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The Bay Revival

Its absolutly great to watch the Bay Revival. We love the Worship, the preaching and the miracles which are happening.

Personally I believe it is much more important to watch these Revival unfold as to watch the News! Because we need to be in tune with Endtime Revival!
Endtime Harvest is the heartbeat of Jesus!

The second point we like is how John Kilpatrick as an Apostolic Father leads the Revival and at the other hand gives room for Nathan Morris and all those who minister to fully soar as the Spirit leads.
May the Lord bless them in a mighy way!

Here the grat miracle which somehow triggered the Revival,
to our Lord Jesus all the Glory:

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Delia Knox Walking- Bay of the Holy Spirit Revival
What you are watching happened right in front of me at the Bay of the Holy Spirit Revival on August 27, 2010. Many of us here in Mobile, AL have known Bishop Levy Knox and his wife Delia for many year...


3 Milestones
for the Body of Messiah

From the messages we watched there where three services, which I believe are Milestones not just for these Revival, but for the Body of Christ worldwide:
The first happend on Janary 13, when Dutch Sheets was invited:

Third Great Awakening

Worship with Bryn Waddell from The Ramp and be inspired by messages from John Kilpatrick and Dutch Sheets. Pastor John talks about great revivals of the past, sharing how revival takes place in times of spiritual decline and how Holy Ghost fire is now sweeping the USA. Dutch Sheets has previously given a prophetic word about the Bay Revival and talks about the Third Great Awakening, and how it has already begun. He lays a foundation for this latest move of God and makes prophetic proclamations about the times we’re living in and over the nations of the World. You will be challenged to believe God for more of Him in your life and community as you watch.
“We're coming into a time when dramatic miracles and great testimonies will not be the exception, they'll be the norm!" - Dutch Sheets.

The second was the night on January 22, when the Silver Trumpet where blown:

Blow the trumpet in Zion,
Sound an alarm in My holy mountain...” (Joel 2:1)

Lydia Stanley will lead you into the presence of God as you join in the worship. A silver trumpet is blown after Pastor John shares how this represents God calling His people to be more focused on Him and to move with Him as He changes their lives. Believe God for breakthrough in your life as the trumpet sounds and take up the call to war for a great harvest of souls. You will also be inspired as Pastor John goes onto the floor to talk to some of the people who have been touched at the Bay. This includes a young man who was prayed out of a coma and a woman who was saved after being in the occult for 13 years. Two men from Sweden, who had been watching on the GOD Channel, share how they came to the Revival and received healing. Nathan talks about how God called Him to start ‘Shake the Nations’ with a word from Haggai 2:7 and shows videos of what God has done through his ministry since 2006 and through the Bay Revival. He preaches a strong message on God’s transformation power and shares a prophetic word. “God is going to raise up men and women who will preach the Blood and the Cross. They will go across the nations and harvest a great number of souls. What we have seen at the Bay is a drop in the ocean in comparison with the way God is about to move.” A solemn moment takes over the service, as everyone waits upon the Lord. Be sensitive to the Holy Spirit at you watch and be touched by the Lord.

And the third on February 25,

A Vision of Revival by David Yongi Cho

Watch this second broadcast from the Bay Revival on Tour in New Jersey, USA, as the Holy Spirit descends on those gathered and in your home Worship with Lydia Stanley in a holy moment as one voice is raised towards Heaven and hear Pastor John Kilpatrick share on revival. He tells how David Yongi Cho prophesied over America in the 90s and how revival will come to the North East. You will be amazed as Delia Knox testifies how she is now walking free after 22.5 years of paralysis from the waist down. "Your feet will only go where your mind takes you," she says, giving glory to God for her healing The crowd spontaneously starts chanting 'Jesus Jesus'and Evangelist Nathan Morris speaks about Impartation. "God has put treasures in earthen vessels and it's for every generation," he says. "You owe your generation an encounter with God. Sound the alarm! Fires will burn all around America and men and women will run to them."

A Testimony

A percious friend of ours, Mark Tanner, who went to the Revival shares here his Testimony, how the Lord touched him on February 3 at the Revival:

Thursday was our first revival meeting. I can only offer you my own personal testimony, and as for me (Mark), I want to tell you that the Lord heard my cry as He met me straight away. The theme of Thursday night’s meeting was ”The Call of God.”  Jesus has a call on all of our lives, and He wants to fill us with the fire of the Holy Spirit to ignite us so that we can completely and effectively walk out that calling. He wants to burn away the things that hinder us, and He wants to equip us through the power of His Holy Spirit! At the end of the Wednesday evening meeting there was a call to the front for all those who wanted to receive this Holy Spirit Fire equipping. I didn’t know what the Lord had for me there, but I knew there was an open heaven and that His presence was being poured out, so I responded. 
As I was standing there below the platform, I was praying with my hands lifted and crying out to the Lord saying, “Lord, I have traveled over 900 miles to meet with You. Lord, please show yourself to me. Please reveal yourself to me. I make myself available to you. Do something!" Then the most amazing thing happened. Evangelist Nathan Morris walked over to the side of the platform were I was standing and looked down to me. He looked me in the eye and said, “Come now! Bring him to me right away.” And so I was the first person that Nathan called out from the crowd during the revival! So as I was ushered up to the platform, the worship team was playing and Nathan came to me. He stood there, looked at me, then he yelled, “Fire!,” and touched me. I felt the power of the Holy Spirit come upon me in a way that I had never before experienced. Then Nathan touched my belly where I have my hernia and again yelled, “Fire,” and for the first time in my life I fell down under the power of the Holy Spirit. I think I was up there for about ½ hour. I was crying and weeping like a little child as I just continually surrendered my all to the Father. After a while, I began to come back into my mind, and as I did, I began to ask myself if I should get up and leave the platform. Then I heard the Lord tell me, “No, just stay where you are. I called you up here for a reason, so just enjoy my presence right here where you are.” And so I obeyed. One of the really cool things is that we were still live on GOD TV, and so this was broadcast live around the world. Oh what a mighty God we serve! If you would like to see the broadcast, here is the link. Please watch the last segment of the 3 ½ hour program just before they sign off from the GOD TV broadcast. This is a long broadcast, about 3 ½ hours. I would strongly encourage you to watch all of it! But please at least forward through each 30 minute segment until you reach the end to share with me my praise report.

I want to tell you all something here; I am ruined for life! I can never go back! I will forever pursue the touch of The Master. I WILL FOREVER WANT MORE!