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 Awesome Victory!
Water is now flowing
for Agape Academy, the Orphenage
and the Town of Kosele, Kenya!
Dezember 2015

Mark Okoth beside the new Waterpump, which pumps enough Water for the Orphenage, the School and the Town of Kosele.
In the Fall 2015, enough founds came in in order to drill the whole of aprox 140 m through stony ground and Rock in order to find Water!
What a blessing, and a big hug and thankyou to all those who prayed and those who gave!May the Lord reward you a thaousand fold!

To our Lord Jesus all the Glory and Praise!


Mark Okoth neben der neuen Pumpe, welche nun genügend Wasser liefert für das Waisenhaus, die Schule und das Dorf Kosele.

Im Herbst 2015, bekam Philemon genügend Unterstützung, damit sie die geplante Bohrung durführen konnten von ca 140 durch Gestein und Fels um auf Wasser zu stossen. Allen Betern und Gebern ein riesiges Danke von Philemon, Mark und allen Kindern! Möge der Herr es Euch tausendfach verfgelten!

Unserem Herrn Jesus alle Ehre und Dank!


We need to drill WATER
for the Orphans and School in Kenya!

        Bishop Dr. Philemon Okoth is from Kenya, and is founder and Leader of Miracle Land Ministries  in Kosele, Kenya

He is one of the most humble men I have ever met, with a genuine love for people, from the lowest to the highest. He has extensively ministered in Germany through the past 15 years and oversees more than hundred Churches across Kenya. 

One of the Verses, which is a guiding light for his Ministry, is James 1:27:

Pure and undefiled religion before God and the Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their trouble, and to keep oneself unspotted from the world.

This verse has motivated him to found an Orphanage and a School called AGAPE Academy in Kosele, Kenyaand to help many of the children who live in the Streets and those whose parents have died through Aids can receive new hope, a home and an education. At the moment the Academy hosts approximately 400 kids and has 26 staffmembers and it is growing every day.
They desperately need clean water,they need a well for the School and the Orphanage.

The estimations by specialists for the cost to drill a well approximately 500 feet deep and a pump would cost between $20,000 and $30,000.

and Give today!

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LivingFire Ministry International
Praise Report Newsletter

We want to send you our love, greetings and best wishes for this New Year 2013!

It’s amazing how time flies by, somehow didn’t 2012 just begin?  It’s a real blessing to enjoy the peace and quiet of Christmas and New Year after a very busy fall season.  2012 was a very special year, a year with great opportunities, but also great financial challenges. We had some great open doors to preach the Gospel in nine meetings in France and to publish our first Book into German. We were able to bring in several Apostles for our meetings here in Switzerland, Pastor Ray Martell from Canada for two meetings, Claude Widmer from Follow Him International in Switzerland and Bishop Philemon Okoth from Kenya.

We also wanted to bless the children in His School and Orphanage in Kenya, we support Philemon and the work he does and we send offerings that come in for him and we also give what we can from LivingFire Ministry because the Lord has birthed a ministry in our hearts for the orphans in Kenya and India…

We want to Thank all of you that answered the call to give to these ministries through LivingFire. The money we received was sent before Christmas to both ministries.

We were able to buy and send Bibles to India and support Pastor Mohana’ Orphanage there in picture below.. 

We were able to help feed them for Christmas with a special cake and gifts, and rice for the widows. We want to give God all the Glory for these awesome moments, where we saw Him move in Love, Power and Glory. At the same time in order to see these miracles to come to pass, often we had to stay firm in faith until the last minute and like asking the Lord for a big iron bar, in order to be able to move the mountain which stood in the way to victory.

What I felt through this process, that the Lord was establishing Apostolic Authority on the earth, among His people and the nations. It was something which could be tangibly felt at the Conference the Call, during the 12 hours nonstop of prayer, repentance and worship. You could really sense the roaring of the Lion of Judah, and the very same in the joint service on Nov. 30. by the Staff from the Brownsville Revival, together with the Team of the Bay Revival, taking a stand that Revival is alive and well today!  (Here’s the link, if you are interested) So what is next, what is coming? Well I believe it’s going to be an exciting year! When I was pondering and praying over the past couple of weeks two thoughts came to my spirit which I want to share here. Both thought’s are about the number 13, which generally as believers we do not like too much.  First I want to remind you, about Israel arriving at Jericho; they marched twelve times around the city. Twelve times nothing happened, but something was established in the Spirit realm around the City (Once every day for 6 days and on the 7 day 6 times.) But when they did their turn number 13, and the Shofars began to sound and the people began to shout, something powerful happened: Those manmade walls who where build to protect wickedness and sin, fell down. Joshua 6. As we saw at Jericho they are still straight down in the ground still today, you can’t rebuild the walls the Lord brings down. Maybe you have been serving the Lord for many years and for many years you went through the country in prayer with only little result. Our prayer is, that in this coming year, when you do your prayer tour or preach your hearts out or whatever, that the walls will fall and a mighty victory / harvest, beyond our imagination will come in, exactly like Israel experienced on this 13 tour. The second thought I had was about the Book of Esther. I believe everybody can see, that Israel is in a very tight spot and the forces to destroy her are ready to strike and the fact that last fall America has voted once more for a devoted muslim to be President will even increase this challenge, like Elijah who poured water on the sacrifice, the alter and the trenches built around. But when we read, how through the fasting and prayers and a very bold action of Esther and the Believers the whole situation was turned around and on the 13 of the month, at the point when the enemy thought, that everything is secured for him to have his pleasure to strike, kill, steal and destroy the people of God, it was overturned on his own head and a big victory was won. Esther 3:13 and 9:1-17

May this words of blessing be with you and inspire all along of this new Year, our God is more than able to keep you in the palm in His hand and like Paul says at the end of the Epistle to the Romans to those who where faithful: For your obedience has become known to all. Therefore I am glad on your behalf; but I want you to be wise in what is good, and simple concerning evil. And the God of peace will crush Satan under your feet shortly.The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you. Amen. Romans 16: 19-20 It is the greatest privilege in life to serve the King of King, Jesus the Messiah, together with you, side by side and see His Kingdom come. We bless you in Jesus Name and may the words of this letter inspire you to go beyond and rise to the place where you are called to be and serve! Don’t forget Israel in your prayers…

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013! Ueli & Charle’Hi
* * * * *