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Wie schon im ersten und zweiten Teil, möchten wir auch hier einige der prophetischen Worte für die Schweiz, die uns bekannt sind, weitergeben. Mögen sie Euch zu Gebet und Handlung inspirieren und Euch motivieren, das Herzen Gottes für unser Land zu suchen und zu verstehen.

Seid reich gesegnet!

- A Word for Switzerland August 7, 2012
by Ueli Surbeck
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by Ueli Surbeck
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by Bishop Philemon Okoth
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par Erica Burgunder

A Word for Switzerland
by Ueli Surbeck
Aug 7, 2012

A word to our fellow Brothers and Sisters in the Lord here in Switzerland as well as for all those from the Nations who are called to pray for us! And believe me we need many to stand with us in prayer to enable us to enter into the Destiny the Lord has for us!

Our National day August 1 was fast approaching and I felt in my spirit, that the Lord was beginning to quicken several thoughts which I want to share in this letter with the true believers in our Nation. National day is something important for a Nation and which Israel of Old had as well. In the days of Joshua it happened in the following way.

Then the Angel of the Lord came up from Gilgal to Bochim, and said: “I led you up from Egypt and brought you to the land of which I swore to your fathers; and I said, ‘I will never break My covenant with you. And you shall make no covenant with the inhabitants of this land; you shall tear down their altars.’ But you have not obeyed My voice. Why have you done this? Therefore I also said, ‘I will not drive them out before you; but they shall be thorns in your side, and their gods shall be a snare to you.’” So it was, when the Angel of the Lord spoke these words to all the children of Israel that the people lifted up their voices and wept.
Then they called the name of that place Bochim;and they sacrificed there to the Lord. And when Joshua had dismissed the people, the children of Israel went each to his own inheritance to possess the land. Judges 2:1-6

This is a very powerful scripture. Can you imagine today, a Church has a retreat and releases the following report: “As we worshipped all of a sudden the Angel of the Lord appeared to us and spoke to us…..” Most Believers today would call them heretics… which simply shows, we have not yet reached the level of anointing of the Old Testament Church, many who call themselves believers and even many ministers are still gravelling somewhere below in deep darkness!

The reality was, that Israel gathered at a place they most probably began to gather once a year and it was like normal that the Angel of the Lord would appear and speak to them. And the way this is written you can understand, that it was in a way that everybody saw this Angel and knew immediately, this is not a human, but an Angel sent by God Almighty who speaks to us something very, very important!

Who is the Angel of the Lord? No one else but Yeshua HaMashiah! So Israel came together and as they worshipped all of a sudden an Angel, Yeshua Himself appeared to them and everybody would know who He is: He was known as the Angel of the Lord and He would speak to the whole congregation. What did He do? He restored order and restored their calling and sent them back on their Mission. I can imagine after they all had a personal encounter with the Lord they where powerfully equipped for their Mission! So National day is something very important for a Nation, if people believe it or not, it is up to us, what we make out of it!

Today I have a word to share and it is to our Nation, but first of all to those who are real and true believers of Yeshua the Messiah. People who have surrendered their lives to the Lord, people who are called bondservants of our Lord. That means people who are faceless and nameless. People who do not seek title, nor position, nor property or agenda, but have surrendered their lives to our Savior and King Yeshua HaMashiah, and serve Him from all their hearts. So if you are not part of this people, please don’t keep reading this Message is not for you! But you can become such a person if you believe in our Lord Yeshua, surrender your life to Him, be born again and commit to walk in all His ways without compromise, follow the leading of His Voice and serve Him from all your heart! It is very easy, it costs simply all you are and have, including your reputation, but it’s the best you can do, it is the beginning of true life, life in abundance!

Why is it important to remember past events? In Psalm 78 the Lord gives us the explanation: Because it is a great crime to forget the great signs and wonders the Lord did, when He brought Israel and likewise us (individuals) or our Nation out of Egypt:

How often they provoked Him in the wilderness,
And grieved Him in the desert!
Yes, again and again they tempted God,
And limited the Holy One of Israel.
They did not remember His power:
The day when He redeemed them from the enemy,
When He worked His signs in Egypt,
And His wonders in the field of Zoan;
Turned their rivers into blood,
and their streams, that they could not drink.
Psalm 78:40-44 (and following verses)

In order for us to walk in our calling and do what He wants us to do, we need to remember the great works He has done in our lives, in our Nation and especially when we face great difficulties, instead of becoming depressed and discouraged to praise our Lord for His great signs and wonders, because He is such an awesome God!

Our Heritage

So today I want to remind you about those great miracles our Lord performed in the time when He brought our Nation out of the Bondage of Egypt. It was in the year 1499. I recently came several times across some of the historic accounts of this time. Can I ask you a question, did you ever praise the Lord for the men who gave their lives, their blood in order to say goodbye to the evil schemes’ of oppression from the Roman Emperor. I believe it was a very important moment in our History, even so we were not as clean, as often told in History, there was as well bloodshed done by our troops we need to repent of! But the wonderful thing was, that the victories won in those battles (at Schwaderloh, Frastanz and Dornach) laid the foundation for our Nation to be free from the Roman Empire until today and if we see prophetically into the future, it will be very crucial and an incredible blessing even if many haven’t seen it yet.

Very interestingly it was right after those victories that the wind of the Holy Spirit began to flow and blow through our precious land. Many wells began to spring up and flow, in Schaffhausen, Zürich, Glarus, St. Gallen, Graubünden, Bern, Vaud and Geneva. Even so there was lots of struggles for the Revival which swept across our Land, we can be very thankful, for the freedom, we received in 1499, because if we would still had belonged to the Roman Empire, the Emperor would have tried everything in his hand to quench it, like he, his son and grandson tried to do across central Europe during the following 150 years!
Personally I believe it had lots to do with the prayers of a man who prayed and fasted for our Nation during 20 years prior to that time. I don’t know what He prayed but it must have been prayers of repentance and intercession like Daniel of Old prayed. Most of us know him, Niklaus von Flue. So towards the end of 1499 we received a very awesome gift: our basic freedom.

Do we still know that Freedom, freedom of faith, freedom of speech, freedom of worship, freedom to preach the Gospel and every other form of freedom is after Salvation one of the most precious gifts to mankind. Scripture teaches us a very interesting principle: True freedom exists only, where the Holy Spirit flows and blows.
Now the Lord is the Spirit; and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty. 2 Corinthians 3:17

It is the fruit of lots of prayers and fasting together with lots of blood, the Blood of Jesus and the Blood of men who gave their lives as a sacrifice. Our freedom is a gift from heaven we have received and the blessing and protection had been going on ever since to the point that we were protected through two World Wars, not because of our Army, not because of the compromise of our government and the evil done by our banks, but because of the Hand of God on our Nation as an expression of His great Love and Favor and because there was and is a special call of God on our Nation!

A word for Today
The Question is what about today. Can we lie down and take it easy and play games? No I believe not. I believe that the Lord is calling out like He did on Israel’s National gathering, where He called out to them and rebuked their unfaithfulness and called them again to complete their calling and possess the Land the Lord has given them to possess!
So what is the Lord saying today?
Today like in the days of Joshua of Old, we are at a point to choose. Recently the Lord sent a Prophet named Chris Dew from Great Britain to our house and he shared the following words with us, which he and we believe are words to our Nation for the Hour of today:

“We are at the point to choose to who we give allegiance to, to who we will bow our knees. It is a day to choose who we serve! My people the Church must wake up, before the tide of evil floods even this elevated and protected Nation!

It is time for people to hear, what I am calling them to, not what they want to hear, (but to hear what I have to say to them)! It is a time for prayer and fasting, for prayer and fasting and it is time that the believers lay down their agenda for the salvation of the people! Gates had been opened by the enemy, because the Gatekeepers in this Nation where not aware, otherwise involved or sleeping. It is time for the Body of Christ to arise and take a stand against the flood of evil which is arising!
 I will strengthen you and I will be with you…!”

Dear Brothers and Sisters this call is very clear. It means two things, which I want to expound on:

First, He will strengthen us! Dear Brothers and Sisters with the anointing of yesterday we cannot stand against what is coming! I say this because I see strange things in this nation. I see so many believers who once they have dipped their little toe into the River of the Spirit of God, they behave as if it is enough for the next ten years… this is not normal behavior at all! We are at a point where we need to get our feet, our knees, our but and our head into the River and dive in seven times, and go as deep as possible and never get out of it again!

A lesson from the past
Dear Brothers and Sisters we stand in the Valley of Decision and the time before great changes will occur and evil begins to arise in a way as we have not even imagined, even not in Hollywood will soon sweep the earth and our only protection, our only way to withstand is by the grace and the Power of His Spirit! And I tell you with the measure of His Spirit as we have known it so far, we will not make it. Without a miracle by our Lord we will be literally like the seven sons of Sceva!

The 20st century has taught us an amazing lesson, all of us should have understood: When Germany was at the beginning of the 20 century, Revival began to break out in the Anglo-Saxon lands and it began to pore over into Germany. They took a taste and at that moment something very sad happened. A very large group of religious leaders gathered and condemned the move of the Holy Spirit slapping the door into the Face of our Lord as they literally declared the Move of the Holy Spirit as of satan and crippled the Body of Christ for at least 70 years.They condemned the baptism of the Holy Spirit and the speaking of tongues as of satan and declared these things forbidden and outlawed in Germany.

That means all the hundreds of thousands of people who were supposed to be baptized by His Spirit in Germany (and the German-speaking areas) at that time would get nothing and a spiritual vacuum was created! Well the consequences where simple, somebody stepped into the Vacuum and filled the empty place and two decades later there was a devil leading the Government and ten years later 60 to 80 Millions where killed, not to speak of the casualties in WWI, even so to that point Germany was the most advanced and educated Christian Nation in the World.
I have good news for you. These leaders who killed the move of the Holy Spirit will be even guiltier on the Day of Judgment for the lives of the 60 to 80 Millions than Hitler himself, because their sinful decision has directly led to it! Spiritual arrogance, pride, religious demons, and fear to lose your face… you name it and God hates it, because it is responsible for the greatest atrocities we have seen in this world! And that’s why the Lord has no patience today for those who quench His Spirit, especially if they call themselves believers!
Dear Brothers and Sisters, the Bible teaches us, that Jesus and the Holy Spirit are one, that means in full agreement with each other and one of the greatest Missions of Jesus was and is to send the Holy Spirit to the earth and to touch, fill and empower His people which is called Baptize people in Holy Ghost and Fire to authorize them to build and expand His Kingdom!
And in the measure we receive Him, we receive Jesus, likewise in the measure we refuse Him, we refuse Jesus. One of the biggest lies ever preached in Church is, that you can have Jesus without the Holy Spirit! It is a teaching from Hell, leading to Hell!

Strange things…
But despite this great lesson we had in Europe, which could not be more clear and powerful as it was, strange things happen today in our country. It was in February 2010, we had some great worship nights and one night I preached on the return of our King of Kings, Jesus the Messiah in Glory on His white Horse. (Rev. 19) My wife had painted a great painting of Jesus returning on a white Horse. At the same night the worship team got cold feet and we never saw them again…praise the Lord! Why because when they came into the Kingdom, their filthy garments where never changed. They never got the new wedding garments from the Kings garments store and as a result they liked little Jesus, you know the one in the little manger, the one who saves you, but you can boss him around and tell Him what to do… but they cannot handle the King of Glory, because in the face of the King of Glory they have to repent and surrender and allow Him to do what He wants to do with their lives!
But my question today is: where are today the true and genuine believers who are not crippled by the charismatic wimpiness and selfishness of today but rather carry some of the qualities of those real warriors of old who died on the battlefields in 1499!

So when the Lord comes in Power and Glory they can say yes and amen even if it turns their stomach around, which is normally a sign, that it is the real deal! They can shout yes and Amen to the preaching of the cross and the blood of Jesus and if people are set free from demons they rejoice! And if there are manifestations by the Holy Spirit who offend the flesh, they can shout Yes Amen, do it Lord, kill the flesh, kill all the reputation and do a new thing, send your Fire oh Lord, send even more, blow and flow, we love it!
Do you remember what Apostle John wrote?

Then the voice which I heard from heaven spoke to me again and said, “Go, take the little book which is open in the hand of the angel who stands on the sea and on the earth.”
So I went to the angel and said to him, “Give me the little book.”
And he said to me, “Take and eat it; and it will make your stomach bitter, but it will be as sweet as honey in your mouth.”
Then I took the little book out of the angel’s hand and ate it, and it was as sweet as honey in my mouth. But when I had eaten it, my stomach became bitter. And he said to me, “You must prophesy again about many peoples, nations, tongues, and kings.” Revelation 10:8-11

Yes the real anointing is very sweet, but also brings the cleansing in our loins, which is so desperately needed and so many misunderstand and refuse the deep work of the Holy Spirit and are not ashamed to even insult His manifestations, and then they ask themselves the question, why the breakthrough of Healing or deliverance or the fulfillment of a promise never came! Today is a day to choose the real, and invite the King of Glory into our land and open the door for the once He has appointed to serve us, with genuine prophetic and apostolic anointing. Can we agree and pray together: Lord we repent for our wicked behavior, we had enough counterfeits over the past 30 years, come and visit us afresh and please bring us the real deal!

Dear friends we do not need more teaching seminars, where the Church is operated like a school, and the only difference is the subject of the matter but the main thing is that the brain is tickled to give people some intellectual satisfaction, no we need real Church where people are touched by the Spirit of God through His love expressed through Worship and the Message of the true Gospel and where people can respond and surrender to our Lord! That means real Church where there is an altar, and room for genuine repentance and where you can get a hold of God, room given for deliverance and healing in order that lives can be radically changed into His Image! That’s real Church and the beginning for a Nation to enter into His plan and call and that’s what God wants to do in our Nation, nothing less! By the way I love teachings and I love Bible schools. We need them, but we need the real deal, where He can flow and do what He wants to do today!
Today is a new day, today the Lord is doing something new and fresh and again we need to choose!

He wants us to open our doors for Him the King of Glory, so He can come in and touch us with His Love and with His, Power and Glory! All the knowledge comes afterward, because scripture tells us, that His Spirit will teach us all things! We need much more than a word of knowledge about our past to repair a weakness, we need a fresh measure of the person of the Holy Spirit Himself and He will fix all which need to be fixed in our lives! But in order to receive a fresh touch three very important things are required: Hunger, humility and surrender!
Can I ask you a question: How many days and nights have you been crying out recently for a fresh touch from the Holy Spirit? Well if not, then you are not tuned into what the Lord is saying to our Nation and blind towards the things which are imminent to come and most probably walk in arrogance and rebellion to the Lord and men! What I have seen over the past three years with a few exceptions of the real Bride who is serving the Lord wholeheartedly I have seen so much luke-warmness it is just beyond!

 People who call themselves real believers and as soon as you give them a little piece of meat they vomit and cry like little babies, oh no I do not want to have meat, I need some more milk, nicely diluted and polluted milk… oh this bad preacher, he has challenged me, he preached the law, boo, hoo… dear friends it is really sad …! I am even not talking about the “chosen frozen”, I am talking about so called charismatic’s who are supposed to be on fire for the Lord…!

Dear Brothers and Sisters Church is not “Kindergarten for grownups”, neither a Fellowship! Church is the gathering of the Saints, to press in and come before His Throne and to rule and reign with Him, in Spirit and in Truth and to declare and build His Kingdom! Church is not a place or gathering for men to be in the center, neither our issues, but for Him and His Kingdom to come now which means to make sure, that His Kingdom and reign can grow and expand as quick and as powerful as possible in us and till the end of the earth, and everything else, our needs, desires and issues will be taken care of by Him, by Jesus the King of Kings in person together with his servants! I know that sometimes the most simplest things are the hardest ones to do, but today is time to get serious with God and to do this right, time of playing games is over!
I have good news for you today. Yes the Lord loves Switzerland! That’s why He began to establish such a genius plan to set us free and set us apart from the Nations for His purpose. So in time when there was war and hundreds of thousands were killed on the battlefields of Europe, He raised up a man who would genuinely take care of the thousands which were wounded and dying because of the evil and hardness and pride in the hearts of Kings and Princes. In times past when Millions of Jews were killed, we took them in by the ten-thousands, hide them, fed them and care for them until the time of indignation had passed, not because we are better than the other nations, simply to fulfill our call!

It’s time to arise

Dear Brothers and Sisters the second word from the Lord to us is: it is time to arise! Prophet Jeremiah said cursed is the neutral, cursed is the one who holds back his sword in time of battle and today I call the true believers in this Nation to arise and to raise their swords, because it is time for battle!

Cursed is he who keeps back his sword from blood. Jeremiah 48:10b

It is time to arise and resist the onslaught of the devil in and against our Nation. It is time for those who are touched by the Holy Spirit (authorized by Heaven to build His Kingdom) to arise and take a stand together and declare the mystery of iniquity in our Nation to be broken in the Name of Jesus.
 It is time for the mystery of iniquity that has invaded and polluted the Church, the mystery of iniquity which has perverted our banking system, our government, business and schools to be broken.
It is high time for all the scrolls full of curses spoken against our Nation by the wizards and witches of Old and of today to be burned by Holy Ghost Fire, it is time for what Zechariah calls all the women, coming with the wind, their wings be cut and arrested by the Spirit of God and His Angels and their works be overturned in the Name of Jesus.
Too long we have been waiting for this, too long has the Body of Christ remained neutral, and have been silenced by the spirit of Jezebel who controls our Nation and the time has come where the true Body of Christ arises and declares with one voice like Jehu of Old: “Who is on my side? Who?” So two or three eunuchs looked out at him. Then he said, “Throw her down.” So they threw her down, and some of her blood spattered on the wall and on the horses; and he trampled her underfoot. 2 Kings 9:32 and 33

Dear Brothers and Sisters today I also call, who is on my side, who agrees with the call of the Holy Spirit in this message? If yes, then let’s agree, for the spirit of control, pride and perversion who tries to cripple our Nation to be broken and thrown down and trampled underfoot by the Horses and Chariots of Israel!

The Lord is ready to help us but we need to arise and declare the word of the Lord over our Nation, because the Angels in Heaven are ready to throw down lightning’s from Heaven and destroy the powers and principalities over our Nation in order to set us free!
That’s the word He gave us a few days ago, and He illustrated it (in our area) in a wonderful way on Aug 1 and 2.
Once the manmade firecrackers where lit and through, He brought that wonderful play of some real lightening a hundred-time more powerful then the manmade thing on the dark evening sky until finally very lightly, the second night very strong the rain was pouring down from heaven.

 Dear Brothers and Sisters get ready for the lightenings from Heaven, they are about to come and will turn many of those who are running from the Lord back to Him!

Then the angel took the censer, filled it with fire from the altar, and threw it to the earth. And there were noises, thundering, lightnings, and an earthquake. Revelation 8:5

I believe this will not spare us to enter into times of difficulties our Nation will go through very soon, but it will determine the outcome; because if we do not arise today and take a stand as King Jehu did of old the outcome will be disastrous, even unbearable for believers…!
But if we arise today the tide can once again be turned around! Because the Call of the Lord on our Nation is not destruction, but healing and light to the Nations! And our Lord is more than able to uproot and sweep away the iniquity in our Nation in one day! Zechariah 3:9

Healing and Light to the Nations
In 2009 the Lord gave us one of the most glorious Visions for Switzerland: My wife saw the Lord standing in a fountain and the water was freely flowing and as she watched closer, the Fountain was indeed as big as our Nation and the Lord said I am opening a Fountain in the Valley of Decision!

This Vision reminds me the Vision Prophet Zechariah received. He lived at a very crucial moment in History: The Glory of the Lord had departed from Israel for a longtime, more than 70 years and after the Lord had returned the first group of Jews from Persia, He began to restore the Land, the People and the Temple and all of a sudden the Lord gives him the Vision of a huge Menorah supplied by fresh anointing day and night. That means Zechariah saw in a Vision something the Lord established in the Spirit in the Nation of Israel.

What did it mean? The Glory of the Lord had returned to the Land of Israel! And the very same the Lord wants to do in our Nation, He wants to open a Fountain, where His Sevenfold Spirit can flow and blow in fullness and freedom today to reveal to us His Glory, to equip us and fill us and use us for His Kingdom!

Dear Friends the year 2012 is the year for the Glory of God to return, it is the year for the sevenfold lampstand (Menorah) to be established all over the earth so the Glory of the Lord can cover the earth and I believe one of them is in our Nation, so His Glory can flow and cover our Land until He returns! Praise the Lord!

Dear Brothers and Sisters the Lord wants to pour His redeeming Blood and Power over our Nation, so our Generation can be a Generation washed by the Blood of Jesus, who walks in righteousness and holiness and serves the Lord from all their heart! He wants to pour out His Glory so we can go to the Nations and preach the Gospel in Power and see great signs and wonders among us and abroad and to the ends of the earth! Kings and Queens should fear and tremble when the Swiss people gather to pray, because great signs and wonders and miracles are going to happen, people will be raised from the dead and liars will die as they declare the word of the Lord!

It is the reason He has brought One Million people of every nation and race to our Nation, because He foreknew, that this is the place where He can save a great number of them and touch them with His Glory and send many of them back changed and empowered by His Blood, Word and Glory to save Millions around the world!

Dear Brothers and Sisters, the Call to our Nation, which means the reason our forefathers gave their lives is so we can become a Nation where again the Holy Spirit can flow and blow, but in a far greater measure then what we know today and beyond of what we can imagine, because it will be the only thing, which will help us to stand in the days to come and today as I write to you I am looking for some real people, bondservants of our Lord Jesus with who we can agree and say Lord Jesus we open wide the doors of our lives, our Church and our nation to you and to you only!

Visit us as the King of Glory and the Lord of Hosts, Baptize us with a fresh measure of Your Spirit; let our Nation become a living Fountain! We decree for springs and fountains to well up in every City, in every town on every mountaintop and in every valley, let Your Spirit flow and blow as never before and in whatever way it manifests, let it manifest!
We embrace it and love it and believe that it is something very important you do! If our Houses are shaken, so let it be Hallelujah, if the Banks are shaken, Hallelujah praise the Lord, if the Government is shaken Hallelujah. If the people shake, even better Hallelujah, let our Nation be a Nation of “Holy Rollers” in Jesus Mighty Name, have Your way oh Lord, simply let the Bondages be broken so we can walk in freedom and run after You Lord!

To You Lord Jesus all the Glory and Praise!
We bless you today in Jesus Name Amen!
Ueli and Charle’ Surbeck

A word given by the Grey Dappled Horse by the way his Name is Revival… (For those who have ears to hear)

A Message for Switzerland
by Ueli Surbeck
March 20, 2012

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A Message for Switzerland

Vision for Europe
June 26, 2011, by Bishop Philemon Okoth

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Vision of Europe.wmv
This is a very precious Vision, received and shared by Bishop Philemon Okoth from Kenya, during his visit to Switzerland in June 2011. All the Glory to our Lord Jesus, the Messiah! Ueli & Charle' Surb...

Switzerland in Danger
31. 3. 2011
by Ueli Surbeck
(my comment will be below)

Swiss President announces plans to break Gaza siege March 24, 2011posted by Veterans Today · 40 Comments

Swiss President and Foreign Minister
Micheline Calmy-Rey
GAZA, (PIC) Swiss President Micheline Calmy-Rey has announced her country is developing a project to open up all crossings to the Gaza Strip, which has been suffocating for the last five years from an Israeli blockade.

She also said if Egypt would agree to open the Rafah crossing to bring in building materials and commodities, her country would be ready to restore it.

The statements came Monday during a meeting with several high-profile politicians in Europe staged by the European-Palestinian relations council.

They met to discuss Switzerland's role in supporting the democratic
movements sweeping the Mideast and issues affecting Palestine.

Discussions included British MP Lord
Andrew Phillips
, member of European Parliament
Alexandra Faith
Derek Vaughan
from Wales, and Swiss MP
Geri Müller
For his part, Lord Andrew Phillips, who headed the delegation, said worldsilence was to blame for Israel's obstinacy, saying that Tel Aviv understands that silence over recent attacks has provided a green light for more attacks.

Swiss MP
Geri Müller
emphasized the importance of Switzerland's role in preserving the Geneva Convention brokered in the Swiss capital and stopping Israel from violating it.

Switzerland has recognized elections in Palestine and kept contacts with both Fatah and Hamas.


As I was parying last night on the Issue of this report, a story came to my mind: The Farmers Family I worked for years ago had a very agressiv and dangerous Ram. He begann to attack everything and anybody, which became especially for kids quiet dangerous. One day he found a new target, one of the cows who was peacefully grazing in the pasture. He started to runn fullspead towards her and took a big jump. At the same time because the cow must have seen something she swung up her head with full force, like cows do sometimes and at that very moment the two heads collided, and what happend was, the Ram broke his neck and was immediatly dead.
Dear friends thats exactly where Switzerland is heading. If we understand the direction our President, which anyway should never have become President in Switzerland is going, we are "dead meat"!

I believe we need to recognize three facts, first of all the actions of our government are not at all neutral or a support for peace in the middle east, our government is activly cooperating with criminals whos hands are full of blood and wickedness with the purpose to hurt the apple of God's eye. Secondly there are two reasons our Goverment is going into the direction it is, at one hand because there is such growing evil in our Nation. And third, because the true believers are mostly silent! And I can simply tell you, we need to get ready for some big shaking in our Nation, because the Lord will not be silent anylonger. If he has shaken Japan in such a way as he did, ther is a shaking coming to our Nation, the Nation of Switzerland, that can be worse then the one in Japan! And it will be important to know, that we the swiss and our behaviour are the reason for it.

May the Lord have Mercy in His Judgments and may this lead us to repentance and the place where we will again worship him and give Him the room for His plans and His Holy Spirit to move!

To the Lord all the Glory and Praise!
Ueli and Charle'
LivingFire Ministry

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Mullen Vision – Switzerland

What the Lord had me do in February 2011 was follow-up to a vision the Lord had given me in Mullen Switzerland in May 1991,  almost 20 years to the date later, He sent me.  I've wept over particularly the City of Berne, as I was exposed directly to the Spiritual condition of the Land within its capital, my host Mani even told me that Switzerland has the highest suicide rate in Europe. He personally has 2 coworkers that jumped to their deaths.
I would very much like to return to Switzerland with grassroots teams of forefront ministers, staying in hostels and such, as the Lord told me when I was there that Switzerland is my Samaria (Acts 1:8).
I've forwarded what you sent to me to several ministers who share the heart of the Father for Israel, Switzerland and the nations of the world.
God's best to you always! May His face continue to shine upon you, as your heart is inflamed in His Love. Shalom!

All For Yeshua!
Chris & Karen Ziegert


Mullen Vision – Switzerland
Switzerland May 1991

While visiting with relatives. After a day had been spent with relatives, my parents and I retired for the evening to our quarters in the loft area of the chalet home we had been staying in. My parents in the bedroom and myself in the daybed outside of that room. Falling asleep, I found myself in a vivid dream in which I was following 5 individuals of distinctive character. They were groomed and tailored in the finest style. As I was behind them without knowing anything of the political nature of land, I knew specifically these men were of the Swiss Parliament. I was observing from behind these men inspecting the different imports to the land. We came to the place where the grain was being sifted into a very large cone topped mound.This flour grain mound was of the finest quality and consistency. From that mound the flour was being mixed into a large container which the only way I'm able to define was a cauldron, from that cauldron a liquid was being poured into it from a wide mouthed vessel. From there this mixture was poured into loaf like pans which was the bread of the nation. Not knowing the identity of the liquid I moved closer to the vessel to observe. The liquid was human blood!Immediately I was out of the dream/vision, yet I was not alone - I was in the presence of powerful demons. Terrified from what I saw and the evil spirits I knocked on my parents room door. My mother stepped out and without hesitation, rebuked the evil spirits present and they left. Somewhat traumatized by the caliber of this event, especially as me being of Swiss decent and at the time quite proud of my heritage, I kept this out of my memory as best I could. As I was drawn closer in my relationship to the Lord, I was impressed in my spirit to hear from Him on the particular message of this vision. I prayed: Lord what are you saying to me concerning this vision? His response was this: "Chris, Germany paid the price for what it did to My people, Switzerland didn't and they will".Without the help of the Swiss government Hitler would never have been able to accomplish his diabolical plans. Some Jewish people in the last couple of decades have reclaimed funds from the Swiss bank accounts, yet I've been given information from credible sources that just the interest alone from the Jewish people that were murdered in the Holocaust of WWII, is in the trillions.I've been given clear instruction from the Lord that now is the time to go to Switzerland before the destruction happens, our Loving Father's compassion always reaches out to even the guiltiest of transgressors, may you be stirred to pray concerning this, as what happens to Switzerland strongly affects the entire world in which we live. I send this out with fear and trembling as we do serve the Holy Living God!Truly All For Yeshua! Chris Ziegert

I believe this Vision is confirming that the Lord is exposing something which needs to be exposed and which needs some deep cleansing and repentance in our Nation. May the Lord lead you in prayer and give us the grace for the heartsurgery, which is about to happen, so He can give us a new heart and a new Spirit! Ueli
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Prière patriotique suisse
et prophétie
Août 2010
par Erica Burgunder

"Seigneur, accorde Ton secours au beau pays que mon coeur aime, celui que j'aimerai toujours; celui que j'aimerai quand même. Tu m'as dit d'aimer et j'obéis, mon Dieu, protège mon pays. Tu m'as dit d'aimer..."

Nous chantions (*) ce beau cantique suisse de tout notre coeur, mon amie Cécile et moi, lorsque tout à coup, je me mis à prophétiser:

"Encore un peu de temps,
et Je me lèverai pour bénir la Suisse,
car Je l'aime comme J'aime Israël.
Ces deux pays sont particulièrement chers à Mon coeur. Attendez et vous verrez beaucoup de choses
se transformer petit à petit:

La jeunesse viendra en foule pour Me connaître
et Me servir avec grand enthousiasme.
Dans les écoles, on reprendra la Bible!

Les autorités de ce beau pays ne seront plus divisées,
mais agiront dans l'unité et la même pensée.

Les récoltes seront abondantes et les paysans soutenus,
travailleront avec joie dans les semailles et la moisson.

Oui, dit le Seigneur: attendez encore un peu de temps,
et vous verrez ces choses arriver. Suisse, Je te garderai, Je te protègerai et te bénirai encore."

Erica Burgunder

Esaïe 35:10 et 2 Rois 7:2

(*) au téléphone