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Crowning Words for 2018

Dear Friends,

two amazing words where given at the End of 2018, I believe they are true lightning-bolts from Heaven to lead us into the New Year of 2019, to empower us to enter into Gods plans and purposes for this coming season.

We love you and bless you in Jesus Mighty Name

Ueli and Charle'

A Seismic shift for the next 12 days:
I will make thee whole!
by Henry Falcone

A Seismic Shift 2019.pdf (PDF — 342 KB)

A Vision of the Courtroom of Heaven
By Maurice Sklar


Krönende Worte für das Jahr 2018

Liebe Freunde
wir möchte hier einige wichtige Worte zum Ende dieses Jahres weitergeben, in einem gewissen Sinn ein Lichtblitz vom Himmel, der uns ins neue Jahr befördern und bevollmächten soll!

Gedanken zur Vision von Maurice Sklar,
sowie dem neuen Jahr 2019
Ueli Surbeck

Eine Vision vom Gerichtssaal des Himmels
Durch Maurice Sklar

Seid gesegnet
Ueli und Charle'


Wichtige INFO Nov. 2018

Liebe Freunde,

wir hatten eine Reihe
von ganz genialen Treffen:

in Wilchingen / SH / CH

sowie in Ste Croix, VD

mit Pierre-Daniel Martin
wenn jemand eine Audio - Aufnahme möchte
dann bitte kontaktiert uns...


"Der Bräutigam ist NAHE"
Ein Ruf und eine Warnung des Herrn!
August 2018
germanvirgins.pdf (PDF — 755 KB)

1. August 2018
Gott baut die „Mauer der Wahrheit“

Eine prophetische Botschaft für die Schweiz

Die weiteren Botschaften dieser Serie sind auf der folgenden Seite:

  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

Full Lunar Eclipse
27th of July 2018

We consider this not a coincidence that this Eclipse happened just one day after we released the messages below.
Exactly like a Solar Eclipse often is a sign for the Gentiles,
a Lunar Eclipse is a sign for the Jewish people. May those who have ears understand what the Holy Spirit it saying:

Prophetic Summary July
26th of July 2018

Dear Friends and Visitors,

Greetings in the Mighty Name of Jesus. Here is the fresh prophetic Summary with some specific words for America, Switzerland and Russia, but the main thread through this Summary is the fact, that the Lord is raising an Army for himself. May these words help you to seek the Lord and to understand His amazing work, preparing His Bride/His Army in this Hour and His mighty work in and among the Nations.

Dreamvirgins2.pdf (PDF — 979 KB)

TRUTH DREAM.pdf (PDF — 366 KB)

Upstream 7.pdf (PDF — 584 KB)

Draining the swamp.pdf (PDF — 423 KB)

Why should I.pdf (PDF — 280 KB)

Enoch company.pdf (PDF — 138 KB)

We bless you in Jesus mighty Name,
and to Him be all the Glory
Ueli and Charle'

Prophetic Summary
Passover 2018

Dear Visitors and Friends,

sorry for the delay of this update,
it is rather short this time, but the links are very important, it will give you a glimpse of His amazing work in this hour! Time is so short and the Day of the Lord is truly at hand!

Be Highly blessed and to our Lord and King Jesus Messiah be all the Glory

Ueli and Charle'

Prophetic Summary
February 2018

Summary feb 2018.pdf (PDF — 514 KB)

News and Prophetic Summary
November 2017

Mystery of Intimacy.pdf (PDF — 486 KB)

The Shaking.pdf (PDF — 1 MB)

Prophetic Words.pdf (PDF — 453 KB)

* * * * * *

Prophetic News
Feast of Tabernacles - Sukkot 2017

Dear Friends,

most of you are very well aquanted with the prophetic sign which appeared in the Heavens obove Jerusalem on September 23rd, when the so called virgin gave birth, as Storm Joseph and Maria where Dancing in the Atlantic/Caribean.
 It is of a prophetic importance with the same importance when the Stars apeared in the Heavens at the time of Jesus Birth!

The question is, what is its meaning... many suggested the end of the world others the rapture which I truly belive is great rubbish.... but there is some important meaning to it for sure!

Here is a message given by Nevil Johnson in 2016, which in my book is sharp and the best explanation I have heard on the subject:

On the last Day of the Feast of Tabernacle Jesus spoke these amazing Words:

On the last day, that great day of the feast, Jesus stood and cried out, saying, “If anyone thirsts, let him come to Me and drink. He who believes in Me, as the Scripture has said, out of his heart will flow rivers of living water.”
But this He spoke concerning the Spirit, whom those believing in Him would receive; for the Holy Spirit was not yet given, because Jesus was not yet glorified. John 7:37-39

attached are several important words and messages in relation with this Birthing which is taking place in relation to Revelation 12 and the last and great Day of the Feast of Tabernacle 2017:

1. A word called: Christian Leaders betraying Messiah Jesus with a Kiss!
it is something which is a message that has been growing on our hearts since more than a year.
it is an important trumpet sound for the hour we are entering in!

2. Prophetic Catholics and the great Exodus
is a prophetic word given by Dennis Cramer 20 Years ago and very relevant for today!
We truly love the Catholic people, they are our Brothers and Sisters and many of them love the Lord more than we do! It is our heart-beat and prayer, that they can understand and
enter into their Prophetic Destiny, this the reason we share this word!

3. The New Temple of Babylon
is a prophetic Revelation of the blueprint for the Baby which is groomed in the Vatican in this very hour.(by the way its birth will take place very soon...)

We need to understand what the enemy is doing in order to avoid the trap and help many to get out of it!

4. 2017 Israel
is a Powerpoint of the things happening in the Heavens right now above Jerusalem, illustrated by picturs and scripture. It is given to us by Jesus Ministry Switzerland, so lots of thanks to them, George and Monica!
2017 Israel II.pdf (PDF — 2 MB)

5.A September of Sorrows

The Month of September 2017 was truly a crazy months, with the devastation of many Carribean Islands through the three Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria, the Flooding in Southeast Asia, devastating areas in India, Bangladesh and Nepal, and the tragic persecution and flight of half a Million of Rohingya People, who fled Myanmar.

September of Sorrows.pdf (PDF — 325 KB)

If there was ever a time, where the Body of Messiah is called to extend His love and mercy to those in need it is today!

May this be our prayer and heart cry in this season,
followed by the actions as directed by the Holy Ghost!

To Him our Messiah Jesus be all the Glory,
we bless you in His Mighty Name!

In His Love
Ueli & Charle'

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

Prophetic News

Aug 29th 2017

Dear Friends,

Below is the fresh prophetic Summary. One of the focuses is the importance to pray for President Trump in this hour, as well as the understanding how close we are moving towards the Day of the Lord.

Certainly the recent Flooding in Texas, which is happening should be another focus and will be a real Test for America not just for the Administration, but even more so for the Boddy of Messiah to open their doors and make available everything they can in order to extend the mercyful hand of our Lord to people in great trouble! May the Lord extend His Grace over Texas like never before and give us the grace to understand what He is doing and join in His Mighty Work.

Be highly blessed
Ueli & Charle’

Upstream July 29.pdf (PDF — 711 KB)

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

Reformation Today / Heute
July 2017

a very special Testimony:

Refomation today 2017.pdf (PDF — 965 KB)
hier in Deutsch mit Einführung:

Reformation III.pdf (PDF — 1 MB)

die weiteren Botschaften von Dieter, von welchen wir einige neu hinzugefügt haben sind unter dem folgenden link:

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

Prophetic News

"special Edition"
July 18th 2017

Dear Friends and Family,

here is the new Prophetic Summary,
we hope and pray you enjoy it:

Dobble Blessing.pdf (PDF — 346 KB)

Bolivian Mission.pdf (PDF — 340 KB)

The White Horse.pdf (PDF — 372 KB)

Pray about Pedogate.pdf (PDF — 412 KB)

may the Lord give you the grace to walk in these words and may He produce an aboundance of Fruit through you,
as the word says:

And the remnant who have escaped of the house of Judah Shall again take root downward, and bearfruit upward.
2 King 19:30

To Him our Messiah Jesus be all the Glory,
we bless you in His Mighty Name!

In His Love
Ueli & Charle'


Prophetic News
May 7th 2017

Dear Friends and Family,

We have a lot of things to share and many topics to cover in this prophetic update, because a lot of time has passed since end of January and the Lord has done so much, it is too much to cover in just one update.
First of all we have amazing news to share, just two days ago our third great-grandchild was born Emery Farryn Abbott which means “brave adventure”. We believe she will bring our Family a lot of joy and our Lord and King Jesus a lot of glory and fame!
Today is Election Day in France and the Battle in the past months till today was fierce, and in fact very similar to the Battle around the Election in America last fall. I want to reach out to all of you today, to stand in prayer with France, in order to believe for a mighty breakthrough, like we saw in America on Nov. 8.
After the most wonderful weather in March and beginning April, Frost and Snow which came in the second part of April brought much damage to many places in Central and south Eastern Europe, destroying many Vineyards and Orchards and many of the blossoming fields! What is happening in the physical is a warning to us, how the enemy is in rage about the awesome things the Lord is doing in this very special year and wants to kill, steel and destroy. In particular the country of Moldavia known as the Fruit and Vegetable-Garden of Russia as well as parts of Romania and Ukraine where struck with up to 2 feet of snow.
It is truly time for us, the Body of Messiah to humble ourselves and seek the Face of God for our Nations, because thousands of people will be left in very difficult financial Situations, and foot shortage will surly become a reality in Europe which has known abundance for so many decades.
Here are to clips to watch to give you an idea:

America is often on my heart these days. President Trump and his Team is preparing some of the long awaited reforms America desperately needs. They way he is resisted by the progressive left and Media shows, that there is almost a civil war which has began and a battle, which needs to be won in prayer, in order that Gods plan for America can come to pass! But I have a deep concern of what he wants to do with the Palestinians, this is a major trap and we need to pray, that he pulls back from touching Israel, because the NWO-people wants to divide Israel in this hour more than ever and if Pres. Trump takes part in it, the consequences for America would be devastating!

Here is a great clip with an Interview with Pastor Joe Sweet with a lot of prophetic Insight for America:

He also wrote the Book called The Resurrection of the USA, a word of Hope.

It is a free ebook, which I encourage all of you to read:

And last, I want to remind you, that Pentecost this year will be very important turning point for all believers. Like Pierre-Daniel Martin and others said, the Lord will pour out a fresh Fire and Anointing and prepare us for the very difficult years which are ahead of us. It is important for all of us, that we catch this wave and ask the Lord to place us in the very spot He wants us to be, in the Upper Room on Mount Zion He has prepared for us and you, in order to receive all He has for us and be ready for the things which come next!

David Herzog.pdf (PDF — 234 KB)

Higher Ground.pdf (PDF — 344 KB)

Season of Suddenlies.pdf (PDF — 569 KB)

To our King Jesus Messiah be
all Glory, Honor, Wisdom and Praise!

We bless you in Jesus mighty Name
Ueli & Charle’


Dear Family and Friends,

 Today on Resurrection Day,

We declare to you today with joy in our hearts, JESUS IS RISEN, He is alive, He saves, He heals, He redeems and He forgives and sets free today!

Be highly blessed today!

In His love

Ueli & Charle'


Fresh Prophetic Update

January / February 2017

A clarion Call to pray!

Dear Friends and Family,

an absolutely amazing new Year has began. In the past 8 days I was already more than shaken, but in a good sense of the word! It is obvious, that the Lord is doing something brand new and radical!

Thanks from the bottom of my heart to all those who had been praying for Charle’ my precious Darling. She is doing better day by day! It is God’s mercy combined with your prayers which has brought us so far!

Watching in the past two days Donald Trump being established President of America has truly been an amazing moment of shift which is taking place in America and the world!

The Words I have in my spirit are: The indignation is passed!Isaiah 26:20
We truly believe, that the Lord has been rising up Donald Trump in order to bring America back on track, which also means from the fold of the goat-nations back to the fold of the sheep-nations and out of the hand of the globalists/communists who tried to destroy her and give it back into the hand of the people, in order that God's plans and purposes with America can be fulfilled!

I hope that this should fill us with great joy and faith, that our King Jesus is able to do this today in the year 2017! And I believe the wave of mercy and grace, which is released over America will touch many other nations and create a new alliance of Sheep nations in the world, nations who will stand on righteousness, based on the principles of the Bible, nations of freedom, nations where the Gospel is preached in Power and Glory and nations who stand faithfully with Israel!
Attached are several words in relation of what God is doing right now in America, may He give us in the nations all around the world, the international Body of Messiah the grace to join in!

Below we want to share an important prayer request, please let’s stand united together for our Brothers in Prison, may the Lord operate the same miracles He did for Apostle Peter, sending His Angels to save and to anoint to preach with even greater boldness the Eternal Gospel of Jesus the Messiah!

We bless you in Jesus Mighty Name and may the Lord prepare y’all for the amazing Flame of Revival, Reformation and Revolutions which our Lord Jesus is releasing  in this year of 2017! To Him be all the Glory, Honor and Praise!

Ueli and Charle’

Joy.pdf (PDF — 207 KB)

Major Release.pdf (PDF — 258 KB)

year of the sword.pdf (PDF — 379 KB)


We whish you all a most blessed
Year 2017 / 5777
with lots of heavenly surprises and may the Lord open the floodgates of Heaven over you and may showers of favor and great grace flow over you abundantly and overtake you!
We bless y'all in Jesus Mighty Name
Ueli & Charle'


Grüsse und Gedanken
zum Jahresende
Dez. 26. 2016

Liebe Freunde und Familie,

Das Ende dieses Jahres 2016 ist sehr besonders, am 24. Dezember begann Hanukka und Weihnachten an demselben Tag. Nun gleichgültig ob wir das eine oder andere feiern, das erste Licht von Hanukka, gehört ganz sicher unserem Herrn, Messias und König Jesus, denn Er ist das Licht der Welt und als Er in die Welt kam wurde das Wort erfüllt:

Das Volk, das in der Finsternis wandelt, hat ein großes Licht gesehen; über den Bewohnern des Landes der Todesschatten ist ein Licht aufgeleuchtet. Du hast das Volk vermehrt, hast seine Freude groß gemacht; sie werden sich vor dir freuen, wie man sich in der Ernte freut, wie [die Sieger] jubeln, wenn sie Beute verteilen. Denn du hast das Joch zerbrochen, das auf ihm lastete, und den Stab auf seiner Schulter, und den Stecken seines Treibers, wie am Tag Midians. Jesaja 9:1-3

Sein Licht hat die Kraft und Macht, die ganze Dunkelheit der Finsternis dieser Tage von Trauer, Mühsahl und Einsamkeit genauso wie alle Auswüchse der Habsucht und Zauberei zu sprengen und in die grösste Freude zu verwandeln, durch Sein kommen auf unsere Erde, Sein Werk am Kreuz und durch Seine Gegenwart!

Was bedeutet Chanukka auf Hebräisch?

Der Name „Chanukka“ ist eine Abkürzung für: חנו כ"ה – das bedeutet, dass die Makkabäer sich am „5th (כ"ה) des Monats Kislew von ihren Feinden ausruhten (hanu-חנו lässt sich mit „geparkt” übersetzen) und an diesem Tag aufhörten, sich um den Krieg zu sorgen. Aber ist das alles?
Eine weitere Erklärung für den Ursprung des Namens Chanukka stammt von den Wörtern חנוכת המזבח - chanukat hamizbeach, was Weihung des Altars bedeutet. Diese fand statt, nachdem die Makkabäer den Tempel erobert und gereinigt hatten. In ihrem Gedenken finden wir uns alle zusammen und feiern das Lichtfester, fröhliche Mahlzeiten und Freude. Der Feiertag Chanukka hat viele andere Namen. Zu ihnen gehören חג האורים-hag ha'urim – das Lichterfest.
Dies die Ausführungen von eTeacher in Hebräisch.... welche meines erachtens sehr inspirierend und sehr viel bedeutung für diese Tage haben.
Angehängt sind die ersten beiden Botschaften einer neuen Reihe welche mir der Herr seid einigen Wochen aufs Herz legte zu schreiben, mit dem Titel der Kampf um Zion. Ich habe den Eindruck es geht darum, um in diesen Botschaften Oel freizusetzen damit der Herr durch Seinen Geist in Euren/unseren Leben die weiteren Lichter des Hanukka-Leuchters anfachen und auflodern lässt, damit Ihr/wir alle in diesem neuen Jahr 2017, so wie es der Psalmist sagt in Psalm 104, zu wehenden Feuerflammen werdet!

der seine Engel zu Winden macht,
seine Diener zu Feuerflammen.

Mit diesen Worten möchten wir Euch Segnen und Danken für alle Gebete, Eure Freundschaft und Unterstützung in diesem besonderen Jahr, welches wir als einen unbezahlbaren Schatz verstehen. Wir sind sehr dankbar für alles das wir in diesem Jahr erlebt haben und Glauben, dass der Herr in diesem neuen Jahr grosses tun wird und uns vorbereitet um die Herausforderungen von 2017 mit erhobenem Haupte anzugehen, und wie David als er nach Ziklag zurückkehrte und die Situation in völligem Desaster vorfand, (eine Sitution mit welcher sich einige im Reich Gottes zur Zeit identifizieren können, auch wir) alles zurückerobern können und noch viel mehr, denn unser Herr ist ein Herr der Güte und der Gnade, der Seinem Volk in diesen Tagen gewaltige Siege schenken möchte, auch wenn es zur Zeit (noch) nicht so aussieht!

Jesus unserem König zu Lob und Ehre!

Ueli & Charle‘ Surbeck

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

Fresh prophetic News
- Third REFORMATION 2017 -

Dezember 2016

We have several prophetic words to share tonight with you, we hope and pray they are a great encouragement for you today!


One of the important themes of the coming year 2017 / 5777 is Reformation, Third Reformation.

It was at the end of our trip across France in 2012 when the Pastors of the Ministry we stayed with, took us to a place close by called La Chaire a Calvin. It was the literal place out in the country, where John Calvin, the great Presbyterian reformer, preached on a rock platform to large crowds of people hungry for truth, near the shelter when he was living in Angouleme in 1520.

The Lord touched us there and after we arrived home for a week, the Holy Ghost continued to speak to me about the Third Reformation, which is happening now!

One of the first thing He did, He took me back and began to show me the First Reformation, continuing over these past four years, which happened in 325 AD, which is also known as the Constantinian Reformation, still influencing most Churches of today in a greater way, then we think and realize! He showed me clearly, that it was at that point, that the Church of the Living God, became organized Religion! It was at that point, that the Basket Zech 5:5 talks about, was integrated into the Foundation of the Church and had its perverting effect ever since. And therefore one of the keys of the third Reformation is, that we uncover the Basket and throw it out and return to the true Foundations which are given in His Word, which are in its nature Messianic, Prophetic and Apostolic! It is a choice each believer and each Church has to take, in order to stand on solid ground and enter into all He has for us today!

May He lead us all on this awesome journey and may He give us the Grace to embrace today’s Reformation and may He prepare us for His Glory and fresh Holy Ghost Fire as we enter into this amazing Time!


To our Lord Jesus our King and Messiah be all the Glory!


We bless you in the mighty Name of Jesus, may this season be a season of breakthrough and time to remember the Birth of our Messiah and Lord and enjoy quality time with Family, knowing time is short!


Ueli & Charle’

Below are several great links and three powerful prophetic messages which we consider vital for this hour.


Ferns and Urns.pdf (PDF — 213 KB)

Trump Quake.pdf (PDF — 378 KB)

Backfire Justice.pdf (PDF — 177 KB)


The first link was sent to us by a friend Chris Ziegert, so we let him to the introduction:


Very practical message in the authority of the Lord...on time 

I was able to care for & get to know him the last couple of days.  He's of Cuban origin, Pastoring a growing church in Miami, he & his wife started as a Bible study 12 years ago, now 47 Nations of people within the congregation...

Check out this great message from Pastor Frank Lopez.

Mighty Warriors Mighty Worship  -



Secondly here is the link to Kim Clements Funeral service,

For those who want to give a last honor to a soldier who has joined the Cloud of Witnesses;

It’s an amazing testimony and moment to remind you, its now your turn to run and turn the nations upside down with the prophetic declaration of the prophetic revelations which will redeem and turn nations around!


And Third, here are two links, the first to a serie of Messages preached by David Hogan In South Africa, igniting and faning the flame of Revival in an awesome way:

The second link is talk behind the seceine as David and his son Jodi was visiting Iris Ministry, very insightful and encouraging



Fresh prophetic Words

Nov. 2016

Expansion.pdf (PDF — 274 KB)

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

zur prophetischen Konferenz
von LifeShare am 4./5. November
mit Pierre-Daniel Martin

Dies werden zwei sehr wichtige Tage werden für alle von uns, bei Fragen bitte kontaktiert uns!

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

Eyes of Love

This is a picture Charle' drew about 16 years ago, certainly before 9/11, when she stayed for several months in Bethany, Israel.
Do you know how much He loves you? How much He cares for you and how much He longs to talk to you?

Be highly blessed today!

A prophetic Word to the Remnant
by Pastor John Kilpatrick

I was recording as listening so you  may hear me manifesting, but recorded them all that were at end of service.
Blessings & Hugs, Pris  aka Maw, Mom


Rosh Hashana -
the Jewish New Year 5777 -

From the Evening of October 2nd to the Evening of October 4th

This is a very special year to come, like a second year of Jubilee after the Year of the Shemita.
It is the year we celebrate 500 years of Reformation and 50 years Jerusalem being return into Jewish hands, which means the Trumpet sound to usher in the 3rd Reformation world wide has begann!

The Lord gave us a special message to be released in honor of this very special Day, please enjoy it!

The Coming War II.pdf (PDF — 1 MB)
This the twofold Trumpet-Sound of Rosh Hashana!


US - Elections 2016

Most of us are aware of the Battle
which is happening in the US over the elections!
It is a life and death struggle, which is unfolding.
We have some very important infos on the Issue and ask you to go to the page where we have added some very important infos:


Update 29. 9. 2016
english - deutsch weiter unten

Dear Friends,

About a year has passed since we did our last update. It was a time of a lot of many changes, a lot of overtime-work, new things, Jobs etc, and problems with our laptop, that we never had time to do the important updates, therefore please forgive us!

We have several very important updates to make today, mainly in the section of America, where we add some important infos concerning the Elections, Prophecy for Switzerland IV and here.

We love you and pray for you and ask the Lord to anoint you a fresh and show you the way to go.

By the way we allways love to hear from people from around the world who visit our website, to get in touch with us, send us an email on:

Love and Shalom
Ueli & Charle'

“The Calm before the Storm”
Sept. 11 2016

One evening as my precious wife Charle’ stepped outside onto our patio, she quickly noticed the quietness, an eerie stillness in the air, as she looked around the Lord spoke to her, “This is the Calm before the Storm”.
For me that means a storm is coming where we may not be able to stand, it does not bring calm as part of its delivery….It is viscous and dangerous and we need to be prepared as the body of Christ to be ready to stand for Christ.

It’s the calm before the Storm!

At that very moment we truly enjoyed a very peaceful time after a very intense time of spring/summer, with lots of pressure and changes. I also believe this word applies to a larger prophetic sense, concerning the prophetic term called the Storm, with which most of you are familiar, a time which began about ten years ago and will include the coming war/struggle in the Middle East, it’s also called the time of Jacobs struggle.

Another word the Lord showed us, we are in the Calm of the eye of the Storm, which I believe means, we are soon coming to the end of the eye of the Storm, the middle of the Hurricane. What we need to understand is that the second part of the Storm will be much more intense than the first part!

Therefore our prayer for all of us, Lord Help us to prepare und truly understand in this season, what is important in Your eyes and help us to see the preparations which need to be done right now and enjoy this season of calm, because soon time will change!

Following are some excellent links that indicate and describe in an excellent way the clouds which are forming as we speak. A special thanks to all those who sent them to us!

With love and Shalom
Ueli & Charle’

Heads up!.pdf (PDF — 234 KB)


Deutsches Update:

Liebe Freunde,

es ist nun fast ein Jahr her, seid dem letzten update. Es war eine sehr hektischen Zeit mit sehr viel Veränderungen, vielen Ueberstunden bei der Arbeit, mit verschiednenen neuen Temporären Arbeiten und Herausforderungen, sowie Problemen mit den Laptops, doch in den letzten Wochen ist etwas Ruhe eingekehrt, und endlich etwas Zeit um an dieser "Baustelle" weiterarbeiten zu können.
Sorry dass es so lange gedauert hat.
Wir freuen uns immer von den Besuchern auf unserer Webseite zu hören, bitte schreibt uns wenn Ihr etwas Zeit habt, sendet uns Euer Zeugnis oder Gebetsanliegen auf:

Wir segnen Euch im mächtigen Namen Jesu!
Ueli & Charle'

1. August 2016

You need Flash Player in order to view this.
Lehmann Schwestern - Schweizer Psalm

Der Herr hat etwas starkes gewirkt an diesem 1. August und Sein Geist beginnt zu wehen wie noch nie und auf neue Weise in unserem Land, Ihm sei alle Ehre und Dank!

Uebrigens das Lied der Lehmanschwestern eines der Lieblingslieder unseres lieben Freundes Frank Beständig, der uns auch darauf aufmerksam machte, vielen Dank und sei gesegnet Frank!

Der Herr gab uns ein Wort für die Schweiz das wir hier einfügen möchten zusammen mit zwei weiteren Prophetischen Worten, das eine von Dieter Beständig, das andere von Pierre-Daniel Martin:

Gedanken und Input.pdf (PDF — 564 KB)

Vision Sylvester 2016.pdf (PDF — 445 KB)

Update 11. 7. 2015

Dear Friends,
here are two links of prophetic messages, which are very timly, hope you enjoy, and to our Lord be all the Glory!

Really serious, and weigh with God has shown you...God never shows me this kind of thing without Words of hope from Him...She had these visions 15 yrs ago...amazing  Woman's dreams about what is to come.
Living in S America right now.. Interview with Maurice Sklar about dreams

French / Français

Lien pour Message de PDM

En-dessous c'est écrit dans un pavé vert : continue reading.
Tu cliques dessus et il y a encore un autre message de PDM.
A la fin de ce 2e message, mais vraiment à la fin, tu auras le choix  trois autres messages avec : perspectives pour 2016; 2017 et 2018.

Update 26. 6. 2015

Liebe Freunde,
vor etwa einer Woche als wir unsere Ferien hier auf Patmos begannen, erinnerte mich der Heilige Geist, dass ich noch eine unvollendete Botschaft in meinem Archiv habe.
Nun ich begann dann etwas zu graben und wurde fündig. Es war ein Artikel, den ich vor ziemlich genau fünf Jahren begann zu schreiben und nun mit Hilfe von Wolfgang, konnte ich ihn etwas abstauben, polieren, sowie noch etwas up to date bringen. Für einige ist es vielleicht veraltete News, wir hoffen jedoch, dass es für einige gewisse Schlüssel beinhaltet, welche wichtig sind.
Es ist der Artikel Wolf im Schafspelz...!
Wir senden Euch allen ebenso unsere Liebe, Shalom und Gottes reichen Segen von der Insel der Offenbarung...!
Ueli & Charle'

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

An important Answer:
28. Mai 2015

Dear Friends,

as an answer to our last prophetic summery I received the link to an important christian radio broadcast/message. I believe this message is fully in line with what the Lord is saying through His prophets, and it is fully in line with our perseption of things... please listen to it carefully.

May the Lord touch us all afresh in this special season of Pentecost by His Spirit and may He help us to use this time wisly and to be ready in time!

with lots of blessings and Shalom
Ueli & Charle'

On 2015-05-10 02:19, wrote:
Must hear - dream/visitations of angels telling what is coming...imminently
Be ready by end of summer
Thanks Annette!
This coincides with my last August word

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Prophetic Summary
Pentecost 2015
24. 5. 2015

Dear Friends,

We have some exciting news/words/testimonies which crossed our desk recently which we forward here, we hope you enjoy them:

First is a awesome testimony, which was given a the UN
Témoignage incroyable à l'ONU
secondly Pray for Nepal
God has been shaking Nepal in a mighty way, so lets pray, that this is the season, His Kingdom can come in this special area in the earth, foremost through prayer and the preaching of the Gospel
Third, attached is a word called:
MAY DAY!!! MAY DAY!!!! Will turn to PAY DAY!!!!

By Lana Vawser
And two other words
They have been given last year, but as I prepare this mailing I felt the Lord wants me to include them, they are very much for today then they where last year!
Fourth, attached is the story of two Calf’s born with a number 7,
Jonathan Cahn explains the story and I added a word the Lord gave us as we where reading the story.
And fifth
please request this point through email,
it is 6 messages we will give you the link for:

And sixth and last:
Here is a very interesting documentary concerning:

HAARP documentary (and Advances in Tesla Technology)

We bless you in Jesus Name and give all the Glory to our Lord!
Ueli & Charle’

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Update / Neue Artikel
Jan. 2015

Einige Neue Botschaften / Prophetische Worte auf deutsch
haben wir auf der Seite


Ueli & Charle'

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Prophetic Summary
23. 2. 2015

Dear Friends,

in the past few weeks, we had a some amazing words coming across our desk and therefore I felt this weekend, that it is time to release some of them. Sureley everything is intensifying in the spirit realm and never was a time, where prayer was so important then today, but it is even more important to first hear what He is saying, so we can pray in agreement with what the Lord  is saying otherwise we are just beating air…!

We also want to mention, that we will held a Ministry Day on March 7, where we have invited our dear friends Simantov and Linda Allalouf from Tiberias/Jerusalem. If anybody wants to come you are most welcome, otherwise all your prayers for this Gathering are most welcome, we need all the support from around the nations in order to have a true break-through, we want to see a fresh fire ignite in our valley and nation!

Here is the list of words:

1.      The Covering of darkness is lifting by Mark Sanger

2.      End-time Revival by Dr. Mark Barclay

End time Revival.pdf (PDF — 205 KB)

3.      The Betrothed by Mark Wattenford

The Betrothed.pdf (PDF — 236 KB)

4.      The Coming Great Revival by Ben Girod

5.      Brother Bob’s ‚Mideast war‘ Revelation     


6.      John Paul Jackson has passed away by Steve Shultz / Lana Vawser

7.      The Spirit came into them by Simantov Allalouf

8.      Never give up! By Nita Johnson

Never give Up.pdf (PDF — 301 KB)

To our Lord Jesus be all the Glory, Honor and Praise!

Below all the info’s to our conference
With love and Shalom from Switzerland

Ueli & Charle’ Surbeck

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Einladung / Invitation 

March 7 / 7. März 2015

Day of Prayer / Worship / Upper Room Gathering,
Gebets-Tag /Anbetung / Obergemach-Zusammenkunft

In Hallau - Switzerland

Hearing the prophetic Voice of:
Hören auf die Prophetische Stimme von:

Simantov and Linda Allalouf from Israel

All the infos needed are on the flyer:
Alle notwendigen infos sind auf dem Flyer:

Einladung / Invitation

March 11 / 11. März 2015

Abend mit Simantov und Linda Allalouf in Romanshorn

all the infos on the Flyer:
alle infos sind auf dem Flyer:

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We bless you in the Name of Jesus, as we enter into this New and amazing year. We believe that the Lord will do great and powerful things in a year
where lot of things are going to happen.
We ask the Lord to wash away all your worries and give you boldness, wisdom and grace to run the race which is set before you!
Great is going to be the reward for those who wholeheartedly seek Him and follow Him in this Hour!

Love and Shalom
Ueli & Charle'

Christmas Greetings
26. 12. 2014

Dear Friends,

yes this is the season we remember the Birth of our Lord Jesus the Messiah, and the wonderful things He has done in our lifes, may this be a true season of refreshing for us all where we draw from His love and great grace and be ready for the year to come!

Gouttes_de_pluie.pps (PPS — 6 MB)

Greetings and Love from the Bottom of our heart!

Ueli & Charle'

For all those who want to study the real timing of Jesus Birth, we suggest the following clip:

Info - D
An alle unsere deutschprechenden Besucher,
wir haben soeben ein frisches prophetisches Wort von unserem Freund
Dieter Beständig bekommen. Wir werden es in den nächsten Tagen
auf der folgenden Seite anhängen, wo schon eine ganze Reihe von Seinen Worten/Artiklen sind:

A prophetic Word
26. 12. 2014

During the month of November I was often pondering and praying concerning this outrages killing by Isis. You all know what I am talking about...
as more as I prayed and pondered I felt the Holy Spirit reminding me, that the very same brutal killing is also going on in our cities: abortion!
It is done with the very same brutality and in God's eyes it is the very same type of killing Isis is doing, with one different, one type done in daylight, the other behind walls, clean, so that nobody sees and is bothered by....!
So as I was pondering and praying I received an email from precious Brother Carl Hahn, which I want to add here:


When Angel Precious awakened me during the night I noted I still could not read the time on our bedroom clock, so I knew I was still 75% blind.  After we exchanged greetings Angel Precious said Holy Spirit had given 'heshe' a question to ask me.     
ANGEL PRECIOUS: "Can you recall any one in your family who also was 75% blind?"        
ME: "Yes. That was my mother's father who had an experience similar to mine. When he was elderly he had cataract surgery on both eyes. Back then, it was not diagnosed, but shortly after the surgery he became 75% blind. He had to retire from farming, selling all his milk cows and farming equipment, letting my step-grandmother care for him. As you know, because my wife assists me in writing the Angel Reports I have not retired from my ministry, but I am experiencing my wife graciously and patiently caring for me. And my expert doctor for my two optic nerves in my two eyes is of the opinion that my eye problems are genetic coming from my maternal grandfather."
ANGEL PRECIOUS: "Do you recall very much about your grandfather?"        
ME: "Most of what I recall happened on Mothers Day 1938 when I was eight years old. My grandfather, step-grandmother, and his three children and their families gathered for a delicious dinner in his farm home. After dinner, along with my cousins I played outside by running around in the barnyard and the large dairy barn. Occasionally, I ran through the kitchen and out the front door of the farmhouse. At one point, I was told not to go too far as we were going to have a family gathering on the front porch. Also, I was told my grandfather was going to make some kind of a statement of prophecy to his family. As I recall the event, even though I was only eight years of age I began to realize there was some type of a spirit of prophecy in my grandfather. Also, I found myself becoming very attracted to one thing my grandfather was doing. He would say the word 'babies' then he would begin to sob. It was most unusual for me to see so many tears running down the cheeks of a tall man. His two daughters, my mother and her sister were trying to console him telling him his family had gathered on the front porch and were waiting for his prophecy."        

ANGEL PRECIOUS: "Now Holy Spirit wants you to give a brief summary, not an exact quote of a prophecy given by your grandfather."        
ME: "First, he stated that even though there would continue to be an increase in the number of people believing in the theory of evolution, Almighty Our Father is the Creator 'of all things.'
Secondly, he stated that there would be a World War II, and that the nation where we live would be drawn into the conflict.
Thirdly, he stated that the Holocaust of Hebrews taking place in the nation from which he had immigrated would continue to increase.
Fourthly, he again began to sob repeating the word 'babies,' but did not explain the vision he was seeing and in a couple minutes went on with the rest of the prophecy. Finally, starting with his son, he gave a brief prophecy to each member of his family including his grandchildren. As far as I can recall each of these prophesies to his family came true."  
HOLY SPIRIT: "Though your grandfather did not understand his vision of babies he saw 'thousands upon thousands' of babies that would be 'murdered' by abortion. Carl, what happens to you when you recall your grandfather sobbing when he saw a vision of babies?"        
ME: "My recall of this event has been taking place as I have been dictating this report to my wife. As I do, tears come to my eyes and my lips tremble enough that I have to pause briefly. And, I feel a great amount of compassion within me."        

HOLY SPIRIT: "The reason I [HS] wanted you to experience the same compassion that your grandfather experienced with his vision of babies is so that you can begin to pray about a very important possibility, to prepare for the possibility that the spirit of prophesy in your grandfather came through the faith to you." 

VERSE I - "Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honour and power: for thou hast created all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created." - Revelation 4:11  
HOLY SPIRIT: "This states that worship taking place in the City Of God Above by Saints and Angels, now and forever and ever, includes recognizing Our/Father/Christ Your Lord/ Holy Spirit as the only Creator 'of all things.' As Born Again Christians prepare for the City Of God Above it is important for them to accept the Bible truth of Creation and not theories of evolution."  

Israel und der Mittlere Osten
13. November 2014

zwei geniale Botschaften zur Aktuellen Lage
im Mittleren Osten
zu den Autoren, Thomas Wiesmann eine messianischer Jude und guter Freund aus der Schweiz, der viele Jahre in Jerusalem gelebt hat, Marcel Rebiai, sowie mir bekannt ist mit arabischen Wurzeln, in der Schweiz gelebt und heute in Israel tätig.
Möge der Herr Euch neu Segnen und frisches Feuer ausgiessen, damit wir gezielt für den Mittleren Osten beten können!
Ueli & Charle'
Gazakrieg.pdf (PDF — 116 KB)

Special Greetings to our visitors from
Seattle and Thayngen,
we bless you in Jesus mighty Name!
Ueli & Charle'

Halloween und das weltweite
Erwachen der Zombies!
8. Oktober 2014
Eine sehr wichtige Botschaft von unserem
Freund Dieter:

Liebe Geschwister in Yeschua

Anbei eine wichtige PDF-Datei der Halloween-Broschüre zum weiterleiten und den Vortrag über Halloween und das weltweite Erwachen der Zombies
unter beigefügten Link.
Mit Segensgruss Dieter

Special Greetings to our visitors from Riga and Berlin,
we bless you in Jesus mighty Name!
Ueli & Charle'

Rosh Hashana 2014
(September 23.-25.)
The Feast of the blowing of the Trumpets/Shofar
October 2. 2014

Dear Friends,

I believe that RJ's Dream which most of you have listened to by now, together with Nita Johnsons commentary is like a twofold Trumpet-sound, giving us clear Vision and Purpose to stand into the gap of intercession for these coming years! I truly believe that we are entering into a new season, something got loose this summer in the spirit which cannot be turned back, like a stream of hot lava pouring down a mountain after the erruption of a Volcano.

Tonight while praying the Holy Spirit reminded me about the authority which is given to Israel/the Church in Revelation 12:1:

And there appeared a great wonder in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars: 

We see here a woman, which is Israel, closed with the revelation of the sun/the son, Yeshua the Messiah, and the moon under her feet, Isis/Islam the moongod! Dear friends the authority is given to us in these hour to repell a lot of evil which is birthed in hell but not supposed to manifest in these earth because we cancel it in prayer! So lets together stand into the gap and pray, like we never prayed to cancel the works of the enemy and for His Kingdom and His Glory to come, in Jesus Mighty Name!

This the twofold Trumpet-Sound of Rosh Hashana

Love and Shalom
Ueli & Charle'

Arise Watchmen / Never Give Up
September 7, 2014

Dear Friends,

we have here two very important links we would like to share with two messages which are very timely and carry spiritual Dynamite for a mighty turnaround in your life and for your Nation. Even so they are both given in America, I believe the spiritual principles and the urgency to prayer given in
these messages apply to the Body of Messiah worldwide, resp. to every Nation:

The first Message is given by our friend from Israel, Simantov, a Message he recently gave somewhere in Missouri:

Arise Watchmen
I am also including here a link to the video
message entitled "Arise Watchmen" I gave in Missouri on Friday August 22nd. This is about half hour long. The Lord spoke to me revealing we are in a serious end times season and the watchmen are asleep. Please take the time and listen.

“Never Give Up!”
The Lord imparted a message to Nita Johnson last week and it has been burning within her heart with an increasing fire! This is quite possibly the most consequential message she has ever given and she delievered this past Friday, August 29, 2014 entitled "Never Give Up!"

It can be found in the media log section of World for Jesus Ministry website:
Feel free to download and share it with your friends!
A tip: I had problems listening to it the first time, so I simply let it run through and the second time it was doing fine.

With blessings and Shabbat Shalom
Ueli & Charle’

News Mai 21, 2014

Jesus has risen from the dead!  
Hallelujah and Praise the Lord!  

This is our most important belief that carries us through the most exciting as well as the most difficult times! It is truth and reality of uttermost importance! It is the foundation, that one day a heavenly trumpet will sound, the dead will raise and we that are alive shall be transformed in an instant, joining our Lord Jesus in the heavenly clouds!Well we are living in very unusual times!

I believe the fact that this Passover began with the first part of the ongoing 7 Tetrad since our Lord Jesus was here on earth is something very special and I believe it confirms us that we are living in times where God is fulfilling End times prophecy in many ways, may He give us the, eyes to see and the grace to understand and to be part of it! If you like to know more on the subject of the Tetrad, please listen to John Kilpatrick’s messages, he explains it very well: 

In German:  An interesting link:

Yes there are many awesome things going on, some of them are expressed in the prophetic words which are added below, which mostly are words to the Bride of our Lord, very different to words to the Church or to Nations! But we are also in some very scary times, where we can see what the Bible calls the falling away in an unprecedented way.

About 3 weeks ago, end of April 2014, most of us have heard how Pope John Paul II was declared a saint. Well that’s what the religious and people who live in Fantasy-land believe and swallow without hesitation, personally I felt rather an invitation to run to the Bathroom and vomit…!For all those who like to know the real truth I am adding here the link to a word/visitation, a young lady called Angelica from South America had a couple of years ago. I don’t care if you know it or not, it is something we need to read and know today! I truly believe that she tells the truth! I can tell you it is an excellent word to share with your friends on your workplace, in case some of them like the truth. I can say that because I had the great opportunity to share it with a few of my colleges from work and they believed it and where powerfully touched by the Lord, so here it is the Link:

Part A: Several Prophetic Words for the Bride
THE HOUR.pdf (PDF — 89 KB)

1.      The Hour by Mark Sanger
2.      A Vivid Dream: You have a Visitor
by Bobby Connor

3.      First Wave of Sonship
by E.K (Jubilee Trumpet)

Israel.pdf (PDF — 269 KB)
4.      We Hear the Footsteps of Moshiach
by Simantov Allalouf

5.      A prophetic Word for 2014
by David Wagner

Four Words.pdf (PDF — 146 KB)
6.      Four Prophetic Words

7.      Pray to Prepare the Way
by Nita Johnson

B: A spiritual mudslide

Well during several weeks this spring I was intrigued in my spirit by the pictures of the Mudslide in America, which was shown for quite a while at the news, something absolutely devastating for those in the area concerned. When I saw the following clip it became clear very quickly, that not just this Mudslide, but also the Avalanche in the Mount Everest both are pictures of something spiritual which is right now beginning to occur, a friend of ours, Dieter Beständig called it “a spiritual Mudslide”, that’s when I connected the dots. So here it is I will give some personal comments below:

We all know that we born again believers are not catholic’s, we do not belong to the Church of the falling away! Why do I say this? Because catholic not only means to be a “universal” Christians, it also implies, that somebody believes in the leadership of the Pope, which after the interpretation of the Vatican is “a mediator between heaven and earth” and somebody who worships Mary. First of all with all respect and love I have for my catholic friends, these two Issues area already what the Bible calls “sin leading to death”, because the New Testament distinguishes between sin “not to death” and “sin unto death”! The Bible states clearly, that in the New Covenant, there is only one Mediator between Heaven and Earth, Jesus the Messiah and whosoever tries to take this place commits sin described very well in Ezekiel 28:2:

“Son of man, say to the ruler of Tyre,
‘This is what the Sovereign Lord says:
“‘In the pride of your heart you say,
“I am a god; I sit on the throne of a god in the heart of the seas.”

But you are a mere mortal and not a god, though you think you are as wise as a god.What concerns Mary; she is in Heaven and has never been without sin! She was a sinner like you and me and at the present moment will not hear any prayer nor heal anybody; she enjoys heaven like all the other saints, which means born again believers who died and went to heaven.

We, the remnant who believe in the Bible on the foundation of “Salvation by faith through grace alone”, separated from this church (the Vatican) 500 years ago, when the Holy Spirit called through and Apostolic Company of people like Sattler, Blaurock, Manz, Grebel, Hubmaier, Luther, Calvin, Zwingli and others like Knox, Tyndale, Wycliffe, and Hus we came out of Babylon/Egypt and separated in accordance of the word of God from those who have chosen to twist the Word of God and lie and walk in iniquity without measure...!

Returning to the catholic church does not represent at all returning to the spiritual Fathers we once left by a little misunderstanding, but rather from a perverted system with a man, like I already said, who is instituted to be a false mediator between God and men, which is fully against scripture. For sure Pope Francis is in no way a type of Joseph, the pope must have very big delusions or is he already playing the Jesuit trick…?! No he is in the rather difficult position of being the leader of the followers of Korah’s rebellion, with plenty of grandsons of Sodom and Gomorrah mostly in the highest echelon of the leadership, plenty of grandson’s of Elie as well as Ahab, means he is up to his ears in the mud! His nostalgic feelings may be true, (from his time in the Pampas, where he had wonderful fellowship with the Pentecostals) but the only thing I can say to you, Mr. pope; today is a different day! Repent and reform your Church, which would mean throw all the homosexual Cardinals out together with all the heresy, idolatry and all the priests who molests woman and children, preach the true Gospel, explain them how to be truly born again, teach Salvation by Grace through Faith alone and bring cleansing, healing and truth back to the Church etc or live, if you truly want to join the real Church of Messiah, the Bride!

Bishop Palmer tries to say that the Catholic Church embraced the Reformation in 1999… well have you ever heard that all the statues of Mary have been smashed, that they repented over all the lies and curses,which where decreed at the Council of Trent (still standing and reaffirmed today) against the fresh and true Protestant Move of God in those days, which through the centuries brought forth the Bride of Messiah! Well, have you heard that all of a sudden the Priests have become Pastors with the encouragement to get married? Further the clergy is not anymore supposed to be called Fathers, because they are no more mediators between heaven and earth, but simply ministers of the Gospel and from now on no prayer will be offered to Mary, the Saints nor the dead, because that’s what the Bible calls necromancy and is called sin/witchcraft!? Have you heard that they officially repented of the false doctrines of the selling of indulgence and of purgatory which they have preached for centuries and never repented, leading people directly to Hell?! These are just a few of at least 95 points they seem to have accepted in 1999??!!

One thing is sure, if the catholic Church had embraced the Reformation with all its consequences, it would have made bigger waves then it did in the 15 th century…!

What they really did is in 1999, they lured the reformed Church into a trap, beginning the way for a worldwide unified Church based on compromise, twists and lies!

I can only attest Mr. Palmer, our protest against your message and against the “catholic delusion” is stronger than ever, because every word you said in your message is a lie!

What really seems to go on in the Vatican is a type of Reformation, but very much in the wrong way, a step further to increase in iniquity, please watch this clip and “fasten your seatbelt”: 

The Spirit of Elijah

Yes we are in the time where the Spirit of Elijah is poured out and reconciling the Gentile Church with our Fathers, but who are spiritually our Fathers or the once we separated from sometime in early Church-History? It is the Messianic Body of Jewish Believers, including the First apostles! Please remember, the first apostles where all Messianic Jews and that’s the Body the Holy Spirit is bringing us back to reconcile with and this is most exciting as much as most important!

Yes the Bride of Messiah, the five wise Virgins will be in unity, but there is no unity between the Pharisees and Sadducee’s of our time and His Bride! But there is war exactly like Jesus experienced, who during his earthly walk was in constant conflict with the Pharisees and Sadducees!

And the same is true for our days! There is a great promise given in the Book of Revelation, which I want to state here:

These will make war with the Lamb,
and the Lamb will overcome them,
for He is Lord of lords and King of kings;
and those who are with Him are called,
chosen, and faithful.” Revelation 17:14

So what about the Church of the falling away? Well a while ago I wrote a statement of faith for the 3rd Reformation, which is taking place today and in there is one article, which I want to add here, because I believe it from all my heart:

We know about the so called “Universal Church”, the assembly of the “falling-away”, in scripture also called; “Mystery Babylon”, the harlot, led by false priests and prophets of iniquity, who’s headquarter is in the city built on the seven hills, who has done idolatry and adultery with kings and queens for more than a thousand years, and murdered ten-thousands of precious saints and martyrs, in the same spirit as Cain killed his Brother Abel, because their offering was and is not accepted by God and will never be! It is the mother wolf in sheep cloth and ultimate religious beast! May our Lord and King Jesus rebuke her and her evil deeds, for mixing truth with evil, for her harlotry, idolatry, heresy, pride, compromise and murder and may as many as possible of her children repent, and leave her to be truly born again, filled with His Spirit and join the true Bride, the five wise Virgin, who is getting ready for the wedding to her Bridegroom and soon coming King, Yeshua the Messiah! Revelation 17, Matthew 22 

Well I hope these are clear words establishing you on sure ground, our prayer is that whosoever participates in the rescue squad to extend our Lord Jesus’ Mercy in the face of this Mudslide of falling away, we pray for you and believe that He will bless you with clear discernment and words sharper then a two edged sword combined with His love and great grace, in order to save some of them, in Jesus Mighty Name!

Well we bless you in Jesus Mighty Name and may our Lord Jesus give you great love, a fresh understanding of His Kingdom and great faith for this coming year 2014!

Ueli & Charle’ Surbeck
LivingFire Ministry

P.S.: Please help us to support Bishop Philemon’s Orphanage in Kenya, and thanks for all your prayers! 



First of all thanks for all who come to visit our website faithfully over the past few years, its awesome and truly a great blessing for us to see, how the numbers of people has so much increased over the past few months!
For all those who are new welcome on our site, we hope and pray that you get something out of it, which will touch or even change your life!

We just finished the article the Release of the Four Horses, by the way Part III is a prophetic word for America, which we believe is very, very crucial in this Hour to understand and to pray about!

 Secondly we just posted a second Statement of Faith,
personally I love statements of faith which are sharp and powerful
to shape and strenghten our faith and believes!
so this second one is a bit different as the one we already posted, its a revised Version of the Apostolic Decree of Nicea. It maybe not the Final Version... its Reformation in progress...!

We bless you in Jesus Name and wish you all a very blessed Pentecost, with lots of fresh Fire from on High and a new comittment to serve the Lord, preach the Gospel and to establish His Kingdom in Glory and Power till the end of the Earth!

To our Lord Jesus be all the Glory!
In His Love
Ueli & Charle'
May 17th, 2013


News and several important prophetic Messages
Feb. 18. 2013

Dear Friends,
thanks to all who joined us in prayer for France end of January/beginning February. Evenso they had again lots of people in the street in every town on February 2, the law concerning Family was changed without taking into consideration the uproar of the people. But I know in my spirit, that this awakening of the French was not in vain but is preparing the way for a glorious Revival.
The Lord had given to my wife Charle’ the most awesome Vision many years ago. We most probably wrote about it when it happen towards the end of 2005, which is already quite a while ago. We were driving through Tennessee and all of a sudden she was shaken by the Holy Ghost and she saw Heaven open over France and from the South to the North it was swept by a wave of Revival Fire from Heaven! I know this will happen and we thank all of you who stand in prayer with the French, they need your support and I know you will reap the fruit of your prayers!
By the way it was wonderful to see, that in these days we prayed for France, the Lord did already some wonderful miracles! First of He sent Simantov and his Wife Linda from Tiberias to minister in the Eastern part of France! This was a wonderful firstfruit of answers to prayers, because I know they carry the word of the Lord. At the same time the Lord opened for us a great door for our Book the Seven Eyes of the Messiah to be published in French. This is really awesome, to our Lord all the Glory! (It will also contain the Vision of Revival mentioned above!)
Two truly remarkable things happened during January: Sister Gwen Shaw, Founder and Leader of Endtime Handmaidens and Servants went home to be with the Lord. We loved her, she was truly one of the most remarkable kinds of God’s true Generals. May the Lord raise up thousands of her kind for the last day Harvest, in Jesus Mighty Name!
* * * * *
Since a couple of weeks, I have on my heart to release several prophetic words as well as several great links, which we collected since end of last year. They carry lots of prophetic insight, not just for this year, but for this coming decade! The first two clips are from John Paul Jackson.
I am really delighted how he progressed in Ministry and how bold he preaches the message He began to receive in 2008, about the coming of the perfect Storm. I know that there are many prophetic voices in America, to who the Lord began to speak about coming judgments, but they are afraid to speak out of what was shown to them.
Maybe they can be encouraged by what he shares. By the way I like in the kind of spirit, John Paul is presenting these things, because it is obvious that he has and is praying a lot into these Issues before he presented them, which is the right way to do:


The next clip is a message given by John Mulinde. Maybe many have seen this clip, but for all those who have not seen it please watch it, its worth while, it will open the gate for a deeper walk with the Lord:
John Mulinde’s prophetic Message at IHOP Kansas City in 3/1/2011


It was either to my last Birthday or for Christmas, that I received as a gift a wonderful Book called “the Harbinger”. Maybe for you who are in America, this is very old news, but I need to say it is an excellent message, prophetically very, very sharp and without pushing the Issue, helps us to understand, why we in America which includes the west, with our western economy based on greed have so much to repent of! I encourage you to read the Book, it has truly some stunning details helping us to understand much better 9/11, and the stock market crash in Sept 2008. Here is the clip:


And last a great message at the Presidential Breakfast with Ben Carson at the beginning of February 2013, so this is quiet fresh…!. May this message give you boldness to take a courageous stand in this hour to proclaim the Gospel and the principles of righteousness given in His word! By the way a clip which has been watched in only 10 days by almost 2 Million of peoples.
Dr. Benjamin Carson's Amazing Speech at the National Prayer Breakfast with Obama present

Für alle Deutschsprechenden:
Prof. Dr. Ben Carson zu Gast in Deutschland


To receive the following prophetic message, please send us an email:

God’s Plan for the Nations by Nita Johnson A very powerful message, where she touches the Issue of Reformation, a word the Lord gave us as well last Summer. Yes there is a third Reformation underway to be birthed and it is very important that we understand its importance for today! 

So that was it for tonight, we bless you in the Mighty Name of Jesus, thanks as well for standing with us in this hour, please agree with us for a fresh release of recources for His Kingdom, not just for us, but for all those who are right now in need and hurting!

We praise you Lord for many great miracles of provision in this very Hour, to You be given all the Glory!

Love and Shalom
Ueli & Charle’

Unseren König Jesus den Messias anbeten und erleben!
Worship and experience our King Jesus the Messiah!

below is the clip from the last gathering with Philemon,
it is english / german so hope you enjoy!

unten ist der clip vom letzten treffen mit Philemon,
es ist in english und deutsch, wir hoffen dass es ein Segen ist für Dich!

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Philemon Okoth May 24 2012 Part I

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Philemon Okoth May 24 2012 Part II

Erweckung in Deutschland
Liebe Freunde,
ich habe soeben von Jan Gerit einen link bekommen zu einigen der Botschaften, welche Philemon und Mark (sowie einige andere)
in Deutschland an einer Fastenfreizeit gepredigt haben.

Möge der Herr Euch reich Segnen und erfrischen
Love and Shalom
Ueli & Charle'


Following are three precious prophetic words, sent to us by Mark Sanger


The Lion of Judah has come to defend HIS people. This DAY the Heavens declare His GLORIOUS APPEARING, we HAVE entered the season of our Joy..!! This DAY October 3, 2012 a transition has begun. Stay alert, pray for the world pray for the lost around you they are going to need you soon. No longer be offended by what they do.  REJOICE, REJOICE, REJOICE in this season of our JOY...MY People, MY Bride, MY Son's...Prepare to receive the Earth and everything in it...I have removed the filthy garments...I AM clothing you with the Garments of Salvation and the Clean robe of my Righteousness.. the Wedding Garments and a fair Crown..!!  

I have chosen you for My Glory...Now you will arise and shine as MY Glory arises upon you...I AM destroying every yoke from off your neck.. I AM chasing every enemy off of YOUR LAND of Promise...NOW YOU WILL SEE MY GOODNESS IN THE LAND OF THE LIVING...!! 

NOW I WILL defeat ALL of the enemies of Israel Natural and Spiritual, I AM your shield and your strength I AM your exceeding great reward. Now the Mystery of G-D unfolds. THESE ARE the Day's of Restoration, HEALTH, WEALTH and ETERNAL Inheritances that have lay desolate up until now..!!  NOW "I will" establish You My people in the Earth...The wandering Prison season is accomplished. I will cut down what looks to be established and I will establish that that has appeared to be scattered.."YOU". 

Fear NOTHING..for NOW I will show MY SELF STRONG on your behalf. No weapon formed against you will prosper. I have made you clean and THIS DAY I AM placing the Wedding Gown of My Accomplished Victory upon you, The Gown of My Eternal Covenants of promise.  Today marks a GREAT DAY a SHIFT a NEW Beginning...RUN into My arms... lets Dance the dark night away...!! 

This DAY I give you the Key's of David...I give you POWER to bind and to loose what you have not had power to bind and loose before this day of transition. NOW what you bind in earth WILL be bound in Heaven ..What you loose in earth Will be loosed in Heaven..It is one of My Wedding Gifts to you my Bride. You will know exactly what to bind and loose as I show you the Father will have ALL you pray/say in my authority.  Now we will rebuild MY House that has fallen, I will show you everything I desire to do. The transition has begun you are never going back. I have destroyed the back button...I AM destroying the yokes and plans of the evil one by MY SPIRIT says the LORD..!! 


You HAVE entered the DAYS of JOY unspeakable and FULL of Glory...You will spread this JOY with anyone that will receive it.  I AM the Atonement for ALL of your sin's...I have carried ALL of your sins away and cast them into the midst of the sea...You know they were red as scarlet, I HAVE made you whiter than snow for MY purposes...the power of sin is broken...GO AND SIN NO MORE...lest a worse thing befall you...!!!  The Camels are coming.. My Holy Angels are here the Atmosphere is changed..The KINGDOM Age is upon you, OH EARTH..!!!  The darkness is breaking up the oppressor is fleeing seven ways...The KING and JUDGE has risen over the earth. You My People have passed the tests you have endured the trying of your Faith. Now you WILL enter in my Good and faithful servants. 

You must let go of ALL wilderness/prison lack mindsets. It is TIME to put on MY Palace Kingdom Rule, Absolute AUTHORITY mindsets. I give you Dominion, Power and the Judgements written...eternal Judgements from the Mind of God and His Christ...!!  For a season I have allowed the enemy to appear to prevail against me, my word and my people...THAT SEASON has NOW ENDED...For a season it appeared that there were no consequences for sin, rebellion, error...and attacks against righteousness...that season has ended.  NOW MY Righteousness WILL openly PREVAIL..."it's payday" every man WILL reap what they have sown. Even so my judgments’ are not to destroy but to restore the Earth to it's former Glory...this is the DAY that YOU and the Earth have GROANED for..!!! 

Those that attack and curse you now will be cursed those that bless you will be blessed...swiftly this will occur now...Time is "no more" in this area...My judgments will come to defend my people quickly now....My GRACE will also run swiftly to ALL of those that call upon My this Harvest TIME..!! 

My hand is upon you for Good.. everything that I lead your hands to will prosper...I will multiply every your Spirit, Soul and Body...ALL of those around you will SEE my hand of favor upon you...They will come to the Brightness of  My arising upon you.

Arise My Children My Good and faithful ones...I AM well pleased with you, I AM doing this for you, in you Now...I AM delivering you completely...!!!  I SEE satan FALL LIKE LIGHTNING, as his rule ends...The seasons have changed by MY hand and by MY will says the LORD...the strong man IS bound.. it's your TIME to take the Spoils..!! The battle has turned at the Gate...The gates of iron are broken..!!  

A FLOOD of Glory is coming upon the will either be carried by this wave or drowned by it...depending on their true spiritual condition before ME...Many of the first will be last and the last/least will be first..!!  The Kingdoms of this world have become the Kingdoms of our God and His Christ...TODAY the heavens declare the Righteous King and Judge has come to do this and to clothe His Bride..!! 

What ever Christ has said to you, it is yours, it is NOW have taken up your Cross and you have died...NOW you will revive and you will LIVE in this third DAY resurrection season..!! You will now SEE the Father plainly/CLEARLY as HIS LIFE swallows up all the death around you..!! The BLOOD of Jesus Christ HAS PREVAILED...NOW the Prophetic WORD of HIS TESTIMONY WILL PREVAIL. HE HAS WATCHED OVER HIS WORD, NOW HE PERFORM IT FOR ALL THE WORLD TO SEE.   

YOU HAVE HAD A LITTLE STRENGTH AND YOU HAVE KEPT HIS WORD...NOW HE WILL KEEP YOU IN THE HOUR THAT HAS COME TO JUDGE ALLTHE WORLD..!! We have Come to the Wedding Feast of the Lamb..The seals are broken..His Books are being opened...YOU are written in His Book of Life...Let us REJOICE together and again I say REJOICE...IT IS THE SEASON OF OUR JOY...!! 

Love mark phillip sanger & crew..!!  Please send any insights and comments to ; , thank you. 


Kingdom forerunners
are being released to repossess the earth 

Hi friends  

The past few weeks have been dripping with the OIL of HIM. There is a strong stabilizing of our Faith. His Promises given over the past several years are very near for many, even at hand. Fresh revelations of this coming season of fulfillment are beginning to unfold daily.  
I have an old  friend, I led this man to Jesus in 1981-2 ish. We lived together ministered together and fellowshipped for many years. Pretty much until I got married. I remember this brother having an encounter with the holy Spirit in a meeting in Chicago that changed him so radically that many of our friends began to speak foolishly against him.
The lord quickly pulled the plug on those that attacked/judged him. I personally wanted what he got at the time, MORE JESUS...!!   
We lived in a huge mobile home park back then, the Alpine Mobile Home Estates..152 homes. His step father and mother owned the park at the time. My bro always took heat from his step dad. As my friend grew in the Spirit the persecution and misunderstanding got even worse. Then he and I had a falling out...over a misunderstanding as well.  
My friend continued working at the park as a handyman after quiting his other job because of so much spiritual warfare at the time. So for the past decade+ he has been a hermit and a handyman doing odd jobs around the park all the while seeking the Lord and being persecuted for his faith in following the Living Christ. I spoke many times with his step father he had no kindness towards my friend.  
Now on New Years eve 2013 my younger brother calls and says he was on a job at the Alpine MH Estates and heard that our old friend is now the owner of the park. I went on line and found a video of him talking about being the owner and operator of the Alpine MH Estates...from his own mouth..!!  
THIS IS A REAL LIFE JOSEPH THANG...right here, right now, right in front of us...the Alpine Estates bring in close to $100,000.00 US Dollars every month, it's been paid off for 20+ years as well..I'm sure the accounts hold $Million's, not to mention the current market value of the park...many more million's...yeaaahh release baby...!!!  
What a Glorious rejoicing is upon us for our friend and the season we have ALL entered..."IT'S BREAKTHROUGH TIME, THE BREAKER HAS COME"...!!!  
I have been waiting to SEE this...I have always known in my heart that we would begin to SEE more than words spoken when the Kingdom begins to Rule...this is a wealth transfer from the wicked to the righteous...!!!   We all have promises given to us...a fresh fire of Faith is upon us for this Time of divine order, And God establishing..!!  
I don't know about your dreams promises...but I know they will unfold perfectly in the coming days. My old friend is now a ruler where he was once a that's Divine order manifested...that's what I'm talking about..and that's what we are looking for in our lives as well...yeeaahhh...!!   Many years ago the Lord told us to pay my friends back rent for him, 3 or 4 months past due, $2000 dollars...we had $2225 dollars to our name at that time..I wrestled with it but then agreed with my wife to do it. So we went and paid his rent. It was GOD. I often wondered about that $2000 we cast upon the waters so long ago....It's been on hold, in God's account gaining interest it seems...The Word that came that night the Lord spoke was ,"If you will set Him free then I will set you free". We sowed into something that looked like nothing...that nothing has now become something...God soil it seems.    On New Years day 2013 the statement came to me and out of me "Ah..Now that $2000 comes into play", LOL...The Spirit of the Lord filled the room and a blue light of Angelic presence began to move and flow even as I was speaking...yeeaahhh...!!! 
Father told me a few months back ,"Look for my blue light specials", funny huh..!  
ALL of the hindering forces and people are nowhere to be found that attacked and judged my brother. I heard he just bought a home...not bad for a rejected handyman servant seeker of's a miracle..God stepped in and His Will is now manifest. The kingdoms of this world are becoming the kingdoms of our God and His Christ...this is stuff of the GOD kind...what we heard with our ears we are now seeing with our eye's...!!   Last year was a year of moving in or destiny positioning...this is the year of fulfillment through following, moving out.  
NO more stinking thinking..simple child like Faith, Follow and fulfillment. It has been JOY spending time with the Lord lately we are in a NEW fresh Flow. There has been much WAR since late September as godless men attacked/threatened us. NOW The battle is turning at the gate..We SEE the light @ the end of the tunnel..!! ALL of those that are incensed against us WILL be as NOTHING..!!! If you are walking in the testimony of Jesus Christ you already know the end from the beginning of your situation. Our willingness to abide reveals the daily details/directions and instructions. NOW the mystery of GOD ARE that mystery....!!  
Kingdom forerunners are being released to repossess the is NOW happening...We are seeing..the defeat of the enemy...he is being decapitated crushed by the BREAKER..!!  
LOVE md&j

Bride, Step Further Into Your Destiny
- You WILL Lead The World 

by Lana Vawser
7th February, 2013  

"Arise, Shine, for your light has come and the Glory of the Lord has risen upon you" ~ Isaiah 60:1  

My precious Church, I love you with an everlasting love. I love you with a love that continues to mould and shape you to become all that I have created you to be. I continue to call you My Church to deeper intimacy with Me. I continue to call you to keep your eyes firmly focused upon Me and knowing My heart. For it is out of the depths of intimacy that true fruit and life flows. It is out of knowing My heart, finding rest before Me, that acceleration, promotion, increase, and greater favor is released. It is out of stewarding intimacy with Me, that you learn to host My presence, My Bride.  

My Bride, I have such great plans for you. Plans to prosper you, plans not to harm you, and plans that give you a hope and a future in Me. My Bride, you have a destiny in Me, to know Me and make Me known to the world. You have a great destiny and I am calling you My Bride to continue to step forth into this destiny through greater intimacy with Me.  

Many of you within My Bride are finding you are in a time of great struggle, a time where there seems to be greater lack than there is abundance, a time where there seems to be greater opposition and hardship than release.

I say unto you My people, that as you seek Me and seek to know My heart, you are about to step further forward into the destiny I have for you. I am releasing greater favour upon you My Church to LEAD the world.  

I am releasing kingdom keys in creativity, in inventions, ideas that will lead the world into greater encounters with Me. It truly is time for you My Bride to arise and shine, for your light HAS come. It truly is time for you to step up and to shine as the city on a hill that I have called you to be. Individually, many of you will begin to receive 'answers' that will unlock businesses, corporations, governments, and most importantly keys that will unlock hearts that do not yet know Me.  

My Spirit is calling to you My Bride to position yourselves for this outpouring. Position yourselves to receive the "keys" that will unlock the world and see you My Bride begin to lead the world as I have called you too. There is a great increase in the prophetic that many are stepping into that will see them receive words, secrets from heaven, that will unlock even the hardest of hearts to My love and My nature.  

Do not be discouraged My people, for the 'apparent' sense of lack, is but for a moment, for you are stepping into a greater moment of destiny, where the world is going to see another great demonstration of the love that the King of Kings and Lord of Lords has for mankind and His world. These demonstrations will be so supernatural and glorious that people will be led straight to the life that is found at the Cross and Resurrection. There is coming a great increase of souls....

For as My Bride begins to take her place like never before and LEAD this world in signs and wonders, in miraculous, in generosity, in abundance, in life, multitudes upon multitudes of people will come to know Me.   There will be multitudes in the valley of decision and multitudes will come to know Me. It is harvest time!!!!!! It is time for one of the greatest harvests the world has ever seen!!!!  

Prepare yourself for this great move of My Spirit in the secret place. Keep seeking to know My heart, and suddenly the shift will arrive. The favour will rest so heavily, that there will be MORE THAN ENOUGH to give to all. The world will see the generosity, the abundance, the love and the heart of heaven demonstrated through My Bride.   It's time My Bride! Take your place!!!! You are going stepping forward to lead the world!  

The Call  -- Der Ruf

Liebe Freunde,

es ist schon fast unglaublich, das Jahr 2012 neigt sich dem Ende zu...! Ich habe hier nicht vor einen langen Brief oder Botschaft zu schreiben, sondern ein par Gedanken weierzugeben befor das Jahr zuende geht.

Vor einer Woche durfte ich an einer ganz markanten Konferenz in Genf teilnehmen, dem Ruf (The Call) welcher von einer ganzen Reihe von lokalen, sowie internationalen Diensten initiert wurde. Ich beschränkte mich auf den ersten Tag, 12 Stunden nonstop Anbetung, Busse und Gebet. Und es war wirklich hammerstark. Es war sofort klar, da fliesst eine Salbung mit einer Autorität, von welcher wir lange nur geträumt haben.

Übrgiens dasselbe spürte ich als wir dann das vergangene Wochenende den ebenso starken Gottesdienst anschauten von Mobil Bay, wo sich das ehemalige Pensacola-Ersweckungsteam, sowie das jetzige Bay-Erweckungsteam trafen um zusammen den Herrn anzubeten, und zu feiern, dass die Erweckung welche der Herr am Vaterstag 1995 begann und in 2010 wiederbelebt wurde neu weiterfliesst! (Hier der link, falls es Euch ebenso interessiert)

Wenn ich zurückdenke an den Beginn dieses Jahres, in welchem uns der Herr so viele geniale Gelegenheiten gab, sein Reich zu bauen, jedoch jedesmal, waren die Herausforderungen, insbesondere finazieller Art knall hart. Man musste richitg gehend auf den Knien für ein Brecheisen bitten um die Berge wegschieben zu können. Und jedesmal kam der Herr „durch“. Und am ende dieses Jahres erscheint es mir, als hätte der Herr diese Situationen jedesmal bewusst zugelassen, um auf der einen Seite unseren Glauben zu verdoppeln, auf der anderen Seite um Seine Autorität zu etablieren, d.h. eine Autorität welche nun gegenwärtig ist, und mit welcher wir im kommenden Jahr die Herausforderungen in einer viel eleganteren und leichteren Weise bewältigen können.

Nun vielleicht ist dies es etwas zu optimistisch, doch bin ich sehr danbar, was der Herr alles getan hat in diesem Jahr, und darauf werden wir aufbauen können nächstes Jahr, ist dies nicht genial! Es ist grossartig zurückzusehen, und im geiste nochmals durch die Wunder zu gehen und Ihm alles Lob und Ehre geben, denn etwas neues ist hier, worauf wir so lange gewartet haben. In den vergangenen  Jahren sprach der Herr immer wieder durch Visionen und Worte von einer Apostolischen Salbung und Seiner regierenden Autorät, ein Ausdruck Seiner Gegenwart und Herrlichkeit, welche er etablieren möchte um Sein Reich zu bauen, und nun ist sie wie spürbar hier, und es bewegen sich Dinge, welche man noch vor kurzer Zeit für unmöglich hielt dass sie sich bewegen würden! Ich hoffe Ihr versteht wovon ich spreche, andernfalls werde ich auf dem nächsten Brief noch etwas mehr und konkreter darauf eingehen.

Befor das Jahr zu Ende geht, habe ich noch etwas sehr wichtiges auf dem Herzen, ebenso „einen Ruf“, den ich hier weiergeben möchte, insbesondere da wir auf ein solch wunderbares Jahr zurückblicken dürfen. Ich möchte Euch alle einladen mit uns zusammen ein Dankesopfer zu geben, um unserem genialen Gott einfach zu danken! Nun wenn dieser Gedanke Dir nicht so gefällt, insbesondere wenn Du andere Verpflichtungen hast, dann möchten wir Dich ganz einfach freisetzen von diesem Aufruf und Dich ermutigen Deinen Verpflichtungen nachzukommen und den Herrn so zu segnen. Es soll wirklich kein Druck sein, sondern wir möchten Euch hier nur eine Mögichkeit geben in hundertflältigen d.h. sehr frutchbaren Boden zu sähen damit Du hier auf Erden sowie in der Ewigkeit einmal reichlich Frucht ernten kannst!

Dieses Dankesopfer möchten wir zwei Diensten zukommen lassen, das eine ist das Waisenhaus in Kenja, das von Philemon Okoth geleitet wird und etwas über 200 Kinder hat, inklusive 19 Lehrer. Wir haben ihm seid längerem nichts mehr gesendet, haben jedoch am Herzen dieses Waisenhaus regelmässig zu unterstützen und ich spüre seid längerem, dass es reichlich an der Zeit ist, etwas zu tun in dieser Sache. Es ist ein sehr guter Dienst, wo auf der einen Seite das Evangelium klar gepredigt wird und auf der anderen Seite, vielen Waisen ganz konkret geholfen wird. Das zweite Projekt is ein Pastor in Indien, Pastor Mohana, mit welchem wir nun seid etwa einem Jahr in Kontakt sind. Es ist ein feuriger Prediger des Evangeliums. Wir haben ihn diesen Sommer zusammen mit einer Welschen Bibel-Mission mit Bibeln unterstützt. Er hat eine ganze Gruppe Waisen in seiner Obhut. Er sagt uns oft, dass es immer wieder Tage gibt, wo sie ganz einfach nichts zu essen haben, doch auch dann sind sie treu und dienen dem Herrn und beten für uns im Westen! Sollte es nicht möglich sein, dass wir, die wir ja immer noch ein bisschen im Ueberfluss leben, etwas an solche Gläubige weitergeben, damit auch ihre Waisen das fundamentalste, etwas einfaches zu essen haben??!! Eigentlich möchten wir dieses Team ebenso regelmässig unterstützen, doch können wir dies nur tun, wenn sich einige von Euch entschliessen würden, sich an unsere Seite zu stellen, um dieses sanfte Joch mitzutragen, denn ich glaube im Himmel wird der Lohn gross sein.  

Der Ruf - Geben 

Warum ist es so wichtig? Ja es ist klar, auf der einen Seite ist es wichtig, damit das Reich Gottes gebaut werden kann, und dass vielen Armen geholfen werden kann. Doch dies ist eigentlich nicht das wichtigste an der Sache des Gebens. Wisst ihr, dass zuallererst der Herr uns diese Möglichkeiten des Gebens schenkt, damit wir uns einen Schatz anlegen können im Himmel!!

Ich erinnere mich immer wieder an die Vision eines koreanischen Pastors, der das privileg hatte, den Himmel zu besuchen. Dabei sah er den Bau eines Hauses und plötzlich kam eine grosse Lieferung Baumaterial angebracht für dieses Haus. Da wurde ihm gesagt, ja das ist, weil die betreffende Person auf Erden, für welchen dieses Haus bestimmt war, gerade wieder etwas einbezahlte auf sein Himmelskonto.

Wir müssen uns im klaren sein unser Leben hat eine länge von 70, vielleicht 80 oder noch etwas mehr. Das heisst was da kommt ist sehr viel wiechtiger, denn im Himmel werden wir (die Gläubigen in Jesus) eine Ewigkeit sein. Um dies etwas zu verstehen, stellt Euch mal die länge von 250 Millionen Jahre vor, das ist so etwa die länge des ersten Tages im Himmel. Und wir bestimmen es durch unser Leben und handeln, ob wir diesen ersten Tag in einer „Rebhütte“, obwohl dies schon enorm schön sein wird, oder sogar in einem himmlischen Palast! Bitte denk doch mal darüber nach, ob es sich nicht lohnt ab und zu etwas auf Dein Himmelskonto einzubezahlen, wiegsagt am besten eines mit 100% Zinsen, d.h. den Wittwen und Waisen??!!

Zweitens erinnere Dich an Kornelius (Apg. 10-11) En stinkgewöhnlicher man, so wie Du und ich. Ja er liebte den Herrn, doch dann geschah etwas ganz besonderes, unser Gott war gerade dabei, einige strategische Entscheidungen zu fällen, wen er den so gebrauchen könnte in nächster Zeit, und wo das Erweckungsfeuer als nächstes hinfliessen sollte um ein par neue Städte auf den Kopf zu stellen und um Tausende zu retten. Da gedachte der Herr ganz plötzlich der Gebete und den Opfern von Kornelius. Nun ich möchte ganz einfach hier die Frage stellen, wenn der Herr das nächste mal seinen Arm bewegt in Europa, und er sich in Seinem Strategieraum befindet mit den Patriarchen, Aposteln und Propheten, allen Erzengeln und den Engelscharen, gibt es wohl Gründe dass er ganz plötzlich an Dich denken könnte??? Gibt es da Gebete oder vielleicht sogar ein wohlgefälliges Opfer, das Ihn den König der König das Herz berührt hat???! Was Korneilus geschah, kann auch ganz plötzlich Dir geschehen, wenn Du im kleinen treu bist!

Ein dritter Punkt ist der folgende: In Malachi drängt uns der Herr ganz klar, dass wir den zehnten Geben sollen und ihn prüfen, ob er nicht die Schleusen des Himmels öffne und den Zerstörer zurückweisen würde. Nun ich kann Dir eins sagen, wir können es uns nicht leisten den Herrn nicht zu prüfen und diese Verheissung eines offenen Himmels zu erhalten und zu sehen wie Er der Herr der Heerschafen den Zerstöerer von unserem Leben und unserem Besitz zurückweist. Wisst ihr, ich liebe den Befreiungsdienst. Es ist eine gewaltige Sache, wenn Du für jemanden beten kannst, der Finger Gottes in Aktion tritt und demonen schreien und ausfahren. Es ist für mich einer der grössten Dinge wenn ich Zeuge sein darf, wenn Menschen frei werden, Bindungen zerbrochen werden und dämonen ihre Herrschaft verlieren, was auch immer der Grund dazu war, das sie diese Rechte hatten. Es gibt jedoch einen Bereich wo ich gesehen habe, dass wir auch mit der grössten Autorität nichts, absolut nichts machen können: wir können den Zerstörer nicht zurückweisen, wenn Menschen nicht Gott geben, was ihm gebührt! Und ich glaube diese beiden Felder welche wir für Euch ausgewählt haben sind wirklich Felder, welche einen hundertfachen gewinn bringen werden, nicht eine religöse Kiesgrube! Vor einigen Jahren, nachdem wir zurückkamen aus den USA, hatten wir ganz plötzlich einige grössere Rechnungen der AHV für die Jahre im Ausland und auf der anderen Seite einige geniale Gelegenheiten in das Reich Gottes zu sähen. Ihr könnt Euch ja vorstellen wohin das Geld ging, sicherlich nicht in die Kiesgrube! Wer kann uns denn garantieren, dass es in 10 Jahren noch eine zweite Säule gibt oder in 20 Jahren eine AHV, welche an radikale Christen Geld auszahlt, welche an den Kreuzestot Jesu glauben, und dass Menschen nur durch echte Busse und den Glauben an diesen Jesus in den Himmel kommen...?? Wenn wir sehen, mit welcher Geschwindigkeit auch der Westen sich satan und seinen Werken zuwendet, und wie Banken inkl Nationalbank Milliarden verschleudern, dann sind dies grosse Illusionen! Doch ich weiss eines, wir dienen einem treuen Gott, der Seine Kinder immer versorgt, auch in der Endzeit!!!

Es gäbe noch sehr viel mehr zu erzählen, doch soweit so gut. Ich möchte ebenso allen von Herzen danken, welche uns dieses Jahr mit Gebet und Tat zur Seite standen, vielen, vielen Dank, wir Segnen Euch im mächtigen Namen Jesu und wünschen Euch allen eine frohe und gesegnete Weihnachten und ein besonderes neues Jahr 2013, möge der Herr in diesem neuen Jahr alle Segnungen der letzten Jahre vervielfachen und Euch reichlich beschenken mit vielen grossartigen und himmlischen Ueberraschungen, in Jesu mächtigem Namen!

Für das Waisenhaus in Kenya haben wir ein speziefisches Konto eingerichtet. Clientis BS Bank Schaffhausen 8215 Hallau BIC/SWIFT:  RBABCH22
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Für das Projekt Indien mit Pastor Paul and Mercy:   CLIENTIS BS Bank Schaffhausen 8215 Hallau BIC/SWIFT: RBABCH22
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Ueli & Charle‘ Surbeck      
20. Dez. 2012     

A Wonderful Visitation from the Lord!
August 9-10, 2012

As we went to bed my darling began praying raising her hands with praise. She could see the Angel coming down just above us standing with a Silver Trumpet, those straight and long trumpets with a large and wide ending. The angel came into the center of our Bed, announcing “the Return of our Savior is at hand!” 

The angel seemed to sit down on me and looked straight to Darling, who could see her with her eyes closed. She looked right in her face. Then they began to push our mattress, more angels were involved at that moment and Darling could see the evening sky, we were like flying on our mattresses being pushed by the angels.

Then the Angel said, there shall be delay no longer.  She said the Angels who had come with her have filled the Earth; the Earth is filled with the Angels to protect the believers. They have come to tell us (the believers) what to do next.

Jesus Return is sooner than we think!

Then the Holy Spirit came again (like a second wave) and He said, the Rivers are turning (the Rivers of the Holy Spirit). Darling saw the lightening around the Throne of God. (Lately the Lord has been showing and telling several times about the lightening going out from His Throne)

Then the Angel said it’s now time that He is taking home many elderly people, and the younger elderly people He is going to touch and heal.

The Believers should feel a new Presence of the Lord in their lives; we believe this is because of the new release of Angels and God’s Glory that have come into the Earth.
We realized this the next day we were involved in a visitation and it was late afternoon when we got up and still the presence of the Lord was in our midst for along while.
The angel we were talking to reminded me of the Angel who stands with one foot on the land and with the other on the Sea.

Revelation 10:5-7:
The angel whom I saw standing on the sea and on the land raised up his hand to heaven and swore by Him who lives forever and ever, who created heaven and the things that are in it, the earth and the things that are in it, and the sea and the things that are in it, that there should be delay no longer,but in the days of the sounding of the seventh angel, when he is about to sound, the mystery of God would be finished, as He declared to His servants the prophets.

Love and Blessings
Ueli & Charle’

A Word for 2012
Jan. 7 2012

First of all we wish you a blessed New Year, full of surprises, blessings and other expressions of God’s love and grace we all need in this New Year 2012!

I would like to give you the links to a message Philemon Okoth preached in June 2011, when he and his son Mark stayed with us. It’s in English with German translation. May it be an inspiration for you to start the New Year boldly so you can step into all the Lord has for you!

As I was preparing these clips I was contemplating several things and I believe the Holy Spirit started stirring up something in me on how so few of us embrace the move of God, when He sends us a time of visitation. In Matthew 23:37 Jesus is speaking on that very Issue, grieving over the City of Jerusalem, crying for them, as in the Spirit He saw the consequences of the rebellion in their heart. I am thinking back to the Days with David Hogan in the Rhine valley (2 hour drive from us) in June 2009. At least a thousand people were supposed to attend such a seminar, maybe 10,000!  An Apostle who’s Team has seen 400 people raised from the dead, David Hogan personally raised 26 people, if I am remember right. Where have the leaders been who so desperately need this kind of anointing?

The same thing happened when Philemon was here. The Lord worked so powerfully and in sharp and mighty way, and even so many leaders, family and friends stayed away and or received only part of the blessing of what the Lord had in store for them?!

 And the same could be said of most of the revivals past and present small or great. I know exactly of what I am talking about, because I have also missed out in some of the great Revivals in past, I had to repent deeply for having missed out on the beginning of the Toronto Revival as well as the Pensacola Revival simply to mention two of them.

Well I also know the story of Gideon who shows clearly, that it is not always the big crowd that the Lord needs to fight some of the great battles of faith, he rather takes small groups who are totally surrendered to Him who obey His voice and are very vigilant and watchful for His coming!

May prayer is that there be more of this kind of believers and it is my prayer that you are part of it and that you will be part of the next hour of His Visitation and that you can embrace all He has in store for you in Jesus Mighty Name!

Be blessed!
Ueli & Charle’ Surbeck

Below is a Message given by our friend Philemon Okoth
from Kenya in one of our gatherings in last June.
We believe it is a powerful message and a great word for the New Year.

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Radikaler Glaube Teil 1.wmv
Eine Botschaft von Bishof Philemon Okoth aus Kenia, während seinem Besuch in der Schweiz.Ein ispirierendes Wort für 2012!A Message given by Bishp Philemon Oktoh from Kenya, given during His visit ...

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Radikaler Glaube Teil 2.wmv

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Radikaler Glaube Teil 3
Liebe Freunde und Familie,

Zu allererst möchten wir Allen ein gesegnetes neues Jahr wünschen, voll von Überraschungen und anderen Formen der Liebe und der Gnade Gottes. Möge der Herr Euch ganz neu segnen und  in diesem Neuen Jahr 2012 gebrauchen.

Wir möchten hier noch einen link zu einer der Botschaften weitergeben, welche Philemon predigte, als er letzten Sommer bei uns war . Ein Wort, das sehr passend ist, um uns ein wenig  in unseren Gedankengängen zum Einstieg ins neue Jahr einzustimmen.

Als ich nochmals durch diese Botschaft ging, fiel mir die Tatsache auf, wie wenige Christen sich aufmachen und diese Segnungen ergreifen, wenn der Herr uns besucht. es hat mich in diesen Tagen beschäftig und bereits seid wir hier  in der Schweiz zurück sind. In Matthäus 23:37 spricht Jesus über dasselbe Problem, als er über Jerusalem weinte und im Geist die Konsequenzen davon sah, weil das Volk in den Tagen Seiner Heimsuchung unwillig war. Ich denke z.B. an die Tage mit David Hogan zurück;  es war im Juni 2009, als er im Rheintal war; da hätten mindestens 1000 wenn nicht 10 000 sein sollen, ein Mann, der soviele Zeichen und Wunder gesehen hat! sein Team durfte in den letzten Jahren sehen und erleben, wie 400 Menschen von den Toten auferstehen, er selbst mit 26 Jahren, wenn ich mich richtig erinnere! Wo waren die Leiter, welche diese Salbung in unseren Breitengraden so drigend gebraucht hätten?

Dasselbe passierte, als Philemon hier war. Der Herr hatte absolut mächtig  in einer klaren und radikalen Art und Weise gewirk, doch wieviele Leiter und Freunde, haben dies total verschlafen oder nur ein Bruchteil bekommen, von dem was der Herr für sie bereit hatte?! Und dasselbe könnte von jeder Erweckung gesagt werden , ob sie nun in kleinerem oder grösserem Mass geschieht. Ich weiss nur zugut, wovon ich spreche, denn auch ich hatte einige wichtige dieser Momente verpasst, und bereue dies im tiefsten Sinne des Wortes, wie den Anfang der Toronto Erweckung, die Erweckung von Pensacola oder ein Männertag in Yverdon, um hier nur drei konkrete Beispiele aus meinem Leben zu nennnen.

Nun es ist mir schon klar, wie uns die Geschichte Jonas zeigt , dass wenn wir echte Busse tun, Er uns eine zweite Chance gibt. die Geschichte Gideons zeigt, dass es nicht immer die grosse Masse der Christen ist, welche die entscheidenden Schlachten des Glaubens schlagen, sondern dass der Herr dies oftmals mit kleinen Gruppen unternimmt, welche Ihn echt hingegeben, auf Ihn hören und wachsam sind. Doch ich glaube, dass es von dieser Sorte Christen einige mehr in unserem Land geben sollte!

Wir glauben, dass im Jahr 2012 , der Herr Sein Volk sowie die Nationen in ganz besonderem Masse heimsucht. es ist unser Gebet und der Schrei unseres Herzens, dass der Herr Euch in diesem Jahr die Gnade gibt, zu dieser Gruppe von echten Christen zu gehören, um die Zeit Seiner Heimsuchung nicht zu verpassen, sondern sie voll auszuschöpfen, in Jesu Namen!

Seid gesegnet!
Ueli & Charle‘ Surbeck

A word for the Season  
“A time of Resurrection”
Nov 16. 2011

In these past few weeks, (except for a few nasty and tough battles) we have witnessed a very powerful outbreak of His Glory and His anointing. It is manifesting in a whole lot of different ways, through many victories that are “suddenly” coming to pass. 

Nathan Morris who is back at the Bay Revival and the Flames of the Holy Spirit are burning brighter than ever before and many more things are happening right now. It is just awesome to experience this special measure of His Glory. It’s somehow what Prophet Habakkuk experienced:

I see God moving across the deserts from Edom,
the Holy One coming from Mount Paran.
His brilliant splendor fills the heavens,
and the earth is filled with his praise.
His coming is as brilliant as the sunrise.
Rays of light flash from his hands,
      where his awesome power is hidden.
Pestilence marches before him;
plague follows close behind. 
When he stops, the earth shakes.
When he looks, the nations tremble.
He shatters the everlasting mountains and levels the eternal hills.
He is the Eternal One!
  I see the people of Cushan in distress,
      and the nation of Midian trembling in terror.

In other words it is the reason “why the heathen rage” (Psalm 2) which is the word of the Hour, and I can tell you it is not getting better, the unrest and turmoil we saw in the Middle East this year will also come to the west, because of His anointing which is beginning to break yokes, chains, devils and principalities who have been stationed in certain places suddenly have to give up their territory or position….because the Lord is on the move and His resurrection power is flowing, Glory to God!

It began somewhere back in September, after several very quiet weeks in the Summer, when the Holy Spirit began to speak to me concerning our Lords resurrection and began to bring back to my spirit many songs of Victory. And as time went on more and more I felt the fresh presence of the Lord and a new Anointing beginning to flow, combined with a new Spirit of prayer and intercession. It is more powerful than anything I have yet witnessed. I believe the word or purpose expressing this anointing is given in Revelation 14:14-16:
Then I saw a white cloud,
and seated on the cloud was someone like the Son of Man
He had a gold crown on his head
and a sharp sickle in his hand.
Then another angel came from the Temple
and shouted to the one sitting on the cloud,
“Swing the sickle, for the time of harvest has come;
crop on earth is ripe.”
So the one sitting on the cloud swung his sickle over the earth,
and the whole earth was harvested.

It was 3 years back in the beginning of 2008, when the Lord spoke to us that He is releasing the 3 Angels described in Revelation 14:6-13, the first Angel with the Assignment to preach the everlasting Gospel, the second Angel to announce the fall of Babylon, the third Angel with the warning not to worship the Beast, neither to take its mark, otherwise eternal damnation awaiting the transgressor.

Since the Lord spoke to us this very challenging words it is amazing to see, how this three great calls found fresh and sharper expressions as ever before in the Body of the Messiah, because it is the heartbeat of our Lord for us all today!

But today we enter into something new, something we have been waiting for many years, maybe decades.  The fresh anointing the Lord is releasing is so strong and powerful like we have never experienced it and is enabling His Body to shift gear and begin walking in something we have never walked in before, with one simple and single purpose, to bring in His Harvest!

And I feel in my spirit to ask you to join with us into this one prayer, the Lord is asking His Body to pray: Lord send workers into the Harvest, because the work is so great and time is short!

Yes the Chariots of Fire are ready for all those who are appointed to serve Him in this Hour with two, four, six or eight horses and their riders as many as you need to fulfill whatever you are called to do and all the provision is ready in abundance, simply believe!

Dear friends, there is an emergence in the Spirit to embrace what the Holy Ghost is doing in this Hour. Get your running shoes on and the wings He is giving you, the fresh armor and weapons and join in with the Angels which are waiting to run with you. The Harvest is ready and ripe, lift up your eyes and step into the chariot He has for you! Because time is short and His coming is soon and at hand, and time will soon change again!

One last word the Lord spoke to us just a few days ago: the 144 000 (Messianic Hebrews) are being prepared. And so we bless them in the Mighty Name of Jesus, each of them with fresh Anointing, Grace, Vision and Dreams, because they will jump in, when the Bride has done its job and the first great Harvest of the End times has come in!

We bless you in Jesus Name, Love and Shalom         
Ueli & Charle’ Surbeck

* * * * *

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"The King is Coming"
You know how a song sometimes sticks in your mind and you can't shake it, you just start singing it every time it appears on your tongue, well I have had this song for weeks now in my spirit and I can't stop singing it...I don't want to stop because it's more than a song, its a Prophecy, it's going to happen really soon, the King is Coming, the King is Coming, I can hear the Trumpet sounding and now His face I see! the King is coming, the King is coming, thank God He's coming for me! 
Every time , I sing it, I say it, and I declare it I see Jesus is closer to me, last night as I was touched by the mighty hand of God as I was watching the service on God TV of the Bay Revival in Youngstown, Ohio, and we had the service on the computer for quite awhile, we were both doing other things, getting ready for bed, my husband was making phone calls, I was listening not watching closely, Nathan had called a young girl up on the stage that was blind in one eye, so i looked over at the computer to see the healing and all of a sudden, right there on the stage this young girl received her sight, at that very moment when Nathan said in JESUS name the power of God hit me. I was on our bench at our table and I started shaking ninety miles an hour and my head was shaking, my hands, my arms, my feet and I hollered really loud and Ueli ran in a caught me just before I hit the floor...
The anointing came in waves after that, I was so drunk in the spirit, but when the power of God first hit me, I saw a crown of gold and jewels I have never seen before, in my spirit, yet it was so real I could have touched it, I can see it right now in front of my eyes, I thought it was the Lord's Crown, one of the ones He will be wearing when He returns, and He spoke to me and said "No, it's not mine it's yours". 
My husband had to help me to bed so we took the computer i n our bedroom so that we could finish watching the service, hey there are NO LIMITS to the POWER of GOD...NO DISTANCE is to far for the Spirit to travel instantly.
I recommend you watch the Revival, God is moving in America and He wants to MOVE where you are, and He doesn't leave anyone out, it is for everyone!
Psalm 103:4 who redeems your life from the pit and crowns you with love and compassion.
James 1:12
God blesses those who patiently endure testing and temptation. Afterward they will receive the crown of life that God has promised to those who love him.
Revelation 2:10
Fear none of those things which thou shalt suffer: behold, the devil shall cast some of you into prison, that ye may be tried; and ye shall have tribulation ten days: be thou faithful death, and I will give thee a crown of life.
Don't forget the KING IS COMING FOR YOU! Are you ready?
Blessings, Charle'

A great Legacy
with a Warning!
April 3, 2011
It was 4 or 5 years ago, as we where visiting our friends in Iowa, we stopped at
President Hoovers Memorial to see who he was and to find out, what the Lord has in
 store for us here. We found out that  he was of Swiss origin, their original Name was
Huber and that he truly was a man used by God to lead  America through a very
difficult period of time. When we saw the film of his life my tears where flowing and
 a very special ans sweet Anointing was present:
Hoover's youth
Here a few words from President Hoover himself:
"My grandparents and my parents came here in a covered wagon. In this community
 they toiled and worshiped God. They lie buried on your hillside. The most formative
 years of my boyhood were spent here. My roots are in this soil. This cottage where
I was born is physical proof of the unbounded opportunity of American life."

-Herbert Hoover
His father, Jesse Hoover was a young, up-and-coming blacksmith.  The Hoovers lived
 in the cottage until 1879, when they moved to a larger home a short distance away. 
 Jesse sold his blacksmith shop and bought a larger store where he sold pumps,
 wagons, barbed wire, and sewing machines.  A heart attack cut short his promising
career in 1880; he was 34. For four years, Jesse’s widow, Hulda struggled to support
her young family by taking in sewing.  She also accepted help from her relatives and
 from other members of the Quaker community.  The Quaker Meetinghouse was at the
 center of West Branch in the late 19th century, and Herbert’s mother often spoke at
 meeting.  In 1884, Hulda died of typhoid fever, leaving her three young children
 orphans.  The three siblings were separated and sent tolive with different relatives.
Growing up in West Branch, Herbert saw his parents and other family members in
leadership roles, which instilled in him a drive to become a leader and a success. He
was influenced greatly by the Quaker belief in the equality of all people, regardless
of race, gender, or creed, as illustrated by equality within the Quaker community
and exemplified by his own remarkable relief efforts. Herbert's experiences as an orphan
at an early age left a lasting impression on him. That impression led him to help
children throughout his life.
A great Career
In 1885, Herbert left West Branch to live with his uncle, Dr. Henry J. Minthorn, a
physician and businessman, in Oregon. His brother and sister joined him there
three years later.  His uncle oversaw his schooling and later hired him as an office
boy. Herbert learned to type and to keep books and attended business school at night.
 In 1895, he graduated from Stanford University, with a degree in geology. To support
himself through school and the years immediately following, he worked as a surveyor
 and for a mining engineering firm.  Early in 1899, Herbert returned to California and
married his university sweetheart, Lou Henry.

The couple sailed the next day for China, where Herbert had taken a job as mining
 engineer-consultant to the Chinese Government.  For the next two decades, the
Hoovers shared an adventurous life on several continents, as Herbert gained an
international reputation for developing mines and managing other industrial projects. 
 From 1908 to 1914, Hoover operated his own international consulting business as a
“doctor of sick mines.”  By the age of 40, he was a multi-millionaire.
The Presidency
When President Coolidge refused to run again in 1928, the Republican National
Convention nominated Hoover.  His service as secretary of commerce in the Harding
and Coolidge administrations and his humanitarian work during and after World
War I made him a highly respected figure.  He decisively defeated Democrat Alfred E.
 Smith in his first elected public office.  Hoover pledged to continue the prosperity of
the 1920s, but he also predicted that "should conditions [arise] with which the
political machinery is unable to cope, I will be the one to suffer."
On October 29, 1929, the stock market collapsed, triggering the worst depression the
United States has ever known.  With no clear guidance from economists on how to deal
with the unprecedented hardship, Hoover was torn between two clashing ideals. 
Individualism suggested that local communities and private charities, like the ones he
had worked with between the wars, should provide relief, but humanitarianism said
that people must not suffer.
President Hoover’s administration took more direct action to end the Depression than
any previous one had done in such times.  He created the Reconstruction Finance
Corporation to aid businesses, help farmers facing foreclosures, reform banking, and
 feed the unemployed.  He rejected direct subsidy payments to farmers and instead
sought to stabilize prices through agricultural cooperatives. To prevent further decline,
Hoover asked labor to hold down wages and industry to maintain payrolls and
production voluntarily. He called on Congress to balance the Federal budget, but also
 urged it to cut taxes and increase public building programs.  At a personal level, he
anonymously gave away $25,000 of his own money every year to help
victims of the Depression.
The Warning
After we saw all the pictures and film of President Hoovers life and works we walked through the park and suddenly saw something, which triggered our attention:
There was a bronze statue of Isis, the Egyptian goddess of life, a gift from the children, refugees, and soldiers of Belgium to Herbert Hoover, in recognition of his work as head of the Belgium Relief Commission. It was the work of the Belgium sculptor Puttemans,  had been cast in that nation, and shipped to the United States in 1922.
On the base of the statue, in French, is the inscription, "I am that which was and is, and
will ever be; and no mortal has yet lifted the veil which covers me."
We where greatly disturbed, we took communion and threw the vine into her face and
as  I did I felt the Holy Spirit say, "I will for sure lift up her veil and the whole world will see how ugly she is, before I break her power over the millions of people she enslaves, deceives  and tortures, because the cries of the tormented have reached my throne and I can no longer wait!"
I believe the following dream by Jerry Golden, a man I had the privilege to meet a few
 years ago and know as a man of God, gives a clear light how this is about to look like:
Old men do dream
by Jerry Golden
Please forgive me for sending this.
I have fought against doing so for a few days.
Call it a dream, vision or just my imagination - but I am going to tell you about a dream I had a few nights ago. Until now I haven't had the courage to share it.  After all, I am old enough to dream dreams, and still young enough to have the occasional vision.  And I can assure you that God is still speaking to men and women on planet earth today.

At first I thought what I was looking at was a hurricane. Yet when I looked closer it was a gigantic storm covering the oceans, Europe and the North and South American continents.  In fact it may have covered the entire globe it was that large.  There were these very distinct circles within it each one larger than the first. Between each circle there were many fires and each fire represented a country. Their names I knew very well. Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Bahrain, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and Jordan. There were others also.. Then there was the sound and the 'presence' of laughter. Evil laughter. Coming from within this confusion, which had taken on a cyclonic form, was an image of some sort. I was unable to make it out, but the feeling of great evil overwhelmed me.  It was then I noticed that in the center of these circles, the eye of this storm, was Saudi Arabia. Then as if on command, each of the dozens of fires moved very quickly towards the center overwhelming Saudi Arabia. 
Then there was a great darkness which spread from Saudi Arabia all over the world.  Within this darkness there was great suffering as hunger and misery gripped the hearts of men everywhere.  Men had no compassion or mercy. 

They seemed not to be human yet somehow had the 'appearance' of being human.  Their eyes were glazed over and their hearts were hardened. They only knew how to kill and behead all those they could find in their path.  I continued to hear this insane laughter and couldn't see the face of the source but I somehow could see the evil smile of the person laughing.  Church buildings were either turned into Mosques or burnt to the ground.  There was great suffering.
In all of this I wondered about little Israel.  There also was great suffering  -
 but by a miracle she survived, and those who could kept coming to her shores. 
........and then the dream ended
Please understand I dislike sending this out, and have fought against doing so,.  You should also keep in mind that all of this could be a nightmare? Nothing more, nothing less?  Nevertheless,  I felt,  after a lot of prayer, I had to send it out although knowing many would not receive it and that not everyone one would like it. 
Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers.  Pray for this Ministry and your part in it.
Shalom,Jerry Golden
As I am pondering on this message and dream I hear the Holy Spirit say, no human flesh nor human authority can withstand against the darkness which is about to come, but my Fire, the Fire on the Alter of sacrifice will prevail, because it penetrates the darkest of darkness because I am a God who is a consuming Fire. And my hand is protecting the apple of My eye, Jerusalem, it is my City says the Lord, it does not belong to anybody and I will set a fire on my people exactly like I have foretold of Old:
In that day I will make the governors of Judah like a firepan in the woodpile, and like a fiery torch in the sheaves; they shall devour all the surrounding peoples on the right hand and on the left, but Jerusalem shall be inhabited again in her own place—Jerusalem.

“The LORD will save the tents of Judah first, so that the glory of the house of David and the glory of the inhabitants of Jerusalem shall not become greater than that of Judah. Zachariah 12:6-7
Our prayer for you is, that the Lord will lighten a new fire on your altar and may it shine and
burn stronger and hotter every day!
Ueli and Charle'
Midnight Hour
March 20, 2011
Dear Friends,
Tonight as I was driving home on my bike I felt the prompting of the Holy Spirit to write. Yes it is truly "scary" to see what is going on in Japan and the Middle East. Yes since the beginning of the year with the flooding in Brazil and Australia and the earthquake in Christchurch New Zealand, something is on the role, which seems not to stop anymore. I believe for everyone in our days who is in safety, has bread to eat and a nice place to sleep, can truly call himself very blessed and give lots of praises to the Lord!
In the beginning of this year, the Lord told me, that the priority in this year, and I know its not just for me, but for all those who can call themselves blessed, should be to stand before His Throne like Daniel of Old did and we can read of in Daniel 7, to stand before His throne and allow the rivers of fire flow over and through us. Looking back now, I see how important this word was and will be, so we will not be affected by fear as we watch the events happening across the world, but as the rivers of fire flow, to take the most boldest steps we ever did in our lives, and I want to encourage you to keep standing and press into this glorious river who flows from the Throneroom, which will increase with everyday as His return is aproaching!
The first word I would like to share is a Vision my wife had about a year ago:
The Seven Angels
Vision given on December 27, 2010
We went to bed late, after returning home from an event and I was still awake, my eyes were closed and I felt a strong presence standing by the bed, I opened my eyes and I saw an angel standing next to me beside my bed. Then I saw all of the other angels and they were standing all around the bed from me to Ueli's side. As I looked I started feeling fire on my head, I reached up and touched my head and felt nothing but fire. Each of these Angels had a Trumpet and they were holding them at their mouths like they were getting ready to blow them but, I heard no trumpet sounding and when I opened my eyes I could see light moving around our bed. But when I closed my eyes again I could see the angels in my spirit just as I had seen them with my eyes open, there was another angel I saw in the doorway to our room, and then a peace came over me and I fell fast sleep.
When the Lamb broke the seventh seal on the scroll there was silence throughout heaven for about half an hour. I saw the seven angels who stand before God, and they were given seven trumpets. Then another angel with a gold incense burner came and stood at the altar. And a great amount of incense was given to him to mix with the prayers of God’s people as an offering on the gold altar before the throne. The smoke of the incense, mixed with the prayers of God’s holy people, ascended up to God from the altar where the angel had poured them out. Then the angel filled the incense burner with fire from the altar and threw it down upon the earth; and thunder crashed, lightning flashed, and there was a terrible earthquake. Revelation 8:1-6 (NLT)
This was an absolutely wonderful visitation, somehow closing the year of 2009, which had been so rich with different revelations and visitations. I believe, this visitation was a word to confirm and seal, that through the past 20 years we have seen the release of the four Horses of Revelation 6 and we enter into a new place as the seven Angels are getting ready to blow their trumpets!
Yes I truly believe that the purpose of the year 2010 was to prepare our hearts, the hearts of the remnant Bride for the events which are ahead of us. When we heard the sound of the silver trumpet blown at the Bay Revival on January 22. (The service is still on the Archive and can be watched anytime) my wife and I both new, that a new signal was given by the Lord. Personally I believe that this time of a half an hour of peace has ended and a new season is beginning, where our heavenly Father beginns to shake the earth, to its foundations and where the trumpets spoken of in Revelation 8 are blown and I believe the two already quiet disturbing events which occured during 2010, the Volcano which spew some fire and smoke in Island as well as the oilspill in the gulf where signs to prepare us for the events to happen, in Revelation 8. My question to you is, are you ready?
Nothing garantees us that some of the troubles we see right now will not come as well to the western world. As I watch the events in Japan, I am reminded that the first word the Lord gave us, after we arrived in Switzerland two years ago was, to prepare because He will shake Switzerland. He did not say, how He is going to do it nor did He gave us any date, but He told us to prepare water and food, to be ready for a time of 3 to 4 weeks without electricity and water! It is interesting to hear some voices who tell, that one of the reasons of this earthquake is the fact that Japan is a Godless nation.
Well I do not want to say, that this is not true and maybe the reason why Japan is shaken, but if the Lord was shaking Japan for this reason, how much more reason does He has to shake nations who had been founded on his word and and had established a covenent with the Almighty God, which He honored and blessed for 700 years and at the point of the greatest blessing we turn away from Him, isn't this an even greater reason for some shaking to occur, like He has spoken of in Mathew 24?
The reason of this things to happen is not to fear, but to be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might and to know that this is the Hour like He told Joshua, I did not came to play games with Jericho and to give them some candy, but as Commander of the army of the Lord I have now come, which means I am now taking over command! And I believe thats what He is saying to Japan, thats what He is saying to Lybia, Egypt and to Syria and all the Arab Nations, but as Commander of the army of the Lord I have now come! It was the Word he gave us about 5 years ago on May 1 2006, as we where sitting in a beautiful park in Tennessee, waiting on Him to speak:
I Saw Yeshua, He was in Heaven, sitting on His beautiful white stallion, I saw a Crown on His head, how beautiful He was! His horse then reared up his front legs as if he were dancing, then he took the stance of a horse at the gate, ready to take off!
The LORD again spoke to us the following words!

The Scripture given for this Word: Zephaniah Chapter 1 and 2: 1~2
Yes dear Brothers and Sisters in the Lord, these are gloirious days we are living in, where God is fulfilling all He had promised, even this very word He spoke to us on May 1 2006. May God give you the Mercy and Grace to be close to Him in this Hour! To RISE UP and WALK WITH HIM and catch, carry and keep the Fire, which He relases right now on the earth!
And it is our heart, prayer and declaration for God's Kingdom to come in Japan, and in the Nations of the Middle East and may His Grace and Glory be touching Israel in a special way as the Jews in North America make themselves ready to soon return to Israel... in Jesus Mighty Name we pray!
Love and blessings to you all,
Ueli and Charlotte
* * * * * * *

Dear Friends and Family,
First of all, we wish you Love, Peace and Blessings for the New Year 2011.
We are very thankful, for all the great things the Lord has done through the past year. It was an exciting year, with many great Highlights for us, our visit to Torino, Italy in May to see the Shroud of Turin, where we saw the Holy Spirit move in such a gentle and powerful way, our son Jeff's visit in June, and our visit to Aachen in August,  and of course Israel in Sept. and Oct. just to mention a few of it.
We are very thankful of what the Lord has done through the Revival-Meetings. It was amazing how the Lord led us into deeper water this now past year and the Anointing increased with every meeting, to the Lord all the Glory!
We for sure experienced how real the words spoken in Psalm 110 are:

The LORD said to my Lord, “Sit at My right hand,
         Till I make Your enemies Your footstool.”
  The LORD shall send the rod of Your strength out of Zion.
         Rule in the midst of Your enemies!
TheLORD has sworn and will not relent,
         “You are a priest forever according to the order of Melchizedek.”
We also experienced the rather painful moments when somebody very close to us, who once followed the Lord turned away from Him and against us and began to lie and slander us, but even in this moments we want to Praise the Lord and thank Him for His protection and Amazing Grace as we walked through the valley of the shadow of death... to the Lord all the Praise for bringing us through and giving us the grace to receive some special blessings He foretold:
Blessed are you when they revile and persecute you, and say all kinds of evil against you falsely for My sake. Rejoice and be exceedingly glad, for great is your reward in heaven, for so they persecuted the prophets who were before you. Matthew 5:11-12
Maybe the Lord is beginning to prepare us, that rejoicing in the midst of adversity will be something very important in times to come, like He all foretold us in His word, but reading and living it are always to very different things...!
One of the greatest times in our lives where the 6 weeks in Israel. We have been waiting for this special moment for several Years and the Lord for sure did not disappoint us, since He called us to come and visit Jerusalem in September 2010. Yes, we spent some wonderful days in Jerusalem and we had truly three glorious weeks in Tiberias, enjoying the peace and wonders of the Galilee. It was not just the fact to enjoy the beauty of the great orchards, and fields of all kinds or the cooling and refreshing waves of the Lake of Galilee, we had many wonderful encounters as we went to the places our Lord Jesus once walked and ministered during His earthly life. To drive through the Jordan Valley and see how it came alive over the past few decades is truly a miracle only our Lord can do and Prophet Isaiah in chapter 35 foretold:
The wilderness and the wasteland shall be glad for them,
and the desert shall rejoice and blossom as the rose;
For waters shall burst forth in the wilderness,
      And streams in the desert.
       The parched ground shall become a pool,
      And the thirsty land springs of water;
      In the habitation of jackals, where each lay,
There shall be grass with reeds and rushes.
Yes we love Israel and the Jewish people and we believe, that the Lord is and will move mightily in the promised Land to restore and fulfill all He has ever promised to His people!
This is what the Lord of Heaven’s Armies, the God of Israel, says: “When I bring them back from captivity, the people of Judah and its towns will again say, ‘The Lord bless you, O righteous home, O holy mountain!’ Townspeople and farmers and shepherds alike will live together in peace and happiness. For I have given rest to the weary and joy to the sorrowing.”
  For the Lord will cause something new to happen—
Israel will embrace her God.” Jeremiah 31:23-25 and 22b
In November my Dad, Karl Surbeck, was promoted to His heavenly Destination after a short time of illness. For every Family this are difficult and sometimes as well painful moments and so it was for us as well, but we where all very thankful, that my Father had not to suffer longer, and that we all had time to see him and say good by. We where amazed of how many people from our area, came to the funeral and how many cards of sympathy where sent to my mother Ruth, she was so overwhelmed from dozens of people we never expected. Many amazing memories came alive as I contemplated the weeks following and have to say, may Father Karl, has truly been a tender and loving Father to us all with a special humor and great care for us, for which I am so thankful. The Preacher who preached at his funeral shared one special passage, which I believe the Holy Spirit truly anointed and which I want to share here for you all. It is the Word our Lord spoke to Peter after His resurrection:
 But when the morning was now come, Jesus stood on the shore:
but the disciples knew not that it was Jesus.
Then Jesus saith unto them, Children, have ye any meat?
They answered him, No.
And he said unto them, Cast the net on the right side of the ship,
and ye shall find. They cast therefore,
and now they were not able to draw it for the multitude of fishes.
John 21:4-6
This word was a real encouragement for me and I want to pass it on to all of you who are serving the Lord, but are not sure, what will this coming season bring: Cast the net on the right side of the ship, and ye shall find!
And finally like most of you already know by now, in December our Book,
The Seven Eyes of the Messiah was released in America through Destiny Image.
The Lord gave us our first inspiration for this Message during Spring 2006 and we had been developing it through the next 3 years and gave the final touches during our time in Israel. We truly believe, that this Book is giving fresh understanding, faith and hope for the work of the Holy Spirit, Ministry and Revival and we are very excited to see peoples lives being touched and transformed by this message, to the Lord all the Glory!
A big thanks to Destiny Image with who published the Book and has as well invested much to see this message being released!
A Word for 2011 and beyond...!
A few days ago, I came across a Word, which began to burn like a fire in my spirit and soul and I believe it is the Word to share at this moment to be a light for us in this coming year and beyond...!
I watched as thrones were put in place
      and the Ancient One sat down to judge.
   His clothing was as white as snow,
      his hair like purest wool.
   He sat on a fiery throne
      with wheels of blazing fire,
  and a river of fire was pouring out,
      flowing from his presence.
   Millions of angels ministered to him;
      many millions stood to attend him.
   Then the court began its session,
      and the books were opened.
In the beginning of Chapter 7 the Lord is showing Daniel in a Vision four different Kingdoms in fact powerful tyrannies, which would do much devastation on the earth during their time of existence and power given to them, where the last one would be the Kingdom of the Antichrist who would be given power for a short season, at the End of the Age of Grace. We can hardly comprehend how terrifying this Visions must have been, as we know that during the last part of his reign, two thirds of mankind will perish. I can imagine no movie in Hollywood can reproduce the reality and heaviness of such Visions... and suddenly Daniels Vision is changing and he stands before the Throne of the Heavenly Father, how Awesome! It was most probably the Lord's saving hand who shifted the scene, to enable Daniel to stand and be refreshed in His powerful assignment.
It is our prayer that in this coming year 2011, the Lord will open the veil as you press in to stand before His Throne and minister unto Him, that He will show you like Daniel the Glory of His Throne and that Rivers of Fire can flow through you and give you the grace to stand and enable you to be fruitful. I believe this Vision and stream of Fire as well as the ministry of thousands of Angels enabled Daniel to stand as He saw the toughest part of World history unfold and it is the key for us to stand and walk through what Daniel saw...because we are about to enter the time these things foretold by Daniel are to unfold...!
Then in my vision that night, I saw a fourth beast—terrifying, dreadful, and very strong. It devoured and crushed its victims with huge iron teeth and trampled their remains beneath its feet. It was different from any of the other beasts, and it had ten horns.
As I was looking at the horns, suddenly another small horn appeared among them
. Three of the first horns were torn out by the roots to make room for it. This little horn had eyes like human eyes and a mouth that was boasting arrogantly. Daniel 7:7-8
Yes, through the past four decades we saw how the ten horns began to be established as part of the plan of the New World Order, as the 10 governmental authorities of the 10 areas of the world and I don't think we are so very far away, that the little horn will begin to arise and play his dirty game...
And we need to look forward beyond, that very soon a great and amazing event will take place, which is giving us like an Ancor of hope as we will walk through the events Daniel saw:
I continued to watch because I could hear the little horn’s boastful speech. I kept
watching until the fourth beast was killed and its body was destroyed by fire. The other  three beasts had their authority taken from them, but they were allowed to live a while longer.
As my vision continued that night, I saw someone like a son of man coming with the clouds of heaven. He approached the Ancient One and was led into his presence. He was given authority, honor, and sovereignty over all the nations of the world, so that people of every race and nation and language would obey him. His rule is eternal— it will never end. His kingdom will never be destroyed. Daniel 7:11-14
Yes this will be the most happy moment in World history, when the son of man, King of kings and Lord of lords, Yeshua the Messiah will reign for ever and I believe if we truly begin to understand the reality of these words the cry in our spirit is, Lord come quickly:
And the Spirit and the bride say, “Come!” And let him who hears say, “Come!”
 And let him who thirsts come. Whoever desires, let him take the water of life freely. Revelation 22:17
Yes, to know Him and walk with Him and serve Him today before His Throne is the most precious thing we can do in our life, because the reward will be beyond measure!
We are excited to step into this new Year and believe that the Lord will do
 awesome things, may this be a year of Holy Ghost Fire and Glory and a year
 to soar on eagles wings, like prophet Isaiah said:
But those who trust in the Lord will find new strength.
      They will soar high on wings like eagles.
   They will run and not grow weary.
      They will walk and not faint. Isaiah 40:31
 With these words we bless you, thanks for all your prayers and we are thankful
 for everyone of you we can meet this year!
Love and Shalom
Ueli and Charle'