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Written in the Memory
of an awesome but very challenging time...!

Lakeland Revival
April-July 2008 Lakeland, Florida
by: Ueli & Charlotte Surbeck
I would like to say we have had some great feedback from this article but also some negitive, one lady wrote Lakeland was from satan...Excuse me but to my spiritual understanding satan doesn't heal people and especially he is not able to raise the dead only Christ can do either, so we need to careful what we attribute to satan.
It’s been exactly three years ago that the Lord began to release a powerful anointing in Lakeland Florida, through Todd Bentley and his Fresh Fire Ministry Team, with Roy Fields, Heather Clark, Ignited Church in Lakeland, with Pastors Carl and Steven Strader and several other ministries and their teams.
We had the great privilege to be in this Revival for seven weeks, which has radically changed our lives. It was a few weeks ago, that the Lord challenged me to put together some of our old testimonies, visions and articles into one article to share what the Lord has done for us as well as the lessons we learned through the bitter aftertaste which followed, we give the Lord all the Glory and Praise!
We hope our eye witness report will inspire and challenge you and prepare you to walk in the Revival the Lord is giving you the mandate for, and to lighten the fire of the Holy Ghost in your hearts.
Our prayer for you is that this coming year 2011, the Fire on your altar is going to burn brighter and brighter and may He give you a Harvest beyond your Vision and imagination!
Be blessed in Jesus Name, Ueli and Charle'
Contents of this article~
  • Introduction
  • Fresh Fire from Heaven
  • The Resurrection of the dead!
  • Genuine Healing's and Deliverance
  • A few of our observations in the Lakeland Revival!
  • A great Testimony of His Harvest
  • Visions of the Revival
  • God opened the Fountain of Deep
  • The painful End and Lessons learned
  • Yes Revival will return to Florida!
Revival is something absolutely fabulous. It is a time when the Lord pours out His special favor of Grace and Blessing in a certain area on a certain group of people like He has promised in His word from cover to cover. Every true Believer in Jesus should have an ardent desire to be part of the Revivals of our time.
Revivals are always given for seasons, exactly like every Harvest occurs for a certain time and in this time all the Harvest has to be brought under the roof. It is one of the most exciting works in ministry to be part of; even so it is one of the most challenging things you can do. Revival is a place where the Spirit of God is poured out and at the same time the devil does everything to oppose, twist and pervert what the Lord is doing.
Revival is a place where all kinds of people will show up, people who are hungry for God, people who are curious, and people who are in great need as well as religious nuts, skeptics, scoffers, and people who serve satan and purposely wants to kill, steal and destroy. It is a place where all dynamics play and every believer and unbeliever is challenged to take a position.
Revival is a place to swim, but not like in a nice pool, it is rather like jumping into a Niagara Falls, it’s going to turn you upside down and inside out, and expose every weakness and sin in your life, only to be cleansed through true repentance, following by the loving touch of the Lord Jesus Himself, Glory to God!
As much as I love every present Revival and want to be part of it, I love to go back into History, where the Lord often shows me things and teaches me lessons that are very precious to learn even today, inspiring our vision and faith. In every Revival there are moments or events of great victory as well as of human failure, revelations and manifestations of certain anointing’s and it is extremely important to be inspired by victories, learn out of our failures, catch the anointing and grasp the keys given and to use them at the appointed times.
In Psalm 77 a famous Singer of Israel Asaph says the following words:
Then I thought, “To this I will appeal: the years when the Most High stretched out his right hand. I will remember the deeds of the LORD; yes, I will remember your miracles of long ago. I will consider all your works and meditate on all your mighty deeds.” Your ways, God, are holy. What god is as great as our God? You are the God who performs miracles; you display your power among the peoples. With your
mighty arm you redeemed your people, the descendants of Jacob and Joseph.
The Lord opened us a door to go to Lakeland for the Revival and we stayed there seven weeks. It was truly an awesome season in our lives, where the Lord worked some amazing miracles and like this word from the Book of Psalm says, we should never forget His miracles, but remember them and keep giving praise to the Lord.
This is the purpose of this Article; I want to put together all the different aspects of this wonderful Revival, the great, but as well as the hurtful part and we hope it will help many and prepares us for the next and greater step of the outpourings of His Spirit.
We heard in May 2008 about some amazing meetings in Lakeland, where the Lord is moving in power. In fact it came from a dear friend from Ohio, who was already over 80 years old at that time who was attending the Revival services. This stirred us up and later after we went to a Revival night with Chris Harvey from Australia, who just came back from Lakeland, we knew the Lord wanted us to go there, and for sure, He made a way for us financially, so we went.
We arrived there at the season of the peak of the Revival. It was amazing every night to worship the Lord sometimes for 2 or sometimes even three hours. Heaven was for sure open and the Glory of God was truly flowing freely.
There was one amazing sign through the whole Revival: Through the fresh anointing there were 39 people where raised from the dead through the Revival. I can assure you, the devil counterfeits many miracles but satan does not raise the dead, he has neither the power nor the desire to do so. And I believe that this 39 amazing miracles where the proof of the Finger of God in operation of this amazing Revival which shook the Nations for about 4 months.
After about 10 days we released our report, which we added to this article with one specific purpose, please go once again through the awesome reports of the people raised from the dead, it’s something God wants to do in our midst today and these testimonies are still absolutely amazing and inspiring to watch:
Fresh Fire from Heaven ~ June 21, 2008
81 Day of the Lakeland, Florida Outpouring
Dear Friends, Family and whosoever…. Please watch or come on June 22 the 82 day. It has been Prophesied that the Outpouring will come to it’s fullness on Sunday the 22 day.
We arrived in Lakeland 10 Days ago, after the Lord had given us the green light to come! Honestly we do not regret having come at all, we are so thankful to the Lord for allowing us to come. We have been in a lot of Revivals and not had the experiences and visitations that I have had here with the Lord.
We have had the Privilege to be on the Ministry Team here and they impart healing to us each night before we pray for people. The tangible anointing of God is so powerful as we Minister and pray for people to get healed, with more power, more authority, after the impartation's.
This Florida Outpouring is the most powerful, pure and holy outpouring of God’s Spirit we have ever witnessed.
Yes this type of pure flow of God’s Spirit I have only seen in the meetings of Philemon Okoth and T.B. Joshua in Africa, I had the privilege to visit in 2004 and saw miracles in purity and abundance like I have never seen or dreamed before.
But this outpouring is different; it is impacting the Body of Christ
Worldwide and challenging the World and the media….!
In the beginning of the year the Lord gave us a word, that this year, we will enter into a New Dimension of God’s Spirit and yes it is here, God is pouring it out and whosoever wants it can have it! The big question is, are you hungry, desperate for more of God and ready to change your agenda…?
There have been many critics and voices calling for prudence, is this move of God real! It’s a very good question, because there are so many counterfeits of Revival today, so many false signs and wonders and Jezebels Grace teaching is taught in abundance in America…especially on TV.
I want to say the Lord spoke to me and said: “The PHONIES will not be able to stand this Outpouring; they will all be washed away.” So watch and see who is washed away or who can stand in His Presence. I think we will be surprised to see who gets washed away…
After dipping in this River for seven days we can say, this is the purest and most holy outpouring of God’s Spirit we have seen in America! The messages we have heard by Todd, are the best messages on the preaching and demonstration of the Gospel of God’s Kingdom we have ever heard.
We want to invite you, if you can, you need to come and see and taste for yourself, that’s the best thing you can do and see this year! If you haven’t watched it you can watch it on God TV or Internet and receive the Anointing right where you are…
that’s how God’ is right now touching millions of people around the World!
God TV has all the Revival nights on Archive and you can watch each night at your best convenience…!
Each night the Revival starts with some of the best worship we have ever been in for at least an hour and a half, with a very strong emphasis on Holiness! (Watch June 18, it was at least 3 hours) This brings the Presence where you can’t stand from the weight of His Glory.
We can have different perceptions, callings and views on Revival and thank God we should…but one thing is clear, this Revival bears a mark of the true outpouring of God’s Spirit which can not be faked by the enemy.
The Resurrection of the dead!
The enemy can do many counterfeits, but has no power to raise the dead! But our Lord Jesus does and we believers, who died to our flesh and walk in His Resurrection Power do, and are called to demonstrate it and this is the hour to do so! And so far there have been about 26 resurrections reported from Lakeland. Praise God, all the Glory to Him. These are just a few examples:
Florida Outpouring - Dead, and then he sat up in his coffin!
Girl raised from the dead in Lakeland Revival
18th Resurrection from the Dead
19th dead Raised
20th Dead Raised
3 Year Old Boy Raised from Dead
We have to be careful, that if a Revival has this mark of God’s resurrection Power flowing, like we can see it in David Hogan’s Ministry who raised over 300 people from the dead, Philemon Okoth who raised more then 100 people from the dead and T.B. Joshua (I don’t know how many) and Todd Bentley/Fresh Fire Ministry means this Ministry carry more then the Anointing and the Presence of God, there is His Glory Cloud and God’s Fire and a great amountof Angels at work. If we declare such a work “as from the devil”, we place ourselves automatically into “Heresy-land”…! That’s what happened with the Pharisee’s who declared Jesus miracle’s as from the devil, having the witness in their spirit that He and the miracles where real, but where full of religious jealousy and pride and choose to express the evil of their heart instead of repenting and entering into the move of God, like Nicodemus and Joseph of Arimathea did.
This is an hour for the Body of Christ to step into the deeper Water of the Holy Spirit, what ever your back ground is and receive the fresh touch of the Lord!
God gave Israel a powerful lesson as they wandered for 40 years through the desert:
You have to learn to follow the Cloud of Glory and the Pillar of Fire, the same for us today. We need to follow the Cloud of Glory and the Pillar of Fire. Lakeland is not about a man or a particular Ministry. It is to get connected with the fresh Cloud of Glory and follow the Pillar of Fire, so we can enter into what God has for us today!
Below are a few clips, most of them are from the Lakeland Revival. So you can watch and judge for yourself. Receive what ever God has for you. We have been truly touched by the Spirit of God as we watched this clips some of them several times. There are many more on you tube…but be careful; some of them are totally twisted by Religious Firefighters…to who the Lord is saying. This time you will not get by, with what you are doing…you will be exposed!
A great example of Todd Bentley’s humility:
Steve Hill and John Kilpatrick speak at FLORIDA REVIVAL
Steve Hill / John Kilpatrick praying for Todd Bentley
One thing we have to understand. One of the primary goals of Revival is that God brings His Church from the Outer Court into the Holy of Holies! In the Holy of Holies we know is the place where God’s Glory, and God’s Fire is manifested, but as well where the Angels are ascending and descending, and where even the Priests of Old had Visitations of Angels. If this was the standard for the Old Testament, how much more should it be for us today who live in the End times of the Age of Grace, the time of the New Covenant where God fulfills His promise to pour out His Spirit on all flesh, this is the time we should expect more miracles, signs and wonders, visitations and Angelic encounters then ever! Why? Because we need it to be able to walk through this years a head and do His works!
Todd Bentley - Prophetic Direction 2008 (3)
Are you hungry like Stefan?
Stefan Driess meets Todd Bentley in Lakeland Florida
Examples of Healing and Todd’s heart for genuine healing and change in people’s life:
More Miracles / Testimonies with Todd Bentley from FLORIDA
Words of Knowledge for healings - Todd Bentley
Todd Bentley Encounters with Angels
Below two more clips, which are great to see. There is a Glory Cloud over a Church in Nigeria, where God is doing the same miracle we can see in Lakeland since many years. The Lame walk, the Blind see and the dead are raised and thousands of people come to the Lord. (I saw it with my own eyes on the summer of 2004! Following one example of
T.B. Joshua raising a dead…a must see
Below the website to the Church led by T. B. Joshua, the Synagogue, Church
of all Nations, a great Church today with more then 12 000 people.
A great place to visit and be refreshed!
Another resurrection, happening in Africa
May God bless you and touch you with His Resurrection Power, Glory and Fire and lead you into a deeper walk with Him, so you can do His work! With these words we bless you from Lakeland, Florida and may the Grace of God be with you!
Initially we went going to Lakeland only for two weeks, but the Lord made a way for us to stay seven weeks. We had the privilege to be at the Ministry team many nights and pray for people and it was truly amazing to see, what the Lord did. We received ourselves many healings, which have been genuine. I believe there where two specific and amazing things happening during this Revival, maybe they can be considered the keys of this Revival the Lord restored to His Body: First of all the Anointing the Lord poured out was so fresh and full of Glory and the Prophetic and the second phenomenon was, that the Lord truly opened a new dimension in the Spirit. It was like the Lord enhanced every anointing you carried before with every day you stayed in His Glory by quantum leaps.
Here is our second report which we released on July 7, 2008, where the Lord began to work truly to dig deep into our lives and hearts:
Genuine Healing's and Deliverance
The Glory of God is so powerful one night as we fell to the floor during Worship, I felt the Glory so powerful like a blanket covering over me, You are very careful to even breathe because the Holiness comes in like a Holy Hush and enters in such a way that no one can stand or speak, you can feel His Holiness. God is Magnificent!
Words are not flowing easily for us in trying to express what God has done in our lives trough our 26 day (so far) pilgrimage to Lakeland… God has visited us in such magnificence that we are not the same, either of us…We can’t get enough; we are even more hungry for the Glory of God and His Presence.
I first met Todd Bentley at Mahesh Chavda’s Church in South Carolina, in a three day meeting where Todd laid hands on me many times and then I met him in Jerusalem at the Sheridan Hotel where he had several meetings and I went every night and received prayer from Todd many times, I remember he had to be carried out when he finished praying for everyone, he just fell over…
I remember the song by Billy Ray Cyrus sang “All gave some, but some gave all” I believe Todd Bentley gives his all to God and that is why God has chosen him in this hour, The Lord told me, “the phonies will not stand in this Outpouring”, and I believe that’s another reason Todd was chosen, because that Religious Spirit in America just can not accept Todd Bentley…
We met our Friends from Hamburg, Germany, they have supported LivingFire for many years, and I had never met them in person, Ueli met them in the Black Forest in Germany at a Seminar in 2001. What a blessing for us, they are wonderful friends, and what a blessing for us to get to Praise God with them, Dierk, Sigrid and Noemi, we love you! We just heard they are returning to the Revival for three weeks with several Youth from their Ministry. Praise the Lord!
The reason I could go up there on stage because we were praying for people in Lakeland and arrived past the usual time to get on the Ministry Team. After they took us down from the Platform we went in a tent out back and they (GOD TV) interviewed Ueli & I for 15 or 20minutes, on our Testimony and other things, I hope I can get that on DVD.
I also received three other healing's while I have been here but I was on the Ministry team praying for people so I couldn’t testify. So I want to do that right now, because when you testify to what God has done for you, I believe it seals the Healing. The Bible says in Revelation 12:11, “And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.”
My kidneys were really hurting me I asked Richard the (head of the Ministry Team) to pray for me for my kidneys, he put his hands on my back at the kidneys and I had a warm sensation and then it became hot and I saw a crown of thorns around my waist and it broke apart and when it did I felt the release of both kidneys as being very clear, clean. Richard also prayed for my leg and my leg that I re-injured in Indiana in a fall on the Ice, that We also are so fortunate that God has given us such favor, double portion anointing…we were there when Todd released it, and when he released the thousand fold blessing, and we received that too…
Hope someone is watching the Revival and saw us last night (July 1), it was Glory on that platform awesome how God healed my Thyroid, I had gained all this weight after our 90 day fast two years ago and realized I had a big round knot in my throat, last night Todd called it out that a tumor in the throat was dissolving, and when Todd pointed out to me, first the Holy Spirit came upon me I felt cold in my ears then I felt liquid fire running down my face to my throat and I literally felt the tumor melt, and dissolve, Praise God.
I looked at Ueli and said feel it and he said it’s gone. It was funny because night as he prayed for my leg, I saw a beam of light come down and go through my leg and all the stiffness and pain left immediately. Amen.
Todd has personally laid hands on both of us and anointed us Six times with the Healing Anointing and oil, and we have been on the Ministry Team 10 or 11 times, and Richard that is on Todd’s team imparts the Healing Anointing each night you serve on the Ministry Team, it is so powerful, and one night I said to Richard, give it to me like a man, I was laid out 1 ½ hours before I could get up, and when Ueli bent down to check on me he said I was covered in gold dust.
During the Ministry time we have seen miracles and healing's, and people so hungry for God, people we have prayed for who have received their healing and were delivered, set free, and we have met friends, that asked us to go to their friends to minister. We found favor in our housing with a Christian couple we just met and they gave us a beautiful room at a very decent price, Amen
A few of our Observations in the Lakeland Revival!
We are so thankful to be here during this time of the Outpouring of God’s Spirit, exactly like it is prophesied in the Book of Joel. There are several things, which truly touched our hearts which I would like to share:
First of all Todd’s faithfulness to preach the most simple Gospel, with the demonstration of God’s power in healing the sick, raising the dead and casting out devils, exactly the way God has called His Body to do. Hearing His testimony of how he came to the Lord and started to preach the Gospel, how he was called to the Ministry and how he sticks to this call is absolutely great and I believe God is using him, to give the Body of Christ a new Vision and Demonstration of our most basic calling to preach the Gospel and do the stuff, pray for the sick, cast out devils and raise the dead! I also believe, that God is rewarding Todd with this fresh anointing, because of his faithfulness over this past 10 years to do, what he was called to do and how hungry he is to see God’s Kingdom and God’s Glory come on earth.
Todd gives all the Glory to God, we have never seen him take anything for him, and all the Glory is given to our Lord Jesus, the Messiah. He imparts freely, of what has been given to him, what we do with it is our responsibility! He is a testimony, that whosoever comes to the Lord, can be radically changed, delivered and used by God, to do the mighty works and exploits in the Kingdom of God!
Are you hungry for God’s Glory and His Kingdom to come?
Second, America and the Body of Christ worldwide need a totally fresh Outpouring of God’s Spirit today! It is one of the most amazing things, watching the testimonies coming in from around the world, especially from the Middle East and Asia, how God’s Spirit is touching this Nations through this Revival. This should let every heart rejoice!
There is so much religion, backsliding and so much heresy in America and finally a young man from Canada stands up, anointed by our Lord and releases a fresh anointing to the Body of Christ, should rejoice every normal Born Again Believer who has been longing for God’s mighty hand to move.
Yes I believe this Outpouring is so strong, it will create a window of special Grace for God to move in America for a season, which America desperately needs! If anybody watched the elections over the past few months, which most of us have done, and see, what is on the horizon…then we understand it is either now or never, to cry out and at the same time embrace the Outpouring of God’s Spirit. The simple fact that one of the candidates refuses any endorsement from the Christian leaders at one side and at the other side a candidate which is buddies with a PLO adviser and professor, should wake us up very radically and help us to get our guts together and jump into the River of God, America it is now or never!
Third, many people, even some good friends of ours have questions, are these miracles real, are all of these visions happening in this Revival true?
I can tell you one thing for SURE AND POSITIVE; the Anointing in this Revival is one of the Holiest, most pure and the strongest Anointing’s we ever encountered. Concerning the preaching we heard in the past 20 Days we have not found one mistake or heresy! But it was excellent and each time very broad and deep in the issues covered!
Fourth, God is setting in the Lakeland Revival a new standard for Worship and High Praise. It is truly life changing to participate each night at least in one and a half hour worship to celebrate Jesus, our Savior and King of kings. How many Churches, Cities even Nations would be radically changed, simply if the Body of Christ would worship in each service for an hour and a half in holiness and enter the Holy of Holies and would see the Fire of the Holy Spirit fall?! I believe that’s where the Body of Christ is going, and we better go there, before we have to…!
Fifth, the past 3 years several clear words have been spoken, of a Real and a Counterfeit Revival going on in the Body of Christ. Over this past 10 years we have for sure seen both of it!
I can tell you for sure; this Outpouring is the real thing! This does not mean every thing is perfect. Because where ever the Spirit of God moves in Power, the flesh, the devil (religion/witchcraft) tries to mess it up. But I believe so far Todd stood the test, not to give in to any of them, including the pressure of men who demands miracles, miracles, miracles, rather then the Presence and the Glory of God which has increased since and is still increasing!
Our Prayer for Todd
We pray that God will give Todd, his Family and Team the ability to keep standing and preaching the Gospel as long as it is God’s time for Lakeland to do so, and once done there, beyond to the Nations!
A great testimony of His Harvest
We want to add here, that July 4 was the night of Baptism, where more then 3000 people where baptized. It was a great day and an amazing testimony of the present Harvest which was brought in. People who had been touched through the Revival, many through television came to be baptized. It was most awesome to hear all the testimonies of people in deep sin, who where genuinely touched by the Lord, repented and where set free. It was amazing to see most of them not just baptized in the pool, but slain the Spirit at the same time, to God all the Glory!
Rory and Wendy Alec wrote the following testimony concerning the fruit of the Lakeland Revival, which is always one of the most important criteria’s, when we discern and evaluate an event in Gods Kingdom:
Over the past twelve years, but especially since our launch in America, we have in obedience to the Lord searched through the earth for those events and anointing’s that the Lord has laid on our hearts to amplify their message and anointing to the Body of Christ in this crucial end time hour that we live in.
The Lakeland Outpouring with Todd Bentley was one of those events. We received over 45 000 e-mails many, many of these heart rending, powerful testimonies from viewers across the earth of their bodies or their families bodies healed, their lives transformed and their hearts revived.
None of us have ever seen such significant fruit in all the years of broadcast.
Far more profound than that were the desperate cries for help. I (Wendy), would go through the live inbox and see the desperate cries from mothers, wives, sons and daughters, so many with TERMINALLY ILL husbands, wives, children, sometimes babies in arms sensing HOPE in their situation that for so long had been without hope.
Remember: this was never about Todd Bentley. It was always about the Holy Spirit and the fact that God loved you and me. It was GOD who touched our lives.
Isn't this an amazing testimony?! We share this because we are again on the edge of a new move of Revival and the world is even more desperate today, then three years ago!
The following testimony is from the last day we saw Todd minister. It is very important to understand, the Revival was not about Todd, it was about God and what He was doing! I believe the following Visions explain how much the Lord loved this Revival and so did we.
Visions of the Revival
The most accurate words to describe this night in the Outpouring, July 7, God opened the Deep up to us in Lakeland, Florida. Todd’s message was very deep and incredible. We received the impartation of Supernatural Faith, then Todd anointed everyone with oil, it was the eighth time Todd has personally laid hands on both of us and we both knew that something was completed in the Spirit, in our lives, and at that point of our Mission.
The Worship went over two hours, we and many of those who came to worship before the stage where prostrate on the floor. It was so amazing the Presence of God was so powerful I had visions while I was on the floor, just soaking in His Presence. The Holiness, the Glory and God’s Fire was so strong, and the Spirit of the fear of God was present. I started having wonderful visions as I laid in the Glory; it was like a “slideshow”, one vision right after the other appeared to me, I call them open visions.
I would love to share the visions and if possible I would love to share what I think that each vision means to us for today!
In the first Vision, I saw the stage and I saw God standing in the middle of the stage and His feet were very large and He was so big He went up and out through the tent. It was for sure that God has chosen this place to be the footstool of His Throne from where God the Father will Reign! It will be where He will release His decrees, establish His Kingdom to and through thousands of His people, to also Churches and Nations… He will also release His armies from here, to go into the Harvest fields to bring in the END TIME HARVEST…
Then I saw Jesus sitting on a cloud in a recliner with His feet propped up watching the Revival on His Laptop…He was smiling! …Halleluiah! To me this meant how much Jesus is enjoying the Revival, just as much as we do…And that He laughs as the Heathen raging and imagining vain things about His Outpouring in Lakeland…
Then I saw an angel about 40ft tall standing in the middle of the stage with a jar upside down in each hand Outpouring from Heaven, it was awesome…The left jar was Outpouring on the Worship Team side of the stage and the right jar was pouring out on Todd and his Team and his guest’s side, and then flowing down off the stage to the floor and covering us and as we were captive in His Presence, I saw angels then Ministering first to Todd as he started to have Words of Knowledge, they were on either side of him and both were talking in his ears, then blowing out into the people in different directions.
I also saw several extremely large about 60 feet tall angels outside the tent blowing bubbles into the tent; I believe these were healings for the body…Each bubble was a gift from the Lord to the people, the angels were bringing the answers from Heaven to the people, Healings, blessings, deliverances, whatever they needed…Amen
As I looked towards the stage, first I saw Jesus, as I looked at Jesus, and as He became my focus I started to see Todd right in the middle of Jesus, he was preaching and he was totally surrounded by Jesus but you could only see his front, it took my breath away… This Vision shows how much Todd is full of Jesus, surrendered and sold out to Him. If Todd would have compromise or any sin in his life, our Lord would never show Himself in this manner surrounding Todd... And I believe this is showing God is covering Todd with love and protection, and saying this is my adopted son and I am standing with him. It was an awesome night! Come and Get Some!
Yes indeed it was one of the most special nights of this Revival, since we are here in Lakeland. It was the 97 night of the Revival in the eight year of the reign of King George the second, some call it 2008, and our 17 night we attended it and the Lord confirmed just before we came to the Revival, that He has something concerning the 17 for tonight. During the worship the scripture came to my spirit about the great Flood:
Genesis 7:11 …in the second months, the seventeenth day of the month, on that day all the fountains of the great deep were broken up, and the windows for heaven were opened. And the rain was on the earth forty days and forty nights.
The Lord opened the Fountain of Deep
The Message Todd preached was on the gift/how to walk in supernatural faith. He gave a wonderful teaching on the different measures of faith and then he shared a collection of stories, basically the wildest experiences He had with God, since he gave his life to the Lord and entered into Ministry. Personally I marveled and rejoiced in my spirit, as I was listening to this message, something very powerful was released and it was like something cracking in the supernatural…principalities of religion and false accusations where falling…!
In these past weeks, since we are in Lakeland and have seen Todd ministering and preaching we could see him mostly flow in the Anointing and Mantle of an Evangelist, as well as a Revivalist Prophet, who is entering into the dimension of a Revivalist Apostle
The Ministry was a combination of flowing in the Spirit of Counsel, operating in the Gift of Supernatural Faith and the Gift of Knowledge, establishing Justice in setting the captives free and the Spirit of Might at the same time in its most powerful manifestation in ministry, to get the job done. That’s how Samson operated in the Old Covenant and that night we saw this Anointing resurrected in Todd, demonstrated in the New Covenant Version and released into all the Nations!
Yes some people may have a problem, who believe, that the work of the Holy Spirit is limited in the New Covenant to the still, small voice, who will make you feel good and express God’s gentleness to His people. Israel of Old had serious problems understanding the Ministry of Samson, even more to work with him and appreciate him…and it looks like, parts of the Body of Christ has the very same problem today, why because we are in the hour, where God is restoring all things, and this also means, all the Mantles of Old and New, are once again coming into Operation as He wants to display His Power, His Presence, His Glory to set the captives free and to do so, God is demonstrating much more then we have ever seen, why because it is needed, so He can bring in the final Harvest and complete what He had done in this past 4000 years!
Hebrews 11:39 – 40 And all these, having obtained a good testimony through faith, did not receive the promise, God having provided something better for us, that they should not be made perfect apart from us.
As I am writing I am still rejoicing over what I felt the Holy Spirit saying, as I was meditating a day after this awesome night, this was the day, that God restored and released the “Samson Anointing” into the Body of Christ and the reason I share this words and explanation is to help some people to get out of the box and walk with God in a fresh and new way and be able to receive, what He is doing! The Anointing and Mantle of Samson is one of the very rare and specific Apostolic Anointing’s, very crucial for the Body of Messiah for these coming days! It is not something anybody can flow and demonstrate in on a day to day basis; this was one of the most special nights, maybe for this whole Summer, knowing that God is right now changing gear and bringing this Revival into a much higher place, including the true Body of Messiah!
I know from my own experience, to flow in this kind of Anointing and Message needs, often several weeks in preparation before, as well as rest in the presence of God after it is given! Because of all the devils stirred up, in this case world wide. We are so thankful, that Todd took a break after this message, to rest and increase in the Grace and Glory of God, to be back stronger then before with more boldness and more power, to preach the Gospel, Prophesy, Raise the Dead, and heal the sick, and shake the Pharisee’s and the backsliders and give them a chance to get to know the true and living God, the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Todd Bentley!
Thousands of Prisoners are waiting to be set free; Thousands of sick people are waiting to be healed. Thousands of people who are oppressed or captive in false religions are waiting that some people step into this anointing and set them free, its time now, not tomorrow to do so!
Judges 16:25 Then Samson said to the lad who held him by the hand “Let me feel the pillars which support the temple, so that I can lean on them.”
Church of America, can you feel, the Pillars of Religion and Arrogance in your midst….how many thousands of co called Christians have in this hour still two pillars in their heart, Rebellion and Idolatry and you call it Bipolar without doing anything….? How many are crippled by sickness and Cancer, simply because the spirit of Religion has opened a door for many more evil spirits to cripple you? How many have still the ancient pillars of false Boaz and false Joachim, the winding staircase leading to the light of the Deceiver etc in their heart and it seems to be simply part of the culture? And there is so much more, the Pillars the Prince of Persia had established in the hearts of Millions, the Pillars of Hinduism, Buddhism etc…can you feel the Pillars….?
It is time for the Body of Christ to receive the Anointing God is releasing and get a hold of the pillars and start to break them down, to set the Philistine’s free and graft then into the Olive tree, today, not tomorrow!
Then Samson called to the Lord, saying, “O Lord God, remember me, I pray? Just this once, O God, that I may with one blow take vengeance on the Philistines for my two eyes!” And Samson took hold of the two middle pillars which supported the temple, and he braced himself against them, one on his right and the other on his left. Then Samson said, “Let me die with the Philistines!” And he pushed with all his might and the temple fell on the lords and all the people who were in it. So the dead that he killed at his death were more than he had killed in his life.
Church in America this are the days, God is releasing the Anointing and the Mantle for you to take vengeance on the enemy who had blinded you and imprisoned you for so long! It is now the time to arise and to do it! It is vengeance, not against flesh and blood, but against the powers and principalities who ruled you for centuries, blinded you for centuries, and molested you for centuries, to be broken down and the captives to be released!
Isaiah 60:1-3
Arise; shine; For your light has come! And the glory of the Lord is risen upon you. For behold, the darkness shall cover the earth, and deep darkness the people; But the Lord will arise over you and His glory will be seen upon you.The Gentiles shall come to your light, and kings to the brightness of your rising.
With these words we bless you Todd, and Fresh Fire Ministries as well as America and the Body of Christ who receives Todd and the Fresh Fire God is pouring out today, in the Name of Jesus! We stand behind Todd & Fresh Fire Ministries, and the fact they are real!
God healed me three times during the revival. I wrote about it before, but you need to know we have been here 5 weeks and it heals you just to see all the healings and salvations and glory in God’s 0utpouring….Receive the fresh Fire, the Fresh Anointing and the Fresh Glory!
BAM: The manifestation of the Spirit of Might released by the lying on of Hands…SHEEKABOOMBA: The manifestation of Holy Ghost Fire and the Spirit of Might together, both manifestations are very biblical and real!
My personal experience
Yes the day came; the Lord opened the fountain of deep in my life. It was just a few days after Todd preached that amazing message on July 7, we where exactly for one month at the Revival, which means we had been drinking of the Anointings for one month. It was the day after a wonderful day in the Revival, we both had been at the Prayer-Team, praying for many people, that we got up the next morning and my head and chest was heavy and I knew, something is profoundly wrong with me and even so I had deliverance on several occasions in the years before, many times the Lord showed me myself and so I went through a deliverance as I prayed for myself, here I knew I have absolutely no authority of what has to be dealt with. I told my wife darling as we had coffee together, please give me some extra grace and she did.
After a few hours and seeing a bit more clear I said to my wife, would you mind praying for me?
So she said ok, stand before the bed and so I did and waited. She had gone to the bathroom to pray and suddenly she came running in, and slapping me with two bath towels. I flew on the bed and she jumped beside me and began praying for me. What followed was one of the most powerful deliverance I ever experienced in my life and a curse was broken which was passed down to me through my fathers’ line. When it was over I felt like a totally squeezed out sponge and I knew my life would never be the same and it took me at least one week to recover. It was most probably one of the most precious miracles I received during the Lakeland Revival and I give all the Glory and Praise to our Lord!
The painful End
of the Revival in Lakeland
and Lessons learned~
written end of March 2011
It was after that night of July 7, that we knew that Todd was in danger. But there was something deeper which happened before, and now we know that occurred. Interestingly many Leaders who had insight behind the scenes told later, that from the moment of the famous day of June 23 problems exploded behind the scene. So to understand we need to go back, to what happened on that particular day.
Looking back we believe that Todd has been faithfully standing the ground since the beginning of the Revival beginning April. To stand your ground as an Evangelist to who the Lord has entrusted such a powerful Mantle-Anointing as He did to Todd is a great responsibility and I believe it requires several things. At one hand it requires to press in a fresh everyday into the new place the Lord has for you, and this is only possible if the people you are associated with are likeminded with you. Secondly you need an Apostolic Father which supports you faithfully. I believe we can see this wonderfully displayed today in the Bay Revival, in the relationship between Nathan Morris and John Kilpatrick. At this point Todd needed this kind of spiritual Father and support especially as the opposition to the Revival from so many different sides from the Body of Christ and even more so from High level witchcraft was great. Even so John Kilpatrick and Steve Hill had come and prayed for Todd, there arose a plan with very good intentions of people who discerned the weakness, to surround and approve Todd by a group of apostolic leaders, scheduled for June 23.
We where there in the service and watched the event very skeptical, we believe how important Elders and Apostles are in the Kingdom of God, but the question we had was different, because there are as many backslidden or twisted Apostles around as true Apostles and Elders! As the Apostolic-Prophetic Team of Elders prayed for Todd, as he laid on the floor, the Lord gave us a word, which shocked us as we heard it but it may explain something crucial, He said: They killed him.
Why, I believe because even so some of the Leaders who where part of the Team are wonderful and genuine Leaders in the Body of Christ, but some of them in particular two of them are for sure not walking with the Lord, one of them who is associated with a highly Masonic group, which means he is associated and influenced by something very dark.
What does this mean, it means simply that from that moment Todd was crippled in the spirit, and by my understanding the Elders who where in charge on that day carry a great responsibility of what happened on that day, prematurely ended the Revival, because the Elders present should have the discernment “who is who in the Christian Zoo” and never allow two wolfs in Sheep cloth to put their swords into Todd's heart and spirit.
At the other hand it was fully Todd's responsibility because He was in charge of the Revival and it was in his authority who he would allow to come in and lay hands on him.
I knew that when Todd got up the next day something in the Spirit had changed and did not had the authority neither the anointing anymore to deal with all the problems he had to face.
His wife either after or before left him to return to Canada.
n the weeks following that famous day of June 23, Todd did an evil choice:
He threw his wife and children as well as the mantle away He had faithfully carried for some little sexual pleasure...and this was the end of his Ministry at the Revival and prematurely ended as well the Lakeland Revival!
We had already returned to Texas end of July when we got the message and began to understand what was happening when where shocked and hurt. We felt abandoned and to all those to who we had written the exciting news of the Revivals as being liars. Even so all was said was true...
As we went before the Lord being broken and hurt asking Lord what should we pray or do He said, assign such a number of Angels and send them to Todd...
So I did, went to my notebook and choose the number of Angels he had shown us before and assigned them to Todd for a quiet a long period of time, knowing and praying one day the Lord will restore him.
Personally I believe there is a day the Lord will fully restore Todd back to ministry, which was and is our prayers for him, but there are three things I believe which will be imperative, which I have not seen yet:
First of all we need to understand that the mantle he has thrown away was given to somebody else. Personally I know that person very well and can even tell the day that person was asking the Lord for that mantle and received it and the way I know that person I know she will faithfully preach the Gospel and lead thousands of people to the Lord.
But if God allowed Samson's hear to grow back and gave him once more the Anointing to crack the two pillars of the Philistine stronghold I believe He has something in store for Todd to finish his race, which will be different but even more glorious as before.
Secondly I know myself, after I screwed up 13 years ago, how well the Lord knows how to take you aside, clean you up and restore you. I can assure you, before He restores you He is doing all the testing which is necessary before He restores you back to Ministry. I believe, before He will gives him again a powerful mantle He will for sure test him, that he will not throw it away for some stupid reasons...
And third, the Lord will only be able to restore him, after he has pulled out the sword out of his soul and spirit by which he was killed by and to do this, he has to get out from under the cover of the one who has killed him....
Have your way oh Lord and may it happens soon, to you all the Glory!
If you have been hurt through Todd's failure we want to apologize to you and it is our prayer for you, that the Lord washes away the ashes of the past and gives you back the joy of His Salvation and may all the good things of this Revival be given to you!
But we also want to say, if you have been arrogantly or carnally judging Todd for his mistakes and failure, know something:
If you ever had a chance to be used by God simply for a few days and to do a little measure of how He used Todd, you most probably would mess up ten times more, because all those who have some clear insight into the heart of God and know who mankind is and who you are, you would simply pray, Lord I am for sure not better then him, use this situation to teach me every lesson I need to know for the day you are using me, so I will do less mistakes and accomplish all you show me to do, in Jesus Name!
I believe there are great lessons to be learned from the Lakeland Revival maybe as much important as to grasp the anointing together with the miracles the Lord did in this short time.
Lesson # 1
I believe as servants of the Lord it is very important what place and priority marriage is given. Marriage is holy and a rightful marriage is established as an eternal covenant. It is a daily choice to walk in a healthy marriage and the Lord has established the weekly Shabbat celebration in a particular way for every marriage to be renewed and refreshed which include the breaking of bread and vine to seal and renew the Covenant.
As we serve the Lord every marriage will be stretched and go through seasons of trials, but it is a very important choice, that in God's Kingdom not ministry, but marriage has place number two right after number one, our relationship with our Lord. Yes sometimes we need to pull out of Ministry even if the opportunity is great! The Lord did the same with Philip, taking him out of the great Revival in Jerusalem, and gave him an even greater one, as he found the Ethiopian treasurer which he led to the Lord and sparkled the first great Revival in Ethiopia.
Lesson # 2
I believe marriage needs to be established on the basis of an eternal covenant and is the most precious relation the Lord has given us on earth. The reason that sometimes tension happens in a couple and that especially after a very powerful revival night the partner has rather a word of rebuke as of encouragement for you is not a reason to get counseling, it is, because the Lord wants to keep sanctifying us and the best moment to forge the iron is when it is hot, and if we are real, we always will love to receive a true word through our partner at the moment we least expect and praise the Lord if it cuts deep through our flesh, so we can grow together in love and holiness! Know that the moment you don't like this anymore to be forged in the fire and grow in sanctification, the time the Lord is using you are over...
Lesson # 3
Relations with Brothers and Sisters in the Lord as well as Churches and Ministries are precious and important here on earth, but they are only temporal, the one relationship which is not temporal, but eternal is the marriage relationship with your wife (or husband)! Especially for people who are in very active Churches have to be careful, especially if their marriage goes through a season of trials, that the devil will come with a stupid and crafty thought, how your marriage partner is not God's first choice and it is better for you to divorce your partner and marry such and such. This happened to thousands of people and has even been done and proclaimed by some preachers on television, evens it is absolutely evil and there is a choice we have to take, that this kind of spirit has absolutely no room, neither in our lives, our marriage nor the Ministry we are part of and if this kind of spirit or thinking becomes “accepted” we better run like hell...!
Lesson # 4
After serving the Lord for several years, I went through a very difficult time where I did some stupid mistakes. So the Lord took me back to work on a Farm for several years, where He changed me, cleaned me up and began to teach me some important lessons. One of the lessons I learned was, that before I went back into Ministry I made an agreement with the Lord, which I learned from a seasoned Apostle who had a great impact in my life.
I said Lord I serve you under the following condition, that if ever you would foresee, that I would dishonor you, I request, that you would take me away before I dishonor you, what ever the means you have to take are! This are the conditions by which I agree today to serve the Lord from all my heart and I truly enjoy it, because I feel His hand of protection ten times more over me, then before!
I never regretted this agreement with the Lord, and the events through the Lakeland Revival confirmed to me, how important this agreement was and is and will be. Many times looking back, I suddenly observed a strange change im my life, and looking back today I begin to see, how the Lord spotted some danger coming towards me down the road and He immediately initiated a change in my life to avoid it. Yes He is a faithful God and He will always watch over us and keep us in the palm of His hand, to Him all the Glory!
Lesson # 5
Never shake hands nor allow the wrong leaders to take authority over you, even if you are in need of partners!
We need to understand, that any leader can come suddenly into a place of great responsibility and public exposure, which will suddenly put great pressure on your shoulders and one of satans strategies is to kill the move of God is to bring leaders who most probably have served the Lord faithfully at one time but have badly backslidden who suddenly want to take authority over the work the Lord has given you. If we are in need of affirmation, instead of speaking into such peoples live and through godly challenge bring them into a new place with the Lord, we will give in to the temptation and rather ask them for help and support and this will always be the beginning of downfall!
Lesson # 6
Ask the Lord to expose the little foxes who try to destroy the vineyard of the Lord!
Sometimes this may concern people who are very close to you! Sometimes it is because people have served the Lord faithfully for a season, but need a new season of growth in another place or through somebody else. That’s one of the main reason, so many changes occur in the Body of Christ. They are good, healthy and necessary, otherwise a faithful ally can turn into a foe, used by satan to deceive, that’s why we need to ask the Lord continually to clean the vine and the vineyard and ministry he has given us the responsibility for and expose the little foxes and either save them or chase them away!
Lesson # 7
One of the facts of the Lakeland Revival was, how powerful the spiritual opposition against Todd and the Revival Team was, and this during the season the Revival went well and where thousands of peoples where touched, healed and delivered. Sometimes it gave the impression, that the lukewarm Church hates Revival even more then witches and warlocks, and it is a fact that during this Revival an astonishing amount of spiritual warfare was continually created not just from people in black and white witchcraft, but as well from lots of lukewarm so called Christians against Todd. His life was threatened several times...
When ever God is anointing a David and is using him powerfully there are several kinds of powerful oppositions arising, which where also very powerful at work in the Lakeland Revival. At one hand there has been a new move of white witchcraft which has been slipping into the church which has opened the eyes of children’s and adults to the supernatural, not through the Holy Spirit but through a spirit of witchcraft and as a consequent this people will always do everything to oppose Revival, because they are threatened by the true and pure anointing.
Secondly during the past two decades the Lord has been knocking on the door of many traditional Churches, requesting for the Holy Spirit to be led in. Some have opened the door, but many have denied entrance and choose to keep playing a religious game. These kinds of people oppose anything that flows in the Spirit and try to shut down any kind of Revival.
My word to this people is, bow down and get touched by the Holy Ghost, be cleansed and allow the Lord to fill you and lead you in purity and holiness and I will listen to what you have to say.
And please be ready, because in the next Revivals opposition will become stronger and more tricky, I am not saying this to sow fear into anybodies live, but to challenge you to pray for even more discernment, grace and faith so you will not be taken by surprise, but ready to overcome and outplay the enemy. In the same way the next waves of Revival are about to hit the earth, there will be an unparalleled falling away, and many of them will become like Judas, people who will betray their brothers. I know myself, how hard it is, when people who at a certain time where close friends and worshiped with you together the Lord, will suddenly turn away and stab you in the back, but it will happen and may prayer for you is, that you are ready, equipped and matured in the Lord enough to handle this with Grace to give Him all the Glory!
I believe there are two important keys how to overcome such opposition: First of all through fasting!
The real Church in the west and first of all the leaders need to again learn how to fast. The Lord gave Brother Yun as he was the third time in Prison the grace to fast 74 days without food and water! So considering such a sacrifice it should truly inspire us and help to understand that fasting a few weeks every year, sometimes 50 or 60 days is something small, and insignificant and I believe a basic requirement for leaders, because if for Jesus it was necessary to fast to have the authority to drive out a certain kind of demons how much more for us today!
So please be very sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit in our days on that matter, sometimes it is a matter of fasting just for two or three days and sometimes it maybe a matter of fasting for 40 days, but will be crucial to walk in victory today!
Lesson # 8
Secondly I believe the Lord requires from anybody who desires and walks in Revival Ministry today to be a Nazirite, that means a Covenant with God to have no open door in your life for the devil and in particular to say no to any form of the misuse of alcohol, promiscuity and dead religion of which their is plenty around! The Lord wants to release His anointing into pure vessels and as more as we walk into the End times the attacks of the devils will become stronger and the requirements to stand up against sin and to refuse any compromise in your life will become higher and higher! But I tell you it is worth a thousand times, because the reward of His Spirit and to see His promises to be fulfilled is better then anything the world could offer, it is the beginning of a life in abundance of the Grace, the Power and the Glory of God!
Yes Revival will return to Florida!
Florida has seen already several powerful Revivals through the past two decades, in Fort Lauderdale in the early nineties, in Pensacola 1995 to 2000 as well as Lakeland which had hosted several Revivals including the Revival in 2008 just to mention a few, but I believe there is much more to come and I believe what is around the corner is even greater then everything Florida has ever seen.
A few weeks ago I listened to John Kilpatrick, sharing Pastor David Yong Cho's Vision of Revival for America:
The Lord told Him how He would lighten a fire in Pensacola and which would burn there for a moment, then it would move over to the Bay, where it is right now and then move back along the coast to Florida and engulf it. From there it would go up the East Coast and then turn toward the Midwest and southwest and at last shoot out through the North West.
Please listen to it yourself:
I know in my Spirit that this is the word of the Lord for the Hour and in the same way the first two parts of the Word came through the next 5 will in the very same way!
Yes the Lord will set America ablaze through the Fire of the Holy Ghost and bring in the Harvest He has prepared for himself before the foundations of the World and I simply want to encourage you to prepare very wisely, exactly like the lady which was advised to gather all the jars she could find in the neighborhood and on the day the oil would flow, it filled every jar she had made ready. In the very same way, will the Lord fill every one hungry and thirsty for Him who will yield to Him in repentance and faith regardless of race, rank and passed, and be ready for His return!
Dear Friends, time is short and His return is close at hand!
Do all you can to be where He moves His Cloud of Glory until He returns!
It is our prayer, that our testimony from the Lakeland Revival will inspire you and strengthen your faith and enlargen your Vision, and help you to overcome the attacks and traps from the devil and may the Lord grant you to carry His Fire to lighten many fires and finish your task fully for His Glory in Jesus Mighty Name!
Ueli and Charle'
Living Fire Ministry
* * * * *