because that is the only thing that works in this end times. We are in the Hour, where Babylon is falling, please read Jeremiah 50 and 51 as well as Revelation 17 and 18, that’s the hour where we are! But the Kingdom of God is designed to prosper and be blessed even in the Hour, when the World will get crazy and Babylon is collapsing!
We need to ask the Lord to reveal His Blueprint, the one He has designed before the Foundation of the Word for our Nation to us and I believe with the Royal Anointing He is releasing right now, we can do the change and enter into that plan, knowing that it will be very radical and it will hurt for a moment.
And there is a second thing, the Lord is doing:
A New Fountain in the Valley of Decision
The next day my wife Charlotte had again a Vision where she saw how He established a Fountain in our Valley, a Fountain because we are standing in the Valley of Decision!
Please read the Book of Joel, it is the Book for our Nation for the Hour we are!
It is a Fountain which is so large, covering our Nation going even beyond our Borders, into all our Neighboring Nations. Zechariah 13: 1-6
My precious Sweetheart saw in a Vision the Lord standing in the Fountain and the water gushed out. Then the Lord showed her, that this is not the only Fountain He is establishing right now, she saw like a Cross and on top, bottom, left, right and in the center there was a Fountain, the one he established here in our Nation being the one on the right side of the Cross.
We where deeply touched through this Visitation and we could see, how the Lord changed the spiritual atmosphere in our town and lives in these days, when we received these Visions and Words.
And there is a clear word the Holy Spirit is giving to His Body, you are not supposed to be the tail, but the head in this Nation, you are called to rule and reign and establish My Kingdom through word and deed. It is not the world which is called to rule in our Nation, it is the Body of Christ. And with the release of this Royal Anointing He is releasing strength, authority and Knowledge to His Body to impart what he needs to accomplish its call!
And His second answer for our Situation is the opening of a Fountain of living Water to strengthen His Body and to release His Power to repent and change and to walk in righteousness and to do His work!
This Fountain is so big and its primary focus is to bring forth a new Move of God! And there is so much Anointing, which is enough to solve all the Problems we have and will occur in our Nation, if we give the Lord the room to do so!
A move of God is not just a few people giving their lives to the Lord, is not just a few new churches, is not just a few people turning to God. A move of God, means the birthing of hundreds of new hot, solid and on fire Ministries, hundred thousand of Churches either new or old once made new through the renewing of His Spirit, and this means Gatherings of 20, 30 maybe 50 and sometimes 100 000 Peoples who Praise and Worship God and our touched by the Glory of God!
Do you know that this is possible and is needed in Europe, not just for us, but for the Body of Christ from the Nations around us to come and to be able drink!
The question is: Are you hungry and thirsty for His Spirit, His joy and for fresh Revelations from the Throne Room? The Lord is opening a Fountain to baptize our Nation in His Spirit and make it ready for what is to come, enable us to enter into the Call we have, which is simply impossible in our own strength and ability to fulfill!
God’s heart is for us to be again a Nation, where the Gospel shall be preached, people shall be saved, His presence, and Glory can dwell and His blessings flow!
Are you ready to be touched a fresh, are you ready to be Baptized with His Fire, His Glory and His Power? If we want to have the strength and the strategy for this coming hour, we need to be touched a fresh by His Spirit, we need to be literally painted and soaked and marinated by His Presence, His Fire, His Glory and His Power!
The Lord is beginning a new Move of His Spirit in our Nation and it is the Most Powerful Move we ever had in History. Praise God we are not the only once, there are other places He is doing the same, Praise God in a time where many other places on the earth turn towards evil in a measure which is just beyond imagination and comprehension and the spirit of antichrist likes to take over and invade every soul especially the kids, music, economy and governments!
The release of His Fresh Water is the best thing which could ever happen in our Nation and we for sure do not deserve it, it’s a pure expression of His Grace and Mercy. And we better do everything to get every drink and refreshing out of it! When God opens a Fountain, or gives a time of Visitation, it is not for ever, its for a time and season and we need to do everything we can to at one hand to get the refreshing and at the other hand to be faithful stewards of His Anointing, it is for sure the most precious thing we can receive and cherish, much more precious then all the Money, and the best watches and most expensive Rolexes or jewels we could ever have!
Its an anointing which will wash out and evacuate all the dirt of backslidings, neutrality and sin and will give us the power to stand and overcome!
And there is one more important thing:
A New Sword
With the opening of the Fountain He is giving us a New Sword!
Most of our precious Swiss people, don’t know anymore, what it means to fight in and for His Kingdom, which is a fight not by might or power, but through His Spirit!
In the Spirit realm there is no neutrality, because neutrality is a lie from the pit of Hell. In the Spirit realm there is war and the forceful is called to take the Kingdom by force and so are we called!
It was a few days later towards the end of August, we had a third Visitation, the most Awesome of the Three. The Lord showed us the thousands of Angels and Heavenly Horses He is releasing right now to prepare for His return. And He showed us three Ark Angels in particular which He is establishing in this Fountain. They are the Sword of the Lord for Switzerland!
This sword has a handle and it has a name: Strategy, Victory and Triumph, because the reason the Lord is releasing this sword is to restore to the Body of Christ in our Nation, Strategy, Victory and Triumph and to cut out and evacuate the Darkness which has invaded over the past decades! Remember the Lord is not returning for a polluted and crippled Bride, but for a spotless and pure Bride who has cherished the Anointing He has given her!
This Sword has three blades, the first blade is established through the First Ark Angel who has a Mandate to release the Glory of God!
In the same way it was imperative for Moses to see the Glory of God, to be able to establish the First Covenant and to lead the people of Israel through the desert for 40 years, and for Jesus to go to the Mountain of Transfiguration to meet Moses and Elijah in the Glory of God in the very same way it is imperative for the Body of Christ in our Nation to see the Glory of God on the Mountain of the Lord. Because in the Glory of God are all the Revelations, and the Expressions of His Love we need to walk through this End times and to send out Harvesters into the Harvest.
The Glory of God is absolutely awesome and not optional, but a vital part of the Gospel including all the Manifestations of His Glory!
And we better cherish his Glory, because His Glory is most precious!
The Lord gave us the promise, that He will release in these Glory gatherings His Mighty rushing wind like in the upper room, oil from Heaven and Gold dust! Because we need it. Everything God does have a very important purpose and so have all the manifestations of His Glory!
There is a time coming and it is coming soon, when we will enter into the time of antichrist, where he will begin to establish his reign at one hand and famine will be rampant at the other hand, and the only way the Body of Christ will make it is through the manifestation of His Glory, so we better welcome it and cherish it now as more precious than diamonds!
The Second Blade is established through the second Ark Angel who has the Mandate to release a fresh Prophetic Anointing and the true Ministry of
the Prophets!
The Ministry of the Prophets is a very important Ministry. Read through the Book of Kings, Samuel and Chronicles. You can very easily see what happens if there are no Prophets in the Land and how important they are for today! Because their mandate is to challenge Churches and Nations exactly like Elijah did on Mount Carmel to come back in touch with God. And we will see this happening, how He is raising and releasing Prophets not just in a gentle and soft way, but in the Authority, sharpness and accuracy of Elijah to point out the sins of Churches and Nations and bring them on track.
God will use them to point out the age old chains of Darkness and break them. And the Fire of the Holy Ghost will fall again, and God’s Destiny can be released like a mighty rushing River!
Yes not everybody will like it, most probably some of those who have a problem are the chosen frozen Christens who had been lied to and believed heresies which are crazier as some of the stuff the world believes.
Praise God we need the full restoration of this precious Ministry and the pure flow of Prophetic Anointing because the Spirit of Prophecy is the Spirit of Jesus Himself and we need to be anointed by His Spirit, see like He does and speak like He does, that’s why every believer in the Book of Acts was anointed and prophesied and so shall it be, when the Lord returns, His Bride is a Prophetic Bride!
The third blade is released through the third Ark Angel who has a Mandate to establish Apostolic Evangelism!
I was very challenged when the Lord spoke that to us. After my knowledge there has been no or not many larger Evangelistic Crusades in the past 20 years in Switzerland.
No wonder Economy and Churches are in Crisis!
We saw a move of Evangelism through the move of the Alfa courses and other Evangelistic tools in our Nation which where ok for a time. But in this new Move, God will restore Apostolic Evangelism on a large scale, like large Gatherings in large auditoriums or sometimes in large stadiums and it will work and bring mighty fruit. Why because the people today are hungry for the supernatural and as true Apostolic Evangelism is based on the fact that our Lord is raising the dead and demonstrate it together with true testimonies of Heaven and Hell many people will believe as many will hate it!
I remember our friend Philemon from Kenya, a mighty Apostle who raised over a hundred people from the dead and when some of these people who where dead began to give testimony, their whole Families and villages gave their lives to the Lord! There is no reason that this can not happen here, the only question is, will we get ready for the power of God through prayer and fasting?
That’s the way God has designed evangelism, meaning with the demonstration of the Power and Majesty of God, some people will get mad but at the other hand thousands will get delivered from bondage and sickness and believe!
It is God’s heartbeat, to restore Apostolic Crusades in our Nation on a regular Basis for a season to bring in His final Harvest, to send out Harvesters into the Harvest to the Nations and to give our Nation and Government the strength and Authority they need to govern righteously and it will give our Economy the Revelations and Grace they need to recover!
A final word:
Get ready, time is short, put your house in order and surrender all to the Lord, all you are and all you have, because He is moving in our Nation and He is moving fast!
The fulfillment in Ezra took 33 years, but if you understand the time today, we may only have half of this time or even less until He returns…His return is Soon, but one thing is sure, we are entering the years He is fulfilling all things He has prophesied and He can do in a few days, or a few years, what He did before in decades or centuries, because He is God and all the Glory is to Him!
Maybe you have been crying out for peace and safety, but this is not the promise God gives in this End times, God has promised a Sword and in the way we receive this Sword we will also receive His Peace, Grace and Protection in the midst of the Storm!
Come and drink freely the water of life!
May God bless you today and touch you like never before!
Ueli and Charle'
Ein Wort für die Schweiz
zum Anlass unserer Bundesfeier zu beginn des August 2009
In den letzten Tagen hatte ich ein sehr starkes Erlebnis mit dem Herrn und heute morgen im Gebet spürte ich ganz klar, dass der Herr möchte, dass ich dieses Wort weitergebe.
Zusammen mit einem meiner besten Freunde war ich zum Gebetstag nach Thun angereist, ich wusste es gab einen besonderen Grund den ich nicht kannte, warum mich der Herr dahin führte.
Es war am Vortag des Treffens und ich hatte einige Stunden freie Zeit und so entschloss ich mich ein Missions Zentrum zu besuchen, welches ich von früher gut kannte, jedoch seid vielen Jahren nicht mehr besucht hatte.
Ich hatte einige Wochen zuvor angerufen und zu meinem erschrecken erfahren, dass Roger der Leiter, vor mehreren wochen schwer gestürzt war und viele Wochen im Spital war, zuerst einige Wochen in der Intesiv Station, anschliessend Pflege und Therapie, und so war ich gespannt, was ich hier vorfinden würde, denn ich hatte das Leiterehepaar, welche ich sehr schätze, seid wohl mehr als 12 Jahren nicht mehr gesehen.
Nachdem ich mein Auto parkiert hatte und richtung Haus die Stufen hochgieng, sah ich das Gerüst, welches um das schon etwas ältere Patrizierhaus stand und ein heftiges Arbeiten von einem jungen sehr engagierten Team war in gange, welches daran war, dem ganzen Haus ein neues Gesicht und Glanz zu verleihen. Ich trat ins Haus und fand die Ursula, die Frau von Roger in der Küche, was ein freudiges wiedersehen war. Sie lud mich zu einem Kaffee ein und winkte mich hinaus in den Garten hinter dem Haus. Als ich ihr folgte und hinausging, hindurch unter den langen überhängenden Aesten der alten majestätischen Bäume hinüber zum Tisch, spürte ich wie ganz plötlich die Salbung Gottes und das Feuer Gottes auf mich kam. Ich begann zu weinen wie ein Kind, und als ich an den Tisch sass, und einer langen Geschichte der Gnade Gottes zu zuhören durfte, wusste ich, dass dies nicht nur eine kleine Berührung des Herr war, nein dies war die Begegnung mit dem Engel des Herrn, ähnlich wie es Sacharia hatte!
Ich sah in dieser Nacht, und siehe, ein Mann sass auf einem roten Pferde, und er hielt zwischen den Myrten im Talgrund, und hinter ihm waren rote, braune und weisse Pferde. Sacharja 1:8 und folgende.
Es war ganz besonders, als wir dem fleissigen Arbeiten des Teams beobachteten, und einander gegenseitig Zeugnisse unseres Lebens weitergaben und uns  beide ermutigt waren indem wir erneut auch durch diese Geschehnisse die Hand Gottes so gewaltig sehen durften. Am Ende holte ich das Shofar und wir beteten gemeinsam, für das freisetzen der Himmlischen Heerscharen in unserem Land insbesondere für das treffen am kommenden Tag und für ihren Mann und ihren Dienst. Es war wirklich genial wie sogar der Esel auf der Weide nebenan auf das Signal des Shofars reagierte...ja es ist schon so, Esel sind ab und zu viel sensibler für das wirken des Heiligen Geistes als wir Menschen....!
Nachdem ich mich verabschiedet hatte und wider zurück war am Uebernachtungsort, und hinaus ging zum Seeufer, überlegte ich mir, was da wirklich geschehen war. So begann ich erneut den Herrn zu Fragen, um was es hier wirklich geht und ob es da eine Botschaft gebe? Als ich zu beten begann, kamen mir wiederum die Tränen und ich musste wieder weinen wie ein Kind und so fragte ich den Herrn, warum und da spürte ich in meinem Herzen die Stimme des Heiligen Geistes welcher sagte, weil auch der Engel des Herrn weint über unser Land. So fragte ich, warum und da sagte er, weil Ich bereit bin mein Feuer auszugiessen über der Schweiz und ein grosser Teil des Volkes Gottes ist nicht bereit und es gibt nur sehr wenig Zeit um dies aufzuholen!
Ich möchte dies somit einfach ganz neu Proklamieren, genauso wie ich es gehört habe, der Herr hat begonnen Sein Feur über die Schweiz auszugiessen und es wird noch viel stärker werden! Es ist ein ausgiessen das um vieles stärker ist, als was an Pfingsten vor 2000 Jahren geschah und Er giesst Sein Feuer aus, weil er es verheissen hat und wir es dringend gebrauchen.
Der Herr gab mir die Stelle aus Jesaja 4:4-6 Wenn der Herr den Unflat der Töchter Zions abwaschen wird und die Blutschuld Jerusalems wegnehmen durch den Geist, der richten und ein Feur anzünden wird, dann wird der Herr über der ganzen Stätte des Berges Zion und über ihren Versammlungen eine Wolke schaffen am Tage und Rauch und Feuerglanz in der Nacht. Ja, es wird ein Schutz sein über allem, was herrlich ist, und eine Hütte zum Schatten am Tage vor der Hitze und Zuflucht und Obdach vor dem Wetter und Regen.
Wenn ich zurück schaue auf den ersten August, dann weiss ich in meinem Geiste, dass der Herr begonnen hat sein Feuer auf unser Land auszugiessen und wir müssen uns ganz neu danach ausstrecken und Ihm totalen Raum und kontrolle geben, damit er alles tun kann, wie und wann Er es will. Ja ich kann Euch garantieren, wenn Er heute kommt in Seiner Majestät, dann gehen die Gottesdienst nicht 55 Minuten, sondern das kann ganz plötlich 3 vier 4 Stunden dauern und niemand will nach Hause.
In diesem Text aus Sacharja ist auch ersichtlich, dass der Heilige Geist zwei verschiedene Wirkungen hat, wenn er ausgegossen wird, er kann ein Feuer entfachen, und das wird er tun überall da, wo er willkommen ist und ein Opfer auf dem Altar vorfindet. Und es ist mein Gebet, dass wir alle auch unsere Nation ganz neu Ihm unserem Vater und Herrn die Türen ganz neue unserer Herzen ganz neu öffnen und er den Bund mit uns und unser Nation erneuern kann und mit diesem Bund auch ganz neu Seinen Schutz über uns legen kann, den wir in den kommenden Jahren so dringend brauchen wie damals in den zehner und später in den vierziger Jahren des letzten Jahrhunderts...!
Ich möchte hier jedoch auch erwähnen, dass der Heilige Geist eine zweite Funktion hat, wie in diesem Verse zu sehen ist, er wird richten. Das heisst alles was nicht auf den Herrn ausgerichtet ist, wird entweder in die richtige Richtung ausgerichtet, oder er richtet, insbesondere was den Namen des Herrn trägt jedoch vom Geiste Babylons animiert ist!
Dies betrifft nicht nur Wirtschaft und Politik, nein dies beginnt in der Gemeinde Gottes! Darum möchte ich Euch ganz neu herausfordern, bitte hört auf in den Gemeinden, Hauskreisen oder auch in Eurer Eigenen Beziehung mit dem Herrn zu spielen, sondern gebt Ihm Raum um zu wirken. Es gibt so viele religöse von alt bis zu supermoderne Programme welche jedoch lehr und fruchtlos sind wenn wir sie ehrlich betrachten im lichte des Heiligen Geists! Ein gutes Beispiel ist die Willowcreek Gemeinde in Chicago, welche nach vielen Jahren zugibt, dass ihre Lehren und Programme nichts gebracht haben und dies nur um eines von vielen zu nenen! Möge diese Welle der Busse auch durch unsere Gemeinden gehen, welche von diesem Wein getrunken und sich verirrt haben...! Gott kann diese Programme nicht gebrauchen, sondern sie sind blockaden welche Sein wirken verhindern und das Feuer Gottes wird sie nicht erfüllen sondern richten! Er sagt, sei heiss oder kalt und heiss können wir nur sein, wenn wir Ihm erlauben uns mit dem Feuer Seines Geistes neu zu erfüllen!
In den letzten Monaten seid wir zuürck in der Schweiz sind konstatieren wir, wie der Leib Christi vielerorts schwach, 'engstirnig', und religiös ist! Dies sind nicht Früchte des Heiligen Geistes, sondern wenn ich schwach nenne, sah ich nicht geistliche Demut und ein sich ausstrecken zu dem Herrn, sondern eine Schwachheit, weil wir uns nicht in die Anbetung begeben, und uns nach der Gegenwart Gottes ausstrecken, engstirnigkeit, welche alles neue während 5 Jahren beurteilen will, weil man nicht den Mut hat schritte zu tun wenn wir ein oder zweimal die Stimmer des Herrn hören, und dies wie wir alle wissen, ein sicheres verlieren jedes Krieges garantiert und eine religiosität, weil man denkt die bewährten Strategien von 1942 funktionieren immer noch und ein angenehmer Jammergesang von 1772 ist dem Herrn ein Wohlgeruch...! Nein dem ist nicht so...!
Wir müssen ganz neu zum Herrn kommen um uns nach Ihm und Seinen Wirken ausstrecken, das wir in einem Mass brauchen wie wir es noch nie gesehen haben...vielleicht wie es in den Tagen Mose und Jesus demonstriert wurde, denn wir stehen genauso wie Mose, genauso wie Noah, genauso wie Jeremiah und genauso wie Jesus in der End Zeit, der Zeit der 'letzten Stunde', und die Zeit so wie wir sie gekannt haben ist nicht mehr und nur mit einer neuen Deomonstration der Kraft Gottes, Seiner Herrlichkeit und dem Feuer Gottes, welches unser Leben total auf den Kopf stellt, können wir zuversichtlich in die Zukunft blicken. Dieses ausgiessen des Heiligen Geistes dürfen wir nicht verpassen, sondern wir müssen alles drangeben, und unsere Leben mit allen Plänen ganz neu ihm hingeben, dass er uns erfüllen und verändern kann, damit er uns ausrüsten kann für die letzte grosse Ernte, welche begonnen hat!
Möge der Herr Euch neu Segnen und Seinen Geist, Seine Kraft, Sein Feuer und Seine Herrlichkeit über Euch ausgiessen und möge der Herr neue Engel aussenden, Feuer Engel und mit Euch gemeinsam dem Herrn zu dienen und Ihm nachzufolgen!
Ueli und Charlotte
 Words and Prayers for Switzerland
February 6, 2008
The Famous Matterhorn of Switzerland!
The Lord came this morning into our prayers in a new dimension, He gave us many Visions and Words for us and at the end of our prayers we ask the Lord how to pray for Switzerland,
He said:
Pray for their Hunger of the Word”, Their Daily Bread, I will feed their hunger” NO FAMINE, MANNA FROM HEAVEN FOR THEM ALL WHO HUNGER FOR THE WORD”
But, there will be Famine of the Word, for those who do not hunger for God's Word! Let us be the first to Hunger for your Word Lord, Ueli and Charle' hunger for your Word, for Your righteousness, Your holiness, and for the deep things of God...And Lord we ask you to create this hunger and thirst for You in Switzerland today more than ever, so You can answer with the best food and drink available in Your Kingdom... And Lord we ask you to release a fresh measure of Revival Fire to be poured out over Switzerland, over the Mountains, over the Valleys, into the Seas and the Hearts of all the Men, Woman, and Children, Bam, Bam, Bam, Shikabumba!
Please Lord remove the religion that is choking the peoples hearts towards you... And may all the sick old traditions of man be broken and all curses of witchcraft, free-masonry and greed be broken, off their minds and hearts right now Lord as we pray and renew a right spirit within your people, that have been sifted and deceived by the enemy for centuries….
But, a good people Lord, they love You and bless You and are hard working people.
God, don't forget your children in Europe, so many who are lost and deceived...Have Mercy, Lord we ask You to pour out Your Spirit of Grace and Supplication and fill Cities and Churches, Highways and Byways with our Glory, Blood, Power and Grace to Redeem and Restore!
Bless our Family and Friends for their hunger Lord...
Ueli and Charlotte
"Switzerland's Anointing"
A glimpse into the bright future of this Great Nation!
"A message from the Red Horse"
*   2006  *
During the second part of April, I was still praying about the visions/words released in the summary/article "Switzerland", on April 24, a prophetic summary of words the Lord had given to several Prophets, including the thoughts He gave us for the nation of Switzerland. It was not an easy word to meditate on as it included warnings and rebukes.
As my wife and I where praying together in November for Revival for Switzerland, the Lord spoke to us and told us clearly, first the cleansing and then the Revival! The Lord had given Switzerland many challenges and has raised thousands of people around the world to pray for her, as we know God truly wants to do something awesome and powerful in Switzerland.
To give two examples: The call to be a refuge Nation in the midst of the growing giant of Europe, expressed in the following word: Geneva and Switzerland by Pierre-Daniel Martin, and the call to Apostolic prayer expressed in the following powerful word, given in Austria by John Mulinde,titled: "Combat in the heavenly realm". I have given you this information as an introduction to the following words, and the websites for these articles are listed below.
Part One
On April 24th, as we where sitting at the Table, it was just after Lunch, the Lord suddenly came and gave Charlotte, my precious wife, several wonderful visions which gave us new hope and faith for the Nation of Switzerland:
First Vision
I saw a black Bull, he was all red and bleeding, the ends of his Horns where broken, and his body had blood all over. Then I saw the back-end of a black hersh, a black Limousine. Through the window I could see the black Bull inside, all of a sudden
he just spread out like liquid and covered the back window, and then the liquid evaporated and the bull was totally destroyed. Then the limo drove away!
Second Vision
Immediately I saw a wonderful black Bull grazing in a pasture. He represented the Strength and the Authority of the Lord. Then I saw a solid white Bull, representing the Purity and the Glory of the Lord. Next, I saw them both together peacefully gracing in the pasture. Then the Lord told us to assign one hundred Horses (Angels) to Switzerland. They had been with us for a season, so we did and then we blew the Shofar!
Third Vision
Then I saw again the black and the white bull together in the pasture and the 100 Horses running in a circle around the two bulls, and they were running very fast.
Ueli, Comments:
I was simply amazed and glad with what the Lord was showing. It was very clear to me that the first bloody bull represented a demonic principality which was removed by the Lord from Switzerland at this moment. The white and black Bull represented 2 groups of strong, highranking Angels, placed by the Lord into Switzerland, to bring forth His Kingdom, Glory and Power. They also represent a new Apostolic Anointing and Authority released and placed by the Lord, to bring forth His work in His Body and in the Nation. Each Horse also represent a group of Angels, the Lord told us when they came to us that these are Seraphim Angels and there purpose will be to infiltrate the places of the enemy and bring forth new and fresh Worship to our precious Lord and Saviour. All together they will birth the Revival, bring all the changes needed, the breaking loose from the bondages with EU, the cleansing of the Swiss Banks, delivrance from the spirit of control, expressed in many ways, one of its most obvious expression is in the different kind of insurence companies/policies and there havy burden on the Swiss people, God hates the spirit of control and all its expression as much as He hates the money changers and taxcollectors in the Temple, He will crush them and there control and the time has now come. Then they will prepare, that the highplaces and there are many through the alps and the jura, will be rededicated unto the Lord, together with the Churches, the homes, the army, the "remaining" banks, the economy, televison and even goverment. Immediatly, I thougth at the scripture given in Micah 5:13
Arise and thresh, O daughter of Zion; For I will make your horn iron, And I will make your hooves bronze; You shall beat in pieces many peoples; I will consecrate their gain to the LORD, And their substance to the Lord of the whole earth.” Amen!
and then Hebrews 12: 11-15 and 28-29
Now no chastening seems to be joyful for the present, but painful; nevertheless, afterward it yields the peaceable fruit of righteousness to those who have been trained by it. Therefore strengthen the hands which hang down, and the feeble knees, and make straight paths for your feet, so that what is lame may not be dislocated, but rather be healed. Pursue peace with all people, and holiness, without which no one will see the Lord: looking carefully lest anyone fall short of the grace of God; lest any root of bitterness springing up cause trouble, and by this many become defiled;
Therefore, since we are receiving a kingdom which cannot be shaken, let us have grace, by which we may serve God acceptably with reverence and godly fear.
For our God is a consuming fire!
Part Two
The Lord spoke to us that
"He is coming in a way, like never before!"
In the morning of June 23, during our regular watch, the Lord released a fresh anointing on us and gave us the word in Psalms 92, 10-15 But my horn You have exalted like a wild ox; I have been anointed with fresh oil. My eye also has seen my desire on my enemies; My ears hear my desire on the wicked, Who rise up against me. The righteous shall flourish like a palm tree, He shall grow like a cedar in Lebanon. Those who are planted in the house of the LORD Shall flourish in the courts of our God. They shall still bear fruit in old age; They shall be fresh and flourishing, to declare that the LORD is upright; He is my rock, and there is no unrighteousness in Him.
The Lord gave Charlotte the vision of two flowers, I saw a flower shoot up very quickly, then the flower unfolding which was large and white, and then a second one that was beautiful like a rosy pink and peach tulip. That was all that I saw at that time!
During the evening the Lord visited us again and said to me, "He is coming in a way like never before!" When the spirit came on me, I immediately had the Revelation about what the two flowers He showed me in the morning meant.
"The Lord is blooming in Switzerland like never before." The Rain is coming propheticaly in the Spirit very soon, ( just like the Flooding came in the natural to Switzerland in the summer of 2005). All the treasures that He has planted in Switzerland are coming forth and they are blooming just as quickly as I saw
the two flowers grow and bloom. And it is the Lord that will bring it forth!
He is growing and blowing all through Switzerland. The Wind of Change is blowing. Its like the cool wind blowing on the hot desert sand, the landscape is changing very quickly and thats how quickly the changes are coming in Switzerland. It will be like when a stranger comes to a town. Everybody is talking, wants to know who this stranger is and what he is doing there. It wakes up the curiositiy of every body. Nobody will see Him but everybody will know that He is there.
Ueli, Comments:
As I was meditating on these Visions, the Lord said, that the two Bulls and the two flowers represent the same thing. This time the Lord specified and said, it represents two different Apostolic anointings and authority released and placed into Switzerland. Then He rememberd me, that He had already shown me the coming forth (the manifestation) of these two anointings. He has shown me these anointings as a firstfruit, in two seperate ministries in Africa.
The anointing of the white Bull and the white Flower:
I saw it in the ministry of Philemon Okoth. Philemon is an Apostle from Kenya. He ministers since about seven years regularly in Germany and Switzerland but he also oversees in Kenya about 250 Churches and an orphanage and the ministry is growing fast. Its one of the most humble man I've ever met and see minister. He lives together with his wife Pamela in a very simple house without electricity and far from the big City. He is a man of prayer and fasting, but when he prayes, the demons are fleeing and breaking speed records and many miracles of healing and deliverance are the result of it. He raised about a hundred people from the dead. The anointing he carries is like a white fire, and when He ministers its truly like "a wild ox getting on fire", crushing down the powers of darkness and setting people free from what ever kind of oppression they have, no evil can withstand.
An awesome man of God, may the Lord bless him today...!
The anointing of the black Bull and the Rosy pink, and peach Tulip:
I saw it in the ministry of T.B. Joshua, an Apostle but better known as Prophet T.B. Joshua. He founded and pastors a large Church in Lagos Nigeria. The Lord let me there to visit his Church in the sommer of 2004 and get refreshed. It was an awesome experience. I have never witnessed the expression of Mercy and Compassion combined with the expression of godly fury and anger against the devil in such a way. Its a place where the Lord is healing and delivering many people every week in two open services. People who have Cancer, Aids, and the paralized are healed regulary and led to the Lord. At the same time people with evil intent and there have been many, I could witness this with my own eyes, have been exposed with very sharp accuracy through the gift of discernment, revelation and the authority on T.B. Joshua. But once exposed they where not rejected like they would be in many other places, but delivered and then lead to the Lord, in a such amazing way, that many people believe that this is not from the Lord, but it truly is! The anointing is like a red fire. This visit has radicaly changed my life and given me a new vision and faith of what God can and will do in this coming years, through His faceless and nameless servants. May the Lord bless him today in a fresh way...!
I have also seen it manifested through the ministry of Victor Lorenzo and Rony Chavez, two precious, and awesome Apostles and men of God who came to Switzerland and of course in the testimony and ministry of David Hogan...!
Part Three
The Tabernacle of David, the Harvest and the Return of the Hebrew People into their Promised Land.
As I was meditating on this word, I distinctly heard: "The Boat will never be full again...!" God is rebuilding His Tabernacle, His true bride and will rebuild the broken walls and gates, the enemy has torn down, and because of this, never again, the Boat will be ready for God's people and those who need Refuge!
Amos 9:11-15
"In that day I will restore David's fallen tent. I will repair its broken places, restore its ruins, and build it as it used to be, so that they may possess the remnant of Edom and all the nations that bear my name," declares the LORD, who will do these things. "The days are coming," declares the LORD, "when the reaper will be overtaken by the plowman and the planter by the one treading grapes. New wine will drip from the mountains and flow from all the hills. I will bring back my exiled people Israel; they will rebuild the ruined cities and live in them. They will plant vineyards and drink their wine; they will make gardens and eat their fruit. I will plant Israel in their own land, never again to be uprooted from the land I have given them," says the LORD your God.
May Gods Kingdom, Power and Glory come like never before in Switzerland and to Him be all the Praise, Honor and Glory, and to Jesus the Messiah, His beloved and only Son be given the goverment in this precious Nation and may the breath of His Holy Spirit blow over the mountains and valleys of beloved Switzerland in a way like never before!
Blessing and Shalom,
Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem always!
Ueli & Charlotte Surbeck
June 29, 2006
Our 8th month Anniversary
References: You may find all the above mentioned articles at the following web sites:
1. "Switzerland" a prophetic summary-
2. "Geneva and Switzerland" - by Pierre-Daniel Martin -
3. "The Combat in the heavenly realm" by John Mulinde-
5. "David Hogan -
Ein prophetisches Wort für Genf
und die Schweiz
durch Pierre-Daniel Martin
Sonntag 14 März, 2004
Genf ist eine Stadt, welche sehr wichtig ist. Es ist eine der grossen Städte, welche riskiert am ende der Zeit zerstört zu werden, sicherlich ein Teil der Stadt. Der Herr hatte mir das schon vor einigen Jahren gezeigt. Genf ist eine Stadt, welche er richten wird wegen der Blutschuld und seiner Position gegen Israel. „Herr es ist für mich eine grosse Ehre in dieser Stadt zu sein“, und durch Euch sehe ich den Leib Christi in Genf. Genf hat alle möglichen Kompromisse geschlossen mit der UNO/UNESCO, dem Wahrzeichen für den „Geist der Globalisierung“ und der Kraft des Humanismus. Ich sah in einer Vision die Malzeichen des Humanismus. Darum ist der Herr daran, eine Bewegung von Moslems nach Genf zu bringen und diese Bewegung von Moslems ist hier und möchte diese Stadt einnehmen. Nun Genf, welche einerseits ein wunderbarer Segen sein kann für die Schweiz, kann auch zu einem sehr großen Fluch werden für die Schweiz. Ich sah im Geist tausende von Moslems, welche daran waren sich in Genf zu installieren, dabei waren alle bewaffnet. Ich weiß nicht ob es zur Zeit Moslems gibt in Genf, ich sehe dies im Geist. Ich sehe wie Moscheen gebaut werden, und ich sehe wie diese Stadt vom „Geist Persien's gehalten werden wird. Ich glaube, dass es dies eine der einzigen Städte der Schweiz ist, welche das ganze Land erschüttern wird, und auslösen wird, dass die Schweiz reagiert. Entweder wird Genf in den kommenden Jahren von der Schweiz abgetrennt oder die Christen erringen einen sehr großen Sieg, und Genf wird gereinigt werden. Für diese Stadt steht enorm viel auf dem Spiel. Der Herr zeigte mir, dass Er Genf berufen hat, um eine prophetische Stimme zu sein.
Genauso wie ich sehe, dass in Lausanne sehr viele Zeichen und Wunder geschehen werden, sie ist jedoch eine Stadt mit der Berufung zur Mission, und genauso ist Genf daran eine Stadt zu werden des geistlichen Kampfes, der prophetischen Fürbitte um eine Stimme zu sein für den Geist Elias, welche sich dem Geist der Isebel und des Ahab widersetzt.
In einiger Zeit, vielleicht nächstes Jahr oder in zwei Jahren wird die Stadt eine leichtes Erdbeben verspüren (es gab schon eines im Februar) und ich sehe wie die Erde beben wird. Es sind die Mächte. Ich sehe wie der Herr Menschen hersendet aus aller Welt. Es ist sehr wahrscheinlich schon der Fall seid einigen Jahren - Propheten welche kommen werden, damit die Christen in Genf sich erheben und das Schofar blasen, damit Er nicht nur seine Herrlichkeit ausgießt in den Gemeinden, seine Heiligkeit in die Herzen der Gläubigen ausgießt, sondern damit sich die Wolke der Arme des Herrn erhebt.
Wir haben keine Zeit mehr. Ab nächstem Jahr 2005 treten wir in eine neue Epoche für den Leib Christi, es ist die Zeit des Kampfes! Entweder beginnt ihr in diese Dimension einzutreten oder ihr bleibt auf dem Abstellgeleis. Das heißt es ist besser zu sagen, es bleibt uns keine Wahl, wir müssen uns aufmachen. Die wichtigste Sache für Euch in Genf ist, mit Diensten in Verbindung zu stehen, welche im Bereich des Geistlichen Kampfes tätig sind, wie Anna Mendez und Cindy Jakob. Diese Dienste sind notwendig für die Stadt Genf. Die Christen müssen verstehen, dass sie einen Wachturm bauen müssen um für die Stadt zu wachen und wachen dass der Herr nicht die Stadt einnimmt und zerstört. Ich sage dies harten Dinge nicht um Euch Angst einzuflössen, sondern um zu sagen, dass Genf die gefährlichste Stadt für die Schweiz ist.
Es war aus Genf, wo der Segen kam durch Calvin, doch heute verlangt Satan dass der Thron den er in Genf hat nun über die ganze Schweiz gesellt wird. Ich weiß nicht genau, entweder wird sich der Kanton Genf von der Schweiz trennen. (Diese Republik ist sehr klein) oder die Gefahr bleibt. Es hängt ab vom Kampf den die Christen der Schweiz führen werden, denn die Gemeinde Jesu in der Schweiz ist berufen, eine Festung des Schutzes zu werden für die ganze EU, welche in einiger Zeit versuchen wird, jede Erweckungs-bewegung in Europa zu ersticken. Die Geistlichen Dienste, die Gemeinden, die christlichen Schulen, alle werden ihren Sitz in der Schweiz haben um im Schutz zu sein von der großen anti-evangelischen Welle, welche in die EU kommt. Die Gemeinde wird weiterhin bestehen. Sie ist eine Kraft. Doch sie muss sehr stark auf die jungen im Glauben acht geben, welche sie in der Schweiz schulen wird. Dazu hat der Herr die Schweiz abseits gehalten. Doch Genf bringt die Schweiz in Gefahr. Darum müssen die Christen von Genf in diese prophetische Zeit eintreten um im Kampf zu sein bevor der Kampf verloren ist. Das heißt, die Stadt ist schon sehr stark vom Feind unterwandert, wenn ihr meine Meinung wissen wollt, diese Stadt ist vom Feind schon stark in Besitz genommen. Die offizielle Gemeinden sind verbraucht. In Genf sitzen schon alle diese Mächte der Globalisierung wie in Brüssel, in Straßburg und noch anderweitig. In jedem Land gibt es eine Stadt, die in gewissem Sinne eine Gefahr darstellt. In den USA ist dies New York, in Frankreich ist es ganz offensichtlich Straßburg. In Deutschland ist es Berlin, der Sitz des Thrones von Pergamon. Der Thron Satans war in Pergamon, sagt die Offenbarung. Im 18 Jahrhundert hatte ein Archäologe den Thron von Pergamon nach Berlin gebracht. Dies ist geistlich; Es ist der Fürst der Finsternis, welcher in Berlin regieren möchte und es war zu dieser Zeit dass die Bewegung der Mährischen Brüder zurückgegangen ist. Das ist die Geschichte des des Thrones Satans in Berlin. Was war passiert? Anschließend wuchs die Bewegung der Nazis, und wir wissen wie es herauskam. Dinge welche im Leben banal erscheinen, können in der geistlichen Welt enorme Bedeutung haben und wir Christen sollten verstehen, diese Zeichen zu interpretieren, welche ein Segen und Schutz sind für unser Land sowie die Zukunft. Ich sage dass in den nächsten Jahren ein Abkommen kommen wird, ein Abkommen der reinen Blutschuld, das ein reiner Fluch sein wird. In den nächsten Jahren werden die Fürsten unserer Länder, die Regierungen der Welt nach Genf kommen und der Feind möchte diese und mit Hilfe und Unterstützung der EU, Israel den Krieg deklarieren.
Darum, werden die Christen in Genf, die Mächte welche auf dieser Stadt sind nicht ohne Hilfe überwinden. Sie sind zu stark. Aber ihr müsst wissen, dass aus der ganzen Welt tausende von Christen für die Stadt Genf beten.
Der Heilige Geist zeigte mir, dass eine Zeit kommt dass die Gemeinde Jesus in Genf sehr grosse Wichtigkeit haben wird und dazu muss sie freigesetzt werden vom Geist der im Namen der UNO und UNESCO den Krieg erklären möchte. * Das wäre ein riesiger Fluch! Diese feindliche Macht wollte schon während dem zweiten Weltkrieg nach Genf kommen und sich dort installieren, konnte jedoch nicht. Darum hatte sie sich am Rande des Genfersee's niedergelassen in der Stadt Evian. Ich habe im Geist gesehen, wie sich die Antisemitische Macht, welche auf Evian war, sich in Genf niedergelassen hat. Darum gibt es einen enormen Kampf. Ich sage Euch diese nicht, um Euch zu erdrücken. Habt keine Angst. Wenn der Herr erlaubt, dass Euch dies Propheten sagen, bedeutet, dass der Herr Propheten erwecken möchte um nach Genf zu kommen und Eure Gemeinde wird eine Gemeinde werden des prophetischen Gebets. Es ist der Dienst Elias den der Herr wieder neu hervorbringen möchte in der Gemeinde. Darum möchte der Herr eine Bewegung hervorrufen, und zwar nicht nur prophetisch, sondern auch apostolisch, Halleluja. Die umliegenden Städte werden da sein um Euch zu unterstützen. Nichts ist verloren, jedoch der Kampf ist in gang und est ist sehr, sehr, sehr ernst.
Seid 2 Jahren habe ich mich beeilt um nach Genf zu kommen. Ich weiß im Geist, dass dies in den Gemeinden von Genf zirkulieren wird (Buschtelefon). Und ich weiß von diesem Moment an durch das Mittel der Kassetten oder irgend welche andere Mittel, wird etwas in Gang gesetzt. Ich weiß dass es eine Öffnung gibt im Himmel für Euch meine Brüdern und Schwestern, weil der Herr diese Stadt segnen möchte und es wird eine sehr kraftvolle Erweckung geben in dieser Stadt.
Aber ich muss auch sagen, dass ich im Geist die Zerstörung von mindestens einem Drittel der Stadt gesehen habe, aber man muss etwas wichtiges verstehen. Es ist nicht weil ich das in einer Vision gesehen habe, dass dies auch eintrifft. Der Herr kann seine Pläne ändern, wenn die Stadt Busse tut. Amen. Vergesst dies bitte nie, dass die Wehen welche er z.B. durch en Propheten Jeremia angesagt hatte, hätte abgewendet werden können, wenn Israel Busse getan hätte. Die Wehen, welche der Herr durch den Mund von Jonas ankündigte, haben sich nicht erfüllt zur Zeit Jonas, sondern erst 40 Jahre später, weil die Menschen von Ninive Busse taten und umkehrten. Wir sehen die Gerichte Gottes für Ninive im Buch des Propheten Nahum.
Genf hat eine ganz besondere Berufung für die Endzeit. Die Gemeinde wird sich erheben in der Herrlichkeit Gottes um genauso wie Frankreich, die Söhne Isaaks und die Söhne Ismaels zu versöhnen. In der Endzeit wird Genf eine Bewegung der Herrlichkeit Gottes erleben, wo viele Juden und Araber zusammenfinden werden um gemeinsam den Herrn anzubeten, in der Zeit, wo die Macht des Islam zerbrochen sein wird und Jesus anbeten wird. In dieser Zeit wird es ein neues Genf geben, der Zeit der großen Erweckung für die Nationen kommt, kurz vor der Wiederkunft Jesus, sich wird sich als verwandelte Stadt erheben, eine Stadt welche da ist für die Gemeinschaft, die Anbetung in das manifestieren der Herrlichkeit Gottes für die Endzeit, Halleluja! Vielen Dank Herr, gelobt sei Dein Name.
Ich habe den Eindruck, als sehe ich etwas besonderes, eine große Statue mit drei Persönlichkeiten der Stadt Genf. I sah dies in einer Vision und dass der Herr durch ein Erdbeben Risse in diese Personen versetzt als ein Zeichen des Gerichts über der Gemeinde, welche eingeschlafen ist und zur gleichen Zeit, möchte der Herr diese Statuen umhauen um zu zeigen (bildlich darzustellen), dass eine neue Epoche beginnt. (Wenn Ihr nicht wisst, welches diese Statue ist, dann wird er es Euch zeigen, manchmal verstehe ich nicht was der Herr mir zeigt). Der Herr zerbricht die Vergangenheit, um etwas neues auszubauen, Halleluja. Gemeinde Jesu in Genf, Ihr seid berufen eine prophetische Gemeinde zu werden, Halleluja. Ich habe eine großen Springbrunnen gesehen, ja ich habe gesehen wo est ist.
Der jetzige Springbrunnen wird gestoppt werden und es wird daran gearbeitet werden und man wird daraus einen Brunnen machen und dieser Springbrunnen wird ein wunderbarer Springbrunnen werden. Man wird verändern, der neue Springbrunnen wird viel schöner sein. Wenn wir den neuen Springbrunnen sehen werden, wird das bedeuten, dass eine neue Quelle in Genf fließen wird für die Erweckung der Endzeit, Halleluja, vielen Dank Jesus.
Ich sehe ebenfalls im Geist, dass die Stadt Genf einen UNO Palast, ich sehe nicht genau ob es der UNESCO Palast ist. Er wird umziehen. Ein anderer wird gebaut werden, noch schöner; doch das ist nicht gut. Das heißt, dass die Macht des Feindes noch größer sein wird. Aber der Herr bereitet etwas vor. Ich sehe dass der Herr im Begriff ist, neue Gemeinden in dieser Stadt zu etablieren, junge anbetende Gemeinden, Halleluja. Viele Gemeinden in Genf werden apostolische Unterstützung haben von Gemeinden oder Verbänden aus Nord- oder Südamerika, ich weiß es nicht genau. Doch ich sehe, dass jede Gemeinde in Genf eine internationale Tragweite haben wird, welche notwendig ist genauso für Euch wie auch für sie, d.h. die Gemeinden welche erweckt sind. Diese sind notwendig um die notwendige logistische Unterstützung zu haben von kraftvollen apostolischen Diensten der ganzen Welt, Halleluja. Darum müsst Ihr beten damit Ihr Übersetzer haben werdet, dem Herrn sei alle Ehre, vielen Dank Jesus, Dein Name soll verherrlicht sein,Jesus, gelobt sei dein Name, gesegnet sei der Name Jesu, Du bist der Herr der Herrlichkeit, der Herr der Herren, Du bist der Lebensfürst, ich danke Dir für den Sieg in Deinem Namen, Halleluja, Amen.
Es wird eine Bewegung von Christen geben in Genf, ich sehe dies im Geist, das wird beginnen mit hohen Diplomaten, welche in Genf und sich treffen werden um gemeinsam mit ihren Frauen zu beten. Es wird eine Bewegung des Heiligen Geistes geben in den hohen Schichten der internationale Administration in der Stadt, dem Herrn sei alle Ehre. Man muss dafür beten, gesegnet sei Dein Name, Jesus. Es ist wirklich sehr interessant, ich war sicher, Amen, Gelobt seist Du Jesus.
Achtung, die Stadt Genf wird ein enormes Gewitter erleben. Ich weiss weder wann noch wie, ob es diesen Frühling oder Herbst ist ein enormer Regen wird fallen, so wie wenn das Wasser die Stadt reinigen sollte und das Erdbeben ankündigen soll. Die Stadt wird wie geschüttelt sein, denn es wird wie eine Konfrontation geben in der der Stadt zwischen dem Reich der Finsternis und dem Reich Gottes, Halleluja. Ich sehe Kirchtürme in Genf, und diese Kirchtürme werden vom Blitz getroffen werden auf eine sehr starke Art und Weise. Es wird Hagel geben, Dächer werden beschädigt sein, Bäume werden abgenutzt sein, die Blätter zerhackt. Es gibt in Genf einen Palast (scheinbar das Hotel International) wo die Völker der Emiraten, die Regierungen, und die arabischen Fürsten ich treffen. Ich sehe dies jetzt, dabei legen sie die Preise des Öl’s fest. Der Herr zeigt mir, dass die Zeit wo sie mit dem Öl regieren beschränkt ist, Amen.
Ich sehe wie der Herr in der Stadt Genf afrikanische Gemeinden hervorruft, sehr interessant, diese afrikanischen Gemeinden werden die Fahne der Fürbitte und des Befreiungsdienstes tragen. Sie werden sehr viele Kämpfe führen und einige davon werden mit afrikanischen Ministern und Ländern verbunden sein und diejenigen werden sich ebenso bekehren. Diese Gemeinden werden eine strategische Position haben um mit ihrer Logistik die Mission unter den Moslems zu unterstützen.
Der Herr wird schon bald die gesamte Regierung der Stadt auswechseln. Die Gemeinde muss in dieser Zeit eine Gebetskette aufbauen um für die neuen Regierungsmitglieder zu beten, welche der Herr etablieren möchte, und dies ist sehr wichtig, Amen.
Achtung, das Jahresende 2004 wird sehr schwierig sein für Europa. Ich sehe wie Bewegungen der Angst sich verbreiten, wie wenn Dämonen der Angst Europa heimsuchen wollen. Ich weiß nicht was passieren wird, aber dies wird sehr, sehr stark sein.
Nächsten's wird es eine Zusammenkunft geben von hohen Politikern, welche Entscheidungen treffen wollen bezüglich der Palästinenser. Sie werden nicht die guten Entscheidungen fällen, ein mal mehr.
Ich sehe die Stadt wie in einer Schlammmasse, eine Art, die Stadt wie von nasser Erde durchzogen, und ich sehe wie die Menschen der Stadt wie im Schlamm gehen, komisch.
*Achtung, wenn ich von Israel spreche, vergesst nie die Liebe Jesus für die Söhne Ismaels. Die französische Welt hat eine besondere Berufung für die Liebe der Söhne Ismaels. Gott liebt Ismael und es ist der Dienst der französischen Gemeinde, die Söhne Isaaks mit den Söhnen Ismaels in Yeshua zu versöhnen, Halleluja.
Der Herr wird große Dinge tun, für die Bekehrung der Moslems. Die Gemeinde muss Liebe erzeigen für die Moslems und sie wiederherstellen im Leib Christi. Genauso die Schweiz mit der Stadt Lausanne und Genf, hat eine strategische Plattform um Missionare auszusenden in die arabische Welt.
The Martyrdom of
the Theban Legion
Copyright 2001 by Thomas A. Bloomer
This past year I have been made aware, from several sources, of an event that may have been a crucial turning point in the spiritual history of Switzerland.
One of my ongoing research questions has been, what is the source of God's blessing on this nation?  Why is it that in century after century after century, missionaries have brought revival and at times reformation to this little country?
A recent opportunity to speak to a Swiss minister's group obliged me to do more reading on the martyrdom of the Theban Legion.  Although some modern historians disparage this story as a "legend", the events are well attested both in Europe and in Egypt, and there is no compelling reason to doubt that the martyrdom happened as related here.
About 290 A.D. one of the worst Roman emperors, Diocletian, appointed a Cesar named Maximian.  Diocletian was trying to keep the Empire together by sharing power with the new strong man, who was in Diocletian's words, "a barbarian" .
The Roman Empire was starting to fall apart at this time, and policy was to recruit legions from one part of the Empire and then send them to put down rebellions in distant parts.  The theory was that if they had no shared language and culture with the rebels, they wouldn't be tempted to side with them.
The Theban legion was recruited in Upper Egypt in the region of the city of Thebes, now Luxor. They were all Coptic Christians, members of one of the oldest continuous expressions of the Body of Christ on earth. Maximian Cesar was facing a rebellion by the Gauls north of the Alps, across the St. Bernard pass, so he sent the Thebans to put it down.
When Maurice, the commander of the Theban legion, heard that the rebels were also Christians and that their crime against Rome was refusing to worship the Emperor as a god, he led his men in a flat refusal to attack them.  Maximian ordered the Thebans to worship him, as he shared divinity status as a sort of co-Emperor, and then to obey his command to attack the Christians.
When Maurice again refused, Maximian ordered the "decimation" of the Thebans, which meant that one man out of every ten was put to death.  When this horrific intimidation didn't work, he ordered a second decimation.  When that had no effect, he commanded the execution of the rest of the 7,000 members of the Theban legion, his own soldiers, for refusing to worship him and to put to death their fellow Christians.
Groups of the Thebans had already been sent to several locations in Switzerland, but despite their being separated they remained united in their stand against this idolatry.
Many women traveled with the legion, and some survived.  One of the nurses, Verena, decided that she had been spared so that God could use her to stay on in Switzerland as a missionary.  She dedicated her life to ministering to the poor, specifically in teaching them the principles of hygiene.
A few decades later, Eucherius, Bishop of Lyon, wrote down the speech of Maurice as it had been handed down by church tradition.  It is a model of clarity of thinking and expression on the difference between submission and obedience, a subject often misunderstood today.
Here is a part of Maurice's declaration:
"Emperor, we are your soldiers, but we are above all servants of God.  We owe you military obedience, but we owe Him innocence.  We receive from you the wages of our labor, from Him we have received life.  We cannot deny God our Creator and Lord, and your Creator also, whether you wish it or not.
If we are not forced to offend Him by such crimes, we will yet obey you as we have always done; otherwise we will obey Him rather than you.  We offer you, to employ them against any enemy, our hands which we will not cover with innocent blood.  These hands know how to battle against enemies and unbelievers, but they will not strike pious men and fellow citizens.  For we have taken up arms for our fellow citizens, and not against them.
We have always fought for justice, respect, and the lives of the innocent; that was our recompense for the dangers we faced.  We have fought in faithfulness; but how can we preserve this faithfulness toward you, if we refuse it toward our God?  We have first of all sworn an oath to God, and secondly to the Emperor.  Know that our second oath is meaningless, if we violate the first.  You order us to put Christians to death.  Search no further, here we are!  We confess our faith: "We believe in God, Father and Creator of all things; we believe in His Son Jesus Christ, our God."
We have seen our comrades in arms slain by iron.  Their blood has run over us.  But we do not mourn our holy companions, we do not pity them.  Rather we praise them, and we are full of joy, because they were found worthy to suffer for the Lord.  Now the supreme need to live will not push us into rebellion against God.  The despair which gives us such strength in the face of danger will not force us to take up arms against you, Emperor.  Here we stand with our weapons, but we do not resist you.  For we would choose to live rather than to kill, to perish innocent rather than to live guilty.  If you make new decrees against us, if you give us new orders, if you bring new threats, fires, tortures, or swords, we are ready to bear all.
Christians we declare ourselves to be; we cannot persecute other Christians."
The memory of this martyrdom has been preserved down through the centuries, both in the Catholic Church in Switzerland and in the Coptic Church in Egypt.  The site of it is known, and a small chapel was built there which still stands down beyond the other end of the lake from us.  It is outside Agaune, presently St. Maurice, at a place now called Verolliez, where the mountains come down to a narrow defile.  The Celts and then the Romans fortified this spot, to control the traffic going through.  The Theban legion was encamped there.
Starting in the 4th century a bigger church was built in the town of Agaune over the bones of the martyrs, and in 515 King Sigismod of the Burgondes called monks from several monasteries together and charged them with maintaining the "Laus perennis", or perpetual praise to the Lord from that place.  Every day since then, for 1490 years despite fires, floods, and invasions,  praise has gone up to God from that Abbey.  It is the oldest place of continuous worship in the West.
Tertullian said that "the blood of the martyrs is the seed of the Church".  In Revelation 6.9-11 we get a glimpse of the importance in Heaven of the deaths of the martyrs.
My theory is that one of the principal sources of God's blessing on Switzerland is the willing martyrdom of these 7,000 Egyptian Christians.
Blessed be their memory, and blessed be the Name of the Lord. The End
by Anne Griffith
FEB 2004
A few years ago I was given a vision of Europe. All the nations at the right time in the Lord received a rainbow over them, which indicated that the Lord was ready to move over the nation. Switzerland was the only nation where instead of a rainbow; I could see nothing except what looked like a white lid. I was not allowed to see what was going on under the white lid.
In prayer today I saw the Lord with what looked like an enormous battering ram at the gate of a walled city. The walls had turrets and towers made of mountains and city gates. The heavy gate was made of wood and had a huge knocker on the front. I understood in the Spirit that this represented Switzerland. The Lord was shouting out to the nation for them to open to Him and give Him what belonged to Him. He used the term " Helvetia" instead of the modern word. For a moment I saw a glimpse of a scene from the film " Lord of the Rings " where the race of kings seems to have died out in a city and there are stewards in place. Nobody believes the race of kings will ever return. I felt that this was the case here. The King was knocking at the door but the people had become so used to having stewards in place that they were none too sure of this demand. They had forgotten that the treasures did not really belong to them. I was not too sure either what the Lord meant when He asked for what belonged to Him but behind the walls had a picture of a huge dam of water which was meant for the nations but which was held inside.
Then the Lord started to show me that the nation was indeed a place of refuge, just like the cities of refuge appointed in Numbers 35 v11. This is a part of the nation’s destiny in God. There is with this, as with all callings, a down side. The nation has been a refuge in a godly sense but has also been used to give refuge to things ungodly. I had the word "hoard" - that this is the counterfeit of the gifting and calling when people forget the giver of the gift and pervert the calling of refuge to hoard what comes in instead of giving it away. I was given the reminder that even godly manna goes mouldy when it is not eaten or is left until the next day and that this is a danger here. You could find yourself looking after mouldy manna. This nation had a struggle to establish her borders in the first place and guards them jealously. Again this can be a good or a bad thing. Godly limits are fine but when we keep things in which should be released it goes against us. I had a brief picture of the Red Cross which I felt the Lord was saying was a good example of the nation’s destiny - mercy, refuge and compassion for others who have had their borders breached.
The Lord sometimes gives me little puns and plays with words. The next thing I heard in the Spirit was a question - " What do the Swiss do? " I did not have to answer though because the answer came so quickly – " The Swiss guard "And immediately I saw the Swiss Guard in action. The Lord loves them. They guard the King, His treasures, His interests. They are loyal and faithful unto death. And I felt the Lord say that this is a part of their calling too. But not to guard in any earthly sense things which do not need guarding any more. It is a new day.
He then went on. The Lord said that the Swiss were the "watchmen of Europe". Not for nothing do they make the best watches. I believe this nation will produce some of the best spiritual watchmen in Europe. I had a picture though of watches stopping all over the nation. Puzzled Swiss people shook their formerly trusty watches and wondered what had gone wrong. The Lord told me that he was breaking into their time with His time. No longer earthly time but kairos time in the Lord.
I then saw Geneva. The water is to do with reform and this city has blessed many in its past history. I saw salmon coming from all over Europe swimming up to Switzerland to lay their eggs. They need to have access to the pure water sources where the salmon can be born. If the salmon do not get to the sources where they were born, they will die out. Switzerland has to open the sources to the nations.
I had a reminder too of the nation’s love of cleanliness. It is a sign of something spiritual, a desire to be a holy people for the Lord. Taken too far though water can be so disinfected that it becomes sterile and in spiritual terms this will lead to empty, clinical, sterile religion instead of the living waters of the Spirit teeming with life.
It was only then that I realised what the white lid is. It is not a lid at all. It is a seal. One which has to be opened at the right time. It is like the whiteness of virginity and the King wants access to this. . He is there right now, wanting what is His. He wants to make the nation pregnant with His plans and purposes.
There was activity behind the wall of the city. Much is happening spiritually but it is nothing to what the Lord is wanting to do. No doubt when the gate opens, much will come out that is impure but the Lord is wanting to refresh and flood with His Spirit. He wants her to flood her borders with the freshness of the Spirit.
So what is the Lord saying to Switzerland? Old manna too much guarded becomes mouldy. Virgins who do not give in to the King become sterile old ladies. You have had much but now is a new day and the Lord wants you to overflow your banks and borders to bless all of Europe. The water is starting to flow but it is nothing to the dam which needs to go. Don’t be content with where you are at now.
Finally two words the Lord reminded me of; " Test Me in this, " says the Lord Almighty, " and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing, that you will not have room enough for it ". Malachi 3 v10
"You are garden locked up, My sister, My bride,
you are a spring enclosed, a sealed fountain. "
Song of Songs 4 v12
Be blessed Switzerland.
MARCH 2004
During a time of prayer and repentance for the nation, the Lord gave me an indication of what He has in store for the Swiss. He wants the nation to open to Him, to be a blessing to the nations and to enter into a new time of reform. The floodgates have to be opened and at this time it is important to pray that the hidden sins which are so offensive to the Lord are dealt with or the ensuing flood risks being very destructive.
I felt for the first time that the nations had abused Switzerland. We have known some of the things which have gone on behind closed doors, the cover ups and the false refuge given to affairs the Lord cannot approve of. Yet we have given a tacit assent to these things and done nothing to intercede. It reminds me of the way we send our nuclear waste to other nations, hoping nobody will notice and they have to live with the pollution and danger to health. We know it is wrong yet we turn a blind eye. We put our rubbish in other peoples’ dustbins and pretend we know nothing about it.
I saw in my spirit that sculpture of the dying lion in Lucerne which is so famous. Yet it cries out to nations that they too have had a hand in the double dealings in this nation. The Swiss Guard perished defending a foreign king. We cannot stand back and let them alone bear the brunt of the consequences of what came to their soil because of man’s politics and compromises. We have to be burden bearers for them to carry our part of that sin. We all need to own up to this one.
The Lord wants this nation to be like a river, teeming with life for Him. All Europe will benefit but the river needs cleansing. Are we willing to cry out for them? Are we willing to remove the stones and obstacles which block the river and admit we had a hand in putting them there?
This small nation has a mission and destiny to fulfil. They are to be ambassadors of the Lord, His watchmen and warriors. One short look in the natural at this nation shows their mercy heart and their desire to help those in distress and the best part, the truth of their destiny is yet to be fully realised in the heavenly places. They will indeed bind up the broken hearted for the Lord and take vengeance on the Lord’s enemies. They will provide for those who grieve in Zion and bring gladness. They are wealthy for a reason - to bless others. There is such an anointing of the Lord on them to do this. The nations need to pray this upon Switzerland instead of being jealous of their wealth - at least in my nation we are guilty of this.
A persistent picture which has come to me is of a bull, a principality in the Alps. Not just for Switzerland but other Alpine regions too. The Helvetae were a fierce tribe noted for their strength and independence. They thought nothing of trying to take on the might of Rome itself. They were not to be easily intimidated. Yet what the Lord showed me was a bull being led around by a ring in its nose. I since found out that this is the symbol for the canton of Uri, one of the first three cantons of the nation. So what happened to change the fierce tribes into a tame animal used for ploughing? The destiny of the Swiss is not to be docile but enforcers of the Lord’s kingdom. I felt the Lord showed me the labours of Hercules, the strong man who had to tame a fierce bull as one of his tasks. Hercules has had a cult in the Alps. Then the Lord reminded me of the wild ox, "rimu "in Hebrew. Job 39 v9-12 speaks of this animal as being one it is impossible to subdue, impossible to tame. I felt the Lord saying that the destiny of the Swiss is to be conquered by the Lord only, their fierceness and strength in war to be subject to him. Yet the enemy has come in and turned this into a servitude and a passivity. The ox has been muzzled and lost its freedom. In order to bring freedom, the nation needs to know freedom. Work is good and honoured of the Lord but it is not a god. The Helvetae were Celts, like so many of the tribes around at that time. They worshiped trees and had sacred glades and rocks. They worshiped the stars. It is interesting that in the heavenlies, Hercules, the strong man himself bows down to a crown - the Queen of Heaven I believe. I stress here that I am, not speaking of astrology which is most obviously forbidden by the Lord. The Lord intended that the heavens would be for signs and markers, like a giant clock speaking to all of creation of the Creator and His plan for the redemption of mankind through Jesus.
May the Lord restore what has been lost so that this nation might bow the knee to Him and use their freedom to set the captives free.
March10. 2005
.....I also believe that the enemy has huge plans to use Switzerland for his ends. The battle is on. She will either be a refuge for all or a refuge for the enemy's projects. I see your nation so clearly at the momnet. she is significant in the Lord's plans. the enemy is going to try very hard to win her for his purposes but if he does not I have a sense that he already has another nation in mind. I hope Christians are aware of this.

 A Song for Switzerland
by Dawn Brozovsky
March 13. 2005

As I was praying for Switzerland after reading Anne Griffith's words, the Lord also gave me a word for Switzerland. First, He had me sing a song for Switzerland. The words of the song are:

"My country, Switzerland,
My people, fierce and brave,
I set you high on the mountains that you might see
My purposes for you and for the earth.
Come up out of the valley and look to Me.
Let Me show you your destiny."

He showed me that Switzerland is fogged-in. She lives in the valley,
her sight restricted by the ground-covering clouds. These are clouds of acquisition and complacency, of dead religion and superstition. There is also a dense cloud of greed, not just monetary greed, but other types also.

I'am seeing the arm of Switzerland reaching through the clouds which are blinding her and opening the door to God. As she opens to God, the clouds dissipate and the call of the mountain heights is heard again. This is God calling to come out of the valley to the mountains. Come to Him in the heights. In the heights, I'm seeing God stirring the hearts, giving them vision and desire that was lost. I'am seeing God stirring the hearts, the warrior. I'm seeing the people kneel to Him as their King.

Again the song:
"My country, Switzerland,
My people, fierce and brave,
I set you high on the mountains that you might see
My purposes for you and for the earth.
Come up out of the valley and look to Me.
Let Me show you your destiny."