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Prophetic Art is a Special Gift!
Hi this is Charle'! I am the artist in the Family and I want to express that I am an artist only through the moving and leading of the Holy Spirit. It's a gift from the Lord and I give Him all the glory for it, and all that is done through it. Everyone always says "wow you have a gift", and indeed, so I named my work "CharlezGift".
I am not educated in art as some people are trained in art as a profession and I have never had a art lesson, its a gift and as I am led by the spirit I paint, then and only then can I paint.
Some of the following pictures are given to me by the Lord in visions and dreams (none of them are finished on yet, I do not have the gold dust on). I saw this beautiful white horse kicking up gold dust as the angels got him ready for Yeshua to ride back for His final return, I named him Destiny, because that is his Destiny...
For many years I have made paintings and banners, praise flags for the Glory of God. To bless Jesus and the body of Christ...It is Prophetic art to me, I paint in the spirit and see what the spirit shows me to paint...
If you are interested in purchasing any of my artwork pictured on this page, please contact me personally at
Bless You! Charle'
“The Prophetic Artist”
Excerpt from our Book the
"Seven Eyes of the Messiah"
Prophetic Art is a different branch but a very important part of the anointing of the Prophetic Encourager. It is the gift to display the designs and purposes of God to the body of Christ, and even the entire World.
In Exodus we see the Lord calling by name Bezaleel; (the Temple Artist) God filled him with His Spirit and in Wisdom, and in understanding and in knowledge and in all manner of workmanship. In all those he appointed to help with the Temple work, who were wise hearted He put wisdom so they could complete their tasks…Bezaleel had to create what Moses saw in Heaven and through this he became the founder of Prophetic Art for the
Old and the New Testament…
This is a very important gift, because it brings the prophetic pictures and purposes into reality and is one of the ways for God to communicate to His people His designs and plans. Therefore the gift of the Prophetic Artist is related and very similar to the encouraging Prophet, and the Spirit of Wisdom is also flowing here. The people that are called and anointed to operate in this gifting are chosen of God and then filled with His Spirit with whatever anointing they need to accomplish their commission. Today God
 is calling many ordinary people to walk in this calling.
You know if we get down to where we live, I am an artist, never having any art lessons in my life.  When I paint something beautiful, I am in awe of God, and I can’t believe that I have created this painting. I wonder how can I take any kind of credit for the work even though I did it with my hand, then I know I have the responsibility to realize that the ability came from not just somewhere but from God and I need to give Him all the Glory for blessing me with His ability to take a blank canvas and to create something beautiful on it, and the fact that people would want to hang these paintings in their homes or their Churches…
We were at Mahesh Chavda’s Church in South Carolina a few years ago
and during the Conference there were several ladies painting in the back of the tent, they had their easels set up, and were just there painting throughout
the service. Later they said there was to be a silent auction for the spirit paintings, and the money received would be a love offering for the Lord... The ladies had been painting in the Spirit and all of the paintings were different…It was like they could each see the different purposes of God in
the Spirit and through the paintings they each brought different ones into
the natural world…These ladies were each moved in different ways by the Spirit, as were all of us there at the Conference.
I realized through that I was also in the Spirit when I paint, because when I wasn’t in the Spirit I couldn’t paint anything. I also realized my gift is from the Lord, any gifting I have I got from the Lord, and when I stay in His Spirit He can use me to bring forth His purposes into the natural through my artwork. They will express to those that see them Gods designs and plans and purposes… Religion can’t stand this sharing of the anointing.
I volunteered to work for several ministries my six years in Israel, before I met Ueli, it proved that over and over to me, I was at a place where they make David Harps in the City of David one day and there was a man there that had his wood ready and everything to make his harp and my friend said Charle’ you have the anointing of Bezaleel so pray for him to have it as he makes his harp. Although I moved in that anointing for several years it never dawned on me that’s what I was doing until someone spoke it into my life, by saying that to me. If we would share freely what Jesus gave us, we would get even more to share, because He says in His word to freely give what we have been freely given…? And when we move in that we are continually filled, we will never run out… Praise God!     
When you look at a picture of a beautiful horse; do you see the Majesty of God in His creation?  This is a picture of God’s creation, it’s not a painting it’s a real horse, and no one can reproduce this in a painting, maybe come close but not really... But when He puts His ability on us, we can do what He wants us to do, His will in our lives have an awesome effect on the Body of Christ. Because I believe at some point, or some miracle Moses stopped stuttering!
The Lord has given the one that took the picture of the horse a gift to photograph this majestic creature in all of his glory…The Photographer has an awesome gift, so we can do it by allowing God’s ability to move in us…and through us to others…
Blessings, Charle'